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  • Sublime - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "In the mirror my love I see all the berries of the world Raining down on me From a berry tree in the sky A centuries forget me not A lullabye In the sublime In the sublime If only we could always be this"
  • Sublime - Scott Stapp
    "I will follow you through heaven, earth and time Will you be there for me when I reach the end of the line So can you guarantee For all eternity Sublime...sublime If we just carry on We will find a way If"
  • Sublime - Prong
    "I comprehend these laws with no particulars The trappings of it all can never give in turn A concept of counsel of the inner wealth Perception of the dark all in you stealth A sublime success control"
  • Sublime - The Ocean Blue
    "Another radical dream Becomes a long, lost friend Beneath the rhythm and sound Lies a another meaning And if you ask me today To say just what I'm thinking You might flee my reply And run it upwards and"
  • Sublime - Ocean Blue
    "Another radical dream becomes a long lost friend Beneath the rhythm and sound lies another meaning And if you ask me today to say just what I'm thinking You might flee my reply and run upwards and run"
  • Sublime - Shakaya
    "I got feeling, tell me what you're feeling Chorus: I've got a feeling you don't mind Boy I've been taking up your time Tell me what you're feel what's on your mind Everything is sweet it's sublime Showing"
  • Sublime - Muse
    "She had something to confess tobut you don't have the time solook the other wayYou will wait untill it's overto reveal what you'd never shown hertoo little much too lateCan you see that i am needed begging"
  • Canto Sublime - Olodum
    "Olodum voce quem fala agora Seu canto sublime lindo um mar de esperana Que engrandece a nossa terra Uma raa de origem nag Olodum seu canto sublime lindo Olodum eu vim do golfo da guin Com a magia"
  • Bittersweet Sublime - Blessid Union of Souls
    "Guess you had to leave the old for something new But don't apologize cause I realize you had to do what you had to do I feel something's going on but how can I be sure? I can hear the lies materialize"
  • So Sublime - Beth Rowley
    "Who's that girl, The one that I remember? Who was she, With her arms wrapped around the world? Hold on tight to the days When you were younger One fine day You'll be asking who's that girl? I love the"
  • So sublime - Skunk Anansie
    "Whatever happens, happens... go! You know I have no reasons for being wit today I had my ?? addicted and I`m having it all today My elegance is taunting, successful to the split Obsessive and ??, cause"
  • Something sublime - Anggun
    "Life heals and bruises Defends and abuses Stares like a witness A teacher, a temptress From the east to the west I try my very best My mother's secret I learn not to forget Refrain: To walk the road in"
  • Fantasy Sublime - Sea Of Green
    "Nobody Knows What It's Like No One Knows How I Feel The Need I Feed Controling Me Confusing All That I See This Feeling That's Inside Grows Stronger Everytime A Taste Is All I Need Inside My Mind You"
  • Amor Sublime - Catedral
    "Lembro de voc amor, toda vez que eu passo aqui, Noites de Luar, manhs de Sol, A Iluminar os nossos destinos, Sei que no h mais ningum, que possa me preencher, O amor com voc, mais bonito, todo o azul"
  • Blind Sublime - Peter Murphy
    "Blind Sublime It looks a dream And feels the same I could conquer it And still feel sane The soft hills and shores Beguiled and silent nights The sun waits softly We talk a lot Too much to say We're still"
  • Sublime Pergaminho - Nara Le?o
    "Quando o navio negreiro Transportava negros africanos Para o rinco brasileiro Iludidos Com quinquilharias Os negros no sabiam Que era apenas seduo Pra serem armazenados E vendidos como escravos Na mais"
  • Sublime Amor - Kim
    "Deus de Amor, fica conosco Agora e para sempre, amem Dai-nos a beno de sermos Para sempre fieis a ti Que em cada instante, lembremos Que o nosso Amor vem do Senhor Aleluia, te amo, gloria Deus Te amo,"
  • Sublime Loss - ThanatoSchizO
    "(Lyrics by Patricia) Holding a burning pound of gone emotions that are mine as well, I wait for the glorious day to come. Silent I stand... vanishing, showing no sign of repentance. The taste I have always"
  • Gray Sublime Archon - Eluveitie
    "I raise my hand against ye, thief! For we're accustomed to receive, Not to give hostages Hear these words! deeds are overt! As chaos evolves In worthless lies A crucial congress At sanes banks Gray"
  • The Foe Sublime - Burst
    "Feigned The image of a world unfolds Deluded, but divine It sees us mocking gifted grace A stolen self Will not succumb See your face in the mirror It's your image on a face of another See your principles Constantly"

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