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Stupid Boy Keith urban

  • Stupid Boy - Keith Urban
    "Well, she was precious like a flower She grew wild, wild but innocent A perfect prayer in a desperate hour She was everything beautiful and different Stupid boy, you can't fence that in Stupid boy, it's"
  • Stupid Boy - Daddies Gear
    "I feel sick and I feel used You ain't the boy I thought I knew You go and put me on your shelf You never think of no one else but yourself And lord I'm sick and lord I'm tired of love And lord I can't"
  • Stupid - Raven-Symon
    "(feat. Sean Garrett) You got what most dames want (oh oh oh oh) But it ain't what I came to see (uh huh I know) You don't know bout my game zone (oh oh oh oh) Time to show this boy a harder me Ay You talking"
  • Urban Napalm - Down By Law
    "I think it began back in 1992 - flames and riots and my innocence was through the flames got put out but the hatred stayed so strong burning up the streets like an urban napalm white boy white boy -"
  • Keith B - Real 1 - Will Smith
    "(keith)my name is keith b-real and I'm will smiths cousin (will)keith, whatchu doin? (keith)uh, nutin will nutin (woman)wow! your're his cousin? !? (keith)uh, will let me expla- (will)keith!!!!!! you"
  • Kool Keith Housing Things - Ultramagnetic MC's
    "(Kool Keith) Well I'm sonically, high bionically for you dummies, ironically stupid What are you, Cupid? You steal my rhymes, and then you loop it Wrong! Back this way Follow me now, head this way into"
  • Kool Keith Housing Things - Ultramagnetic Mcs
    "Well I'm sonically, high bionically for you dummies, ironically stupid What are you, Cupid? You steal my rhymes, and then you loop it Wrong! Back this way Follow me now, head this way into this, while"
  • Keith - Mark Olson
    "I found a coin in the dirt Sisters in times of sorrow Sisters in times of joy What happens now is yours Uncles will shake themselves Then they'll go back to ploughing Under the willow tree right where"
  • Keith - Discount
    "I read in the paper that another man made a difference today. column thirteen explained the reasons they had to put him away. but i can't stand here staring all i want in dismas.Tomorrow's paper, the same"
  • Stupid Things - Aselin Debison
    "Hmm hmm hmm Friends fight about stupid things This say stuff when they're mad It really stings Just seem to get close And then you're not When other friends ask You look out and thought And I know that"
  • Get Stupid - Mac Dre
    "When we pull up to the light, the people all stare Four niggaz in the Benz with the dreadlock hair? Smoke everywhere, waving it madly On the woodgrain davens with the license plate rattlin' Doin' what"
  • Stupid Love - Sabakuta
    "Nang ma inlove ako sa'yo kala ko'y pag-ibig mo ay tunay pero hindi nag-tagal lumabas din ang tunay na kulay ang iyong kilay mapag-mataas at laging namimintas pero sarili kong pera ang iyong winawaldas para"
  • Stupid Mop - Pearl Jam
    "Don't you want people to love you? My spanking, that's the only thing I want so much... Spanking, that's the only thing I want so much... That's the only thing I want so much... Don't you want people to"
  • Stupid muthafuckaz - Group Home
    "Yes my name is Clarice My husband I think he is fuckin the Avon Lady that comes through every day Could you tell me how can I not be a stupid bitch? {Fuck the mail man, you stupid muthafucka} Where my"
  • Stupid Marriage - The Specials
    "Court in session. What do you mean 'Oy oy oy'? Must have court in session. Order. My name is Judge Roughneck, And I will not tolerate any disobedience in my courtroom. Rude boy, you have been brought"
  • Keith Turbo - Kool Keith
    "New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac, GTO That's right, we do it like that Keith Turbo, the new man Here we"
  • I Love Nascar (Feat. Toby Keith) - Cledus T. Judd
    "We got owners, favorite drivers Boy that Tony Stewart's a whiner (crying) And we got rookies, advertisers Like...Uh let's see: Havoline, Target, Sharpie, Caterpillar, Nextel, Mountain Dew, Dupont, Lowe's,"
  • I'm with stupid - Chumbawamba
    "Stupid, stupid, stupid... (repeats) Guess what? I'm with stupid Guess what? 'Cause I'm with you Guess what? I'm with stupid Guess what? 'Cause I'm with you Another white boy band They're happy on demand"
  • Another Stupid Song - Billie Eilish
    "You're saying that you miss me, oh well Never even got a kiss without a countdown It's time to face the facts You treat me like a snack Only text back when you're hungry Your love's so insecure You're"
  • White, Proud & Stupid - Propaghandi
    "White, he's a good boy, he loves his mamma. he loves jesus and his country too. he's a good boy, working class white male. loves violence and his dumb girlfriend too. and that's enough to make m That's"

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