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Strife Forgotten One

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Strife Forgotten One

  • Forgotten One - Strife
    "Broken dreams broken home nowhere to go Shattered life left without a reason why Void inside no one there to hear your cries Alone and cold no one there for you to hold... for you to hold Forgotten one"
  • Forgotten - Avril Lavigne
    "Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah I'm giving up on everything Because you messed me up Don't know how much you Screwed it up You never listened That's just too bad Because I'm moving on I won't forget You were the"
  • Forgotten - Attacker
    "Time marches on, you are lft behind Nobody cares if you live or you die The powers that be they just can't find the time To care for thei own, now that's surely a crime What can you do When they turn their"
  • Colossal Titan Strife - Kronos
    "Universe and cosmos equilibrium imperiled by a conspiracy sculpted in the walls of tartar Congregation of trustless sons tamed for vengeance ...Apothesis of a world aflame "Listen to me tarnished brothers Time"
  • Forgotten - Spineshank
    "You're the one who, you're the one who steals, the life from. I'm the one who feels, the fallen. I believe you're nothing but a problem. Everything is so vague. You're just a mother fuckin' sight to see"
  • Forgotten - And Then I Turned Seven
    "There was a time when all was perfect no worries, but now that's blurry We had something that no one had but it's all gone now, ain't that so sad He came along, took you away, he opened his arms wide,"
  • Forgotten - Enlaved
    "The silence inside this place is screaming Here, were the roses never wither, as they never bloomed Here the sun never shone Even the darkness never came in No hope, no fear An ocean of tears, that never"
  • Forgotten - Enslaved
    "Lyrics by Ivar Bjrnson 1995 The silence inside this place is screaming Here, were the roses never wither, as they never bloomed Here the sun never shone Even the darkness never came in No hope, no fear An"
  • Strife (Chug Chug) - As Blood Runs Black
    "The risk of failure's what makes life worth living a chance is given for more Doors can shut to make new beginnings another chance to explore Explore! Strive for more! Would you carry out what you walked"
  • Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot - The Fall
    "Tied up to posts Blindfold so can't feel maintainance Kickback art thou that thick? Death of the dimwits Businessman hits train Businessman hits train His veiled sex seeps through his management sloth The"
  • Strife - Savages
  • Strife - Trivium
    "My anxiety's clawing Out from deep within me It burns within as my throat begins to cauterize This negativity's leeching Any shred of composure Rationale has decayed and left me bound in madness I reach"
  • Will To Die (Strife) - Deftones
    "Emptiness again left alone again left to question all that's happened... and no one cares and no one cares all that's left is the will to die... try... try to hold on what's left inside... empty (and this"
  • Strife - Nasum
    "Don't you change a fucking thing These are hostile waters, unbroken lands Shocking truths uncovered within All your prophets are soon to be dead Blood for blood it ain't always as it seems In your picture"
  • Forgotten Song - Dropbox
    "For as long as I knew about the things they say Ive wondered how long theyve been that way They dont even know just what they need for Themselves I felt I knew at the age of twelve Nobody knows my pain And"
  • Forgotten Generation - Fight
    "we're the forgotten generation WHOA OH OH onE day soon we'll rule the nation WHOA OH OH what you see is what you get if you dont like it come tomorrow you wont beat us you can bet its time to take and"
  • Forgotten Love - Etro Anime
    "You dont need many words To leave me breathless Only one off your tongue The sweet sound that calms The aching in my soul You enter languid As you shape your tones You leave me breathless You leave"
  • Forgotten Land - Almah
    "Sometimes the morning seems dark as the unknown Night seems without ending as a road To the forgotten land Thousands years and thousand dreams are gone Hidden within tears they're still alone Drifting"
  • Forgotten Sons - Fish
    "Armalite, street lights, night-sights Searching the roofs for a sniper, viper, fighter Death in the shadows he'll maim you, wound you, he'll kill you For long-forgotten cause, on not so foreign shores Boys"
  • Forgotten Sons - Marillion
    "(Dick/Jelliman/Kelly/Minnett/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas) Armalite, street lights, nightsights Searching the roofs for a sniper, a viper, a fighter Death in the shadows he'll maim you, he'll wound you, he'll"

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