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Suicide boys

  • Suicide - Redman
    "(feat. Blam) Gilla, yeah! Man, fuck that, nigga! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!) Yes, sir! Gilla House! You already know the business, nigga! Gilla House, nigga! Yo, you ain't gotta' ask, dog - who am I? I"
  • Suicide City - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Cocks) You're at the end like a lamb to the slaughter You're comin just to make your way You don't worry about the future 'Cause the government guarantees pay 65 is the year they got planned"
  • Political Suicide - Pro-Pain
    "Well it's 6 am at the white house And the sun's just about to break Gonna go for a run with the C.I.A And talk shop with my boys in Kuwait We got ethnic cleansing in Bosnia While the Haitian's come in"
  • Suicide Hotline - Insane Clown Posse
    "Suicide Hotline, may I help you? Yeah... Uhh... Well I'm about to fucking kill myself... Listen you don't want to do that, OK? You don't want to do that. I'm gonna... eh... There's so many fucking"
  • Suicide hotline - ICP
    "It aint no point to me waking up, everyodys time im takin up, i got nobody, it aint a shoulderNear, i cant stay here & its colder there, i dont wanna look back cause its gonna hurt, i sliceMy wrist & its"
  • Drastic Actions (Suicide) - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion 80-85 Drastic Actions (Suicide) Heard a word, suicide, Not from one, but from thousands that tried. The lawyer's wife and the teenage brat, One thing in common, they all wanted out. And it's"
  • Wide Boys - Ultravox
    "I took a walk down New York avenue Wearing my latest disguise Enjoying the perfume of utter dismay I was effectively anaesthetised Starving so arrogantly in jumble-sale clothes Evangeline hires out my"
  • Bleach Boys - Dead Milkmen
    ""Bleach Boys" by The Dead Milkmen from Beelzebubba (c) 1988 I've got some buddies and we all drink bleach you know we practice what we preach We're not a drunken bunch of frat boys drunk on beer or a stoned"
  • Suicide Pact - Suicide
    "Power, we've tried to reach Blinded our eyes Suspicons, distrust Religion and Satan They've washed our brains Industry, kind of a suicide pact We signed, like greedy pigs We did not put our future in"
  • Suicide - The Damned
    "b-side of Love Song 7" on Chiswick/Big Beat Records (Vanian/Scabies/Sensible/Ward) There's too much confusion for a young man to take Look at my eyes that ain't easy to fake I've got no spirit left"
  • Suicide - Damned
    "There's too much confusion for a young man to take Look at my eyes that ain't easy to fake I've got no spirit left to break I'll slash my wrists ain't no mistake Help me Oh help me Help me Oh help me"
  • Suicide - Sofie
    "here goes all the tragedy nothing else meant to me hurricane ivan hits florida while mozart makes mossiac fire departments closes everyday 911 is on display earthquakes and flood drips the water on my"
  • Suicide - Hallows Eve
    "I took the pills that made me fast to speed my brain future is past Rapid pulsations upon my heart pulsing my blood from part to part Suicide I'm still living suicide I'm still giving To suicide I bring"
  • Suicide - Kosheen
    "Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a"
  • Suicide - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Goodbye American dream With your life insurance and pension schemes Whoah It's a lonely ride down golden highways Hope is blind But shoot for the skyways Promises - turn to dust And it's"
  • Suicide - Rage
    "I've been stumblin' through my years All I had was sweat and tears When I thought I had it made I was always much too late And throughout my whole life I've done everything wrong No way out - suicide No"
  • Suicide - Zug Izland
    "Hey there killer, where you goin'? I see you got a gun and your anger is showing What you about to do? Gonna kill her man? I know that you are, but you don't really understand You wanna be scary, wanna"
  • Suicide - The Tiger Lillies
    "(yodelling) I thought I'd try suicide, i thought it might be a laugh. i stuck my head in an oven but the oven wasn't gas. (yodelling) so then I thought I'll take some pills, i bought the wrong ones, all"
  • Suicide - Angie Aparo
    "How does it feel to be alone? How does it feel to be stoned? Always high on your fable You got no love in your bones Going up on a suicide ride Two lost diamonds in the sky My love used to be alive Going"
  • Suicide - Dontae
    "Wohoww, woohoww, wohoww I never meant for you to leave & go far away (no) And I hate that I caused you so much pain I'm hurting now Everywhere I go, I'm facing dark clouds Barely holding on, I'm fading"

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