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Stupid baby tate

  • STUPID (Feat. Yung Baby Tate) - Ashnikko
    "i’m shy What? What? What? What? hahahaha, oh my God! stupid boy think that i need him, I go cold like change of season I go red hot like a demon I ghost for no damn reason stupid boy think that i need"
  • Stupid - Toni Braxton
    "Loving you is stupid Cause I know that you never really loved me And you never gave me signs Id see That you and me were ever a possibility And I feel so stupid After all the noise you left me lonely to"
  • Stupid - Raven-Symon
    "(feat. Sean Garrett) You got what most dames want (oh oh oh oh) But it ain't what I came to see (uh huh I know) You don't know bout my game zone (oh oh oh oh) Time to show this boy a harder me Ay You talking"
  • Stupid, Stupid Man - Superjoint Ritual
    "Celebrate your yellow eyes, no intention, self prevention A horror tide, death for dead, borrowed time, a hallowed life You're fucking dead...you're fucking dead Hungry for the mother love, you instigate"
  • So Messed Up (feat. Yung Baby Tate) - La Lana
    "So Messed Up Official Lyric Video"
  • Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
    "Uh, yo, yo, I get it cracking like a bad back Bitch talkin she the queen when she looking like a lab rat I'm Angelina, you Jennifer, c'mon bitch you see where Brad at? Ice my wrist-es then I piss on bitches You"
  • Stupid shit - Girlicious
    "Natalie:YeahThey say she off the meter (yeah)From the track to the feetOh yeah Im vicious, so deliciousAll the boys wanna eatGo ahead and hate me baby (hate me)S-s-salty but sweetI spin the bottle till"
  • Stupid Girls - Pink (P!nk)
    "Aha, aha Stupid girl, stupid girls, stupid girls Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back Porno Paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl Go to Fred Segal, you'll find them there Laughing"
  • Stupid Girls - Pink (P!nk)
    "Stupid Girls Stupid girl, stupid girls, stupid girls Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back Porno Paparazzi girl, I don't wanna be a stupid girl Go to Fred Segal, you'll find them there Laughing"
  • Stupid Love - Jason Derulo
    "Walking the dog in my neighborhood Said: 'I never would for you' I got drunk on a money night Hope it looks alright Tattoo a few, uh I'm a yes man on the loose Black star on my credit card Bought your"
  • Stupid S*** - Girlicious
    "They say she off the meter (Yeah) From the trax to the feet Oh yeah I'm vicious so delicious all the boys wanna eat Go head and hate me hate me baby (Yeah) Sa sa sa salty but sweet I'll spin the bottle"
  • Stupid Man - Lou Reed
    "Stupid man, hitchhiking out of a good life he says: "Catch you when ..." And he thinks he's got big, big planes gonna build a house upon some land Oh, Casey, don't it make you crazy oh, when you're living"
  • Stupid Boy - Keith Urban
    "Well, she was precious like a flower She grew wild, wild but innocent A perfect prayer in a desperate hour She was everything beautiful and different Stupid boy, you can't fence that in Stupid boy, it's"
  • Get Stupid - Mac Dre
    "When we pull up to the light, the people all stare Four niggaz in the Benz with the dreadlock hair? Smoke everywhere, waving it madly On the woodgrain davens with the license plate rattlin' Doin' what"
  • Beauty & stupid - Hide
    "Kizetsusuru youna koui no naka Kimochi uru youja koi mo awa Koshi wo furu kazu kazoete mo Totemo honki nyanarenai Ai ai Anata konomi no Sixty-nine Iyayo yamete ha Ok sain Moshimo ai nara magai mono de"
  • Something Stupid - Jonas Blue, AWA
    "Look at me I am a mess See what you started Need to hit the brake Take myslef away Wasn’t I Done with it One touch and my heart Don;t articulate You know me You know what i get like When i get lobnely Wild"
  • Stupid Things - Britney Spears
    "They couldn't believe I did it But I was so committed My life was so restricted for you I just dove inside it blind Couldnt see but swam inside Thought that'd be romantic for you Exchanged my vows and"
  • Something Stupid - Sasha
    "Something stupid's going on Something stupid's going on Every time you call on the phone You hit my heart It's pumpin' thinking that I did something wrong, mmm Every time you knock on my door I know"
  • You Stupid Asshole - Angry Samoans
    "Angry Samoans Miscellaneous You Stupid Asshole "You Stupid Asshole" by The Angry Samoans from _Inside my Brain_ (c) 1980 PVC 1 2 3 You took your clothes off I started to laugh Thats when I knew"
  • You Stupid Asshole - Mudhoney
    "You take your clothes off I started to laugh That's when I knew it was through Guess although I'll take a bow There's nothing else to do You stupid asshole You know you make me sick You stupid asshole Baby"

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