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Sublime Sunday Blody Sunday

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Sublime Sunday Blody Sunday

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Sublime Sunday Blody Sunday
  • Sublime Sunday Blody Sunday
    "I can't believe the news today, I can't close my eyes an make it go away. How long, how long must we sing this song? How long? Tonight we can be as one. Broken bottles under children's feet, Body's strewn"
  • Alex Band Sunday
    "Monday, work time Tuesday, sublime Wednesday, isn't better Thursday, a little less sadder Friday, make time, to be off with my Saturday, can't wait, to sleep through our fate We'll go to silence our ways It's"
  • Bobby Darin Sunday
    "Sunday Where has what you stood for gone Sunday Have you been asleep You say keep the faith but there's no faith to keep. Sunday Master of a dyin' breed Sunday Lyin' in a heap You say keep the"
  • Sia Sunday
    "For those who've slept For those who've kept themselves jacked up How jesus wept Sunday Sunday For those in need For those who speed For those who try to slow their minds with weed Sunday Sunday For"
  • Tree63 Sunday
    "Nothing's sacred, the days are cheap Truth is thin on the ground Still our prophets are crucified Nobody believes we're stumbling It's Friday, but Sunday is coming Someone's saying a prayer tonight For"
  • Tommy Lee Sunday
    "your vision's blurred.. your mouth is dry it is sunday just another sunday your body aches.. your conscience sleeps it is sunday just another sunday you say... u don't wanna feel this way u don't"
  • Sodastream Sunday
    "It was sunday, a weary sunday a loaded man lost hope in every lesson lost hope in every hand i was only listening with my weapons on oh god who art in heaven won't you bury me again it was Sunday, a weary"
  • Jimmy Eat World Sunday
    "On a Sunday I'll think it through On the drive back I'll think it through What you wish for won't come true Live with that And on a Sunday she thought it through Now as I drive back, there's thirty-six"
  • Sonic Youth Sunday
    "Sunday comes alone again A perfect day for a quiet friend And you - you will set it free I see new morning yound yr face Everybody sez its another phase And now - now its come to me See the magic in yr"
  • Lo-Pro Sunday
    "I'm out here on a limb for you again Around around we go Getting nowhere Why can't I explain the way I feel again Why can't I just stand Instead I crawl to you again Whys it always feel like Sunday Like"
  • Scott Walker Sunday
    "Sunday, sweet Sunday with nothing to do, lazy and lovely my one day with you. Hazy and happy will drift through the day, dreaming the hours away. While all the funny papers lie or fly around the place, hey"
  • The Manhattan Transfer Sunday
    "I'm blue every Monday Thinking only of Sunday That's one day when I'm with you It seems I sigh all day Tuesday I cry all day Wednesday Oh my how I long for you And then comes Thursday, gee it's long it"
  • Manhattan Transfer Sunday
    "I'm blue every Monday Thinking only of Sunday That's one day when I'm with you It seems I sigh all day Tuesday I cry all day Wednesday Oh my how I long for you And then comes Thursday, gee it's long it"
  • Iggy Pop Sunday
    "This house is as sleek as senator's statement This job is mascaraed of recreation Like a wrack I’m sinking fast The key to everything I call for Sunday When I don’t have to move Color and dreams and"
  • Gutter Demons Sunday
    "Oh Father, can you tell me Why can't you see yourself through me? Why in our different ways the end remains the same. I'm walking in your steps, in the plague you spread Your work is in my hands but in"
  • Iggy Pop Sunday
    "This house is as slick as a senator’s statement This job is a masquerade of recreation Like a wreck, I'm sinking fast The key to everything I crawl for Sunday When I don't have to move Caught up in dreams"
  • Ben Christophers Sunday
    "There maybe more to this I don't know I only got here whatever you feel I'm sure you'll be the only one truth is I've never felt sure until right now All too much too soon how can I get by without Can't"
  • Frank Sinatra Sunday
    "NOTE: There may well be more lyrics than this short 1:00 version, which was broadcast on "Your Hit Parade" in 1944. Additions from a longer version are welcome. I'm blue ev'ry Monday thinkin' over Sunday That"
  • The Calling Sunday
    "Monday, work timeTuesday, sublimeWednesday, isn't betterThursday, little less sadderFriday, make time to be off with mySaturday, can't wait to sleep through our fateWe'll go to silence our waysIt's only"
  • Moby Sunday
    "Sunday was a bright day yesterdaydark cloud has come into the waythey sing to the darkest nightlong beforewhy can't i face itam i too blind to seewhy did he gowhy did he leave mesunday was a bright day"

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