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Stuck waht yoy biber

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Stuck waht yoy biber

  • Buddy Biber - Wise Guys
    "Samstags bin ich gegen jede Strung immun, denn da luft am Nachmittag mein Lieblingscartoon. Ein Biber namens Buddy ist der Titelheld, der schwimmt und taucht und Bume fllt. Leider gibt es einen dicken"
  • Yoy moon - Norton
    "Thought we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes I should've seen it comin' baby Now all I see is a cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the"
  • Stuck - Bella Bely
    "Thought I could replace you but you stuck in my head And I know I couldn’t save you but I cannot let go I can even face you but you stuck in my head And all the love I gave you but you don’t even know"
  • Stuck - Ash Bowers
    "Collar's wet on the back of my neck And the sweat, it burns my eyes Day in, day out, it's all the same On this hot assembly line I watch the hours of my life Get chewed up by that clock I'm gonna lose"
  • Stuck - Imagine Dragons
    "Time goes by and still I'm stuck on you Yeah, time goes by and still I'm stuck on you, ooh, you, ooh I been afraid, don't wanna fade out of my body I been astray, barely awake, floating above me Covered"
  • Stuck - Osker
    "Once again found myself In an unfamiliar place And I am losing it As I'm staring at your face, And now I'm hopeless. Wondering why I do mind, It's tearing me apart, And I'm stuck with not caring. I'm"
  • Stuck - Jesus On Extasy
    "I feel alive, I know I've wasted too much time. Can you show me the way to leave this world, Can you show me a way to escape. I feel alive,"
  • Stuck - Limp Bizkit
    "Psycho female blowin up the phone line You need to tighten that screw, it's been loose for a long time I've been slammed with some bad luck Soon I'm gonna bring you doom with the buck, buck And now you"
  • Stuck - Da Buzz
    "Stuck without you It's trueGive me some opportunitiesI'm stuck without youI wanna see you smile againI do believe that you are mineBut if you are, afraid of meWhy don't you try to tell meOh let me show,"
  • Stuck - Digger
    "I didn't want to want you. I didn't need to need you. I didn't memorize your number, so I wouldn't be calling all the time. Now we get in a fight, and I can hardly sleep at night. My head is tired but"
  • Stuck - Renard
    "If I were somewhere else Would I feel right would I feel welcome No, I can't be somewhere else When I am stuck here in your arms I never want to leave this place I'm so attached and intertwined With you,"
  • Stuck - Allister
    "Late night A long day Somehow it's never quite enough And maybe I'm lazy It's been so long sometimes I feel like giving up So now I'm staying up all night Cause I'm trying to understand Why I feel like"
  • Stuck - Lemon Demon
    "I'm just walking along, Stuck in a song, Whistling thusly. Stereotypical life: Kids and a wife, Three of them plus me. Neil's inspiration is thin. Thin as a pin. There isn't much to me. So I'm just walking"
  • Stuck - Gufs
    "the way it was, the way it is i don't think much about it i've tried too hard to redefine the things in life i want if you could live inside of me i don't think you would like it you're much to late to"
  • Stuck - Blank Logic
    "Verse 1: Another night stuck at home, all alone. Please help me out, I want to roam. Pre-Chorus: 'Cause living life through a window, aint no life at all trapped in tiny room thats way to small it's"
  • Stuck - Stacie Orrico
    "I can't get out of bed today or get you off my mind I just can't seem to find a way to leave the love behind I ain't tripping, I'm just missing you You know what I'm saying, you know what I mean You"
  • Stuck - Deathrabbs
    "I can't get out of bed today or get you off my mind I just can't seem to find a way to leave the love behind I aint trippin, I'm just missin You know what I'm saying, you know what I mean You kept"
  • Stuck - Marques Houston
    "I can't get out of bed today or get you off my mind I just can't seem to find a way to leave the love behind I ain't trippin' I just missing You know what i'm saying, you know what i mean Every now and"
  • Stuck - Magazine
    "In the rush the rush of my senses in the heat the heat of this moment in the Palace of Nations I think I can love you out of weakness In the heat of this moment I stick myself in laughter Run for it I'm"
  • Stuck - Yesterdays Hero
    "I look at your life and what can I say. Your life is being torn away. I know you had a special future, but now you're just a loser. You could have been the best, but now you're just like the rest. Take"

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