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Stranger oli

  • Oli - Artur Sikorski
    "daj mi chwilę muszę przemyśleć parę spraw choć na chwilę chce poczuć twój każdy smak daj mi chwilę spójrz mi w oczy najgłębiej tak choć na chwilę wyobraźmy sobie tylko nas ja chyba nie chce tego co każdy"
  • Oli, Ola - Maciej Maleńczuk & Psychodancing
    "U nos na kopalni węglem zasypało oli oli ola o! Sześciu nas jechało czterych wyjechało oli oli ola o /2x Stężenie metanu poziom przekroczyło oli oli ola o! Sześciu nas jechało czterych powróciło oli oli"
  • Oli oli janko - Piosenki dla Dzieci
    "Oli oli Janko, Klęknij na kolanko, Obejmij swe boczki, Złap się za warkoczki, Umyj się, ubierz się I wybieraj kogo chcesz."
  • Perfect Stranger - Perfect Stranger
    "I think about the day I met the perfect stranger I think about us And I think about the day I got wrapped around your finger I think about us The sun was shining on you The Lord was smiling on me And"
  • Stranger - Mark Stewart
    "There is a place for us some... Somewhere There is a place for us Over the borderline Somewhere There is a place for us Somewhere Over the borderline This is stranger This is stranger So much stranger"
  • Stranger - Gorky Park
    "Stranger next to me, have I seen your face Stranger next to me, have I seen this place Oh stranger you're so close I can hold your hand I'm a stranger oh just like you don't you undestand Oh stranger Silence"
  • Stranger - Black Lips
    "Hey pretty baby, why am I feeling so despised (despised) I lay down to rest but my eyes are open wide (wide) Jealousy's so strong, gunna take me to my grave Gunna keep on holding off and going to turn"
  • Stranger - Lady Pank
    "Sometimes I've just had enough And I feel that life is kinda tough Maybe I could work it out But there's nothing that I care about I'm just a stranger I'm just a stranger here; no one near I'm just"
  • Stranger - Uniqplan
    "You’ve never try to make me () You’ve never hash my stormy ways You’ve never offered your warm hand One warm hand Walk away I can’t stop feeling with you like a stranger I can’t stop feeling with you"
  • Stranger - Lefty Frizzel
    "You were no stranger when he introduced you to me But you pretended not to know me sweetheart Though I tried hard not to cry I found a teardrop in my eye When you walked off my world fell apart What can"
  • Stranger - Angel Dust
    "Somewhere on a border forced to march in line and order looo men in greedy hands Lured with hope for future pressed in contracts leaving them no chance but to leave their land They're nameless young"
  • Stranger - Goldfrapp
    "Stranger, when you look at me Eyes strong as steal Light as day Born a mystery You're the in between Boy or girl Wilder, than I've known before Fire rushes through Every vain With a smile that sings You'll"
  • Stranger - Alexandra Strunin
    "We found each other by mistake I never really wanna you You’ve said you even … Kill others …. Now it’s … around Now it’s … around We found each other by mistake I never really wanna you But now it’s"
  • Stranger - Lili Haydn
    "Written by Lili Haydn, Matt Sherrod, & Lotus Weinstock Down, while you're diggin' down dig a little deeper No way to get around We're all in this together Pretty teenage baby has a baby of her own no"
  • Stranger - The Other Ones
    "Talk about frustration Every day it's killing me Stranger, you're a stranger too Danger, lies misleading you Shout it from the highest hill The stranger looked me through And then I knew You are the stranger In"
  • Stranger - Booth And The Bad Angel
    "Love strikes without a warning I've lost control My life's freefalling Into new worlds Born free the jail is waiting I hold the key Freedom's not easy When the jailer is me I'm the stranger who fell through"
  • Stranger - Holy Soldier
    "Stranger People talk about Him And His ways they can't explain Others come against Him And His reckless claim to fame He's an axiom He's the maximum He's a rebel and He's got a cause Don't try to lock"
  • Stranger - Murray McLauchlan
    "If I knew what was goin' on Wouldn't never ba a stranger Wouldn't walk the lonely streets Talkin' to myself Got a long past Nobody knows a thing about Nobody hears a thing Except the midnight windows when"
  • Stranger - Hooverphonic
    "Stanger We belong in a world that's too strange for this world Stranger We do long for a fatamorgana dream world Where poeple love each other greedy in love greedy in love Stranger touch my face to prove"
  • Stranger - Meliah Rage
    "Here I am with a bible in my hand Trying really hard to understand Something I don't think anybody can Namely man's inhumanity to man Here I am with a bottle in my hand Trying to escape from my fellow"

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