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Suddly doors just open wide doors open wide blow that smoke and let me love

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Suddly doors just open wide doors open wide blow that smoke and let me love

  • Open Wide These Prison Doors - Neil Diamond
    "Tied by love to you But I was tied too strong Still, I'm afraid of knowin' What leavin' means I know I lived for you In all I tried to do You were the keeper of my dreams Open wide these prison doors Take"
  • Open Doors - Waking Ashland
    "You've been chasing me forever Closing in as the days grow longer And this could be my fault Slowly grab a hold to try and find what really matters You've been watching me Like the moon watches"
  • Open Wide - Bubba Sparxxx
    "(feat. Sebastian) Yes sirree (uhh uhh uhh) no he didn't (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) Yeah they did (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) yeah they did.. (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh"
  • Open Hearts And Doors - Antigone Rising
    "I, I've had a change of heart This one's come to say that it is awake In, in this time alone, I have come to know You'd be fine with one foot in and one to go You, you don't know by now And you don't know"
  • Doors - Absurd Minds
    "There's a time you shouldn't try to retain the toys of children. Put them all away, cause you have need of them no more. You made up this dream in which your toys are real. You don't recognize their wishes"
  • Doors - Common Market
    "Make em clap to this Attempt to motivate the activists The buzz about town (will) produce volts to power your amp Reign it in damp roots will blossom A few were talkin' bout the sprout when the Two were"
  • To Open Closed Doors - Dri
    "Swimming through black Vaseline Is my existence just a dream? Can not tell which way is up What's below or what's above Fighting for a breath of air I breath in but it's not there So as my world melts"
  • Wide open - SOiL
    "Swirling sea of emptiness Your world has made me a broken mess How are we supposed to see The pain that brings us to our knees Feel the motion of the ocean Just to see how the hate will flow It is...Simple"
  • Open Wide - Tina Dickow
    "Come and take my hand It's been so long Since tender words last fell From our hard tongues Tell me, tell me now Where we go wrong Tell me there's a way if we press on And keep our arms open wide Don't"
  • Wide Open - Twista
    "(feat. Erika Kane) ugh I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking Coat in my choking, poking till I'm choking Niggas croaking never welcome"
  • Wide Open - Graham Colton Band
    "i kick back. you could be hurt standing this close, then react. i don't say anything, 'cause no one really knows how it ends or begins or who wrote this story, and i don't mind anymore what you said"
  • Wide Open - Cyndi Lauper
    "I used to stand in my doorstep I used to dance in the rain I used to cast out wishes That never came back again I used to sit in my garden With pretty maids in a row Silver bells and cockle shells Waiting"
  • Doors - Michael Johnson
    "Doors Why do there have to be doors Coz when u walked right out that doors of mine It made me wonder why there are tears Where is the end to all of these tears Where's the face that use to cheer me up Girl,"
  • Eyes Wide Open - Sabrina Carpenter
    "Everybody loves to tell me I was born an old soul Better keep my eyes wide open There's so much that I don't know Just another hotel room, Never felt so alone I think about my grand dad's eyes and they"
  • Blow that Smoke (feat. Tove Lo) - Major Lazer
    "blow the smoke darkness bring out our emotions mix em up with the night life potions I loose my head for you countless times we catch the sunrise fix em scars we share with white lies o loose my head"
  • Split Wide Open - Primal Scream
    "I know I hurt you I know I'm cruel I know you're hung on me So I cut your heart And spit it at you You cry because I abuse you One day I know I'll lose You'll claw out my eyes And leave me screaming I've"
  • Wide Open Space - Cliff Richard
    "I wonder if after all this time you think of me. Do you ever miss my company? You never could doubt about the way that I feel. Tell me: D'you feel it too? It's funny how after all this time you're all"
  • Arms Open Wide - Shystie
    "Everydays the same Can't get out of bed Crazy thoughts are rushin through ma head Except I'd never take my life But I have them nights where I'm lyin Fuck it, let me sniff away my life of lines. So I sit"
  • Wide Open - The Crystal Method
    "I have been informed that it's totally wide open (x2) Open like what? That's you question and your answer That's your swallow and your spit Open like what? Open like like sky? Well, even the clouds got"
  • Open wide - Edie Carey
    "Is it giving in when you hold her? Are you rationing a kiss While you estimate the damage it does? Do you retreat when she looks happy? Is it still a crime to be content? Do you rein in a smile before"

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