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Suli Breaks

  • Breaks - Wiz Khalifa & John Cena
    "They try to make me slow down But I live with the brakes off They tell me I should hold up But I live with the brakes off Brakes off, brakes off, brakes off And we're goin up, up, up, up Brakes off, brakes"
  • The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
    "Clap your hands, everybody If you got what it takes 'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow and I want you to know That these are the breaks Breakes on a bus, brakes on a car Breaks to make you a superstar Breaks to win"
  • Fever Breaks - Michelle Shocked
    "Try and forget it and yet it keeps you awake Live to regret it when the fever breaks Lighting up a cigarette even the slow hand shakes But it's a cold sweat when the fever breaks If there is no light,"
  • Bad breaks - BB King
    "Oh, i wish i was single, 'cause my woman, she drives me madI wish i was single, 'cause my woman, she drives me madYes, she's always accusing me of someone of someone i ain't never hadLast night i felt"
  • Dawn Breaks - Novembers Doom
    "Dawn Breaks And here we walk eluding the night Telling you tales of how I am lost You know things now that I can't explain And I must avoid your beg for words I can see by the look in your eyes The trust"
  • Clean Breaks - Dashboard Confessional
    "I believe in clean breaks, I keep the old troubles away But you're making sure I was lying when I said "I can leave, This behind" I need you to ruin me For this, finally, 'Cause it's burying me Now,"
  • Bad Breaks - B.B. King
    "Oh, I wish I was single, 'cause my woman, she drives me mad I wish I was single, 'cause my woman, she drives me mad Yes, she's always accusing me of someone of someone I ain't never had Last night I felt"
  • Lightning Breaks - Plasmatics
    "Lightning Breaks The Midnight Air Light Comes Shining Down On Me Feel The Presence Of The Force Tidal Waves Out On The Sea Lord Have Mercy On My Soul Darkness Sets Me Free Why Must I Feel These Things Something"
  • Daylight Breaks - Mobile
    "The daylight breaks, Im lying wide awake. The daylight breaks, how long did it take. Nothing really matters now cause I gave away everything I owned. The promise made, I never wished to say. The parts"
  • Daylight Breaks - Adelleda
    "I'll cast a thousand votes and write a thousand books and thoughts of mine Still won't be heard You can create the priceless art that seldom ever see or hear And many will never care Save me Until the"
  • The Breaks - Rich Mullins
    ""Here is my heart take what you want 'Cause I have no use for it anyway Well of all the stupid things I've ever said This could be the worst may be the best But those are the breaks These are the"
  • The Breaks - Mullins Rich
    "Rich Mullins First Corinthians 9:24-27 Here is my heart take what you want 'Cause I have no use for it anyway Well of all the stupid things I've ever said This could be the worst may be the best But those"
  • Heaven Breaks - Sleeping At Last
    "It always starts like this, A harmless and simple thing to fix. Contagious and spreading quick Like cracks in ice, Wholly claiming our lives While we sleep. We'll pray for Heaven's floor to break, Pour"
  • The Breaks - The Black Keys
    "(Lean forward slightly, Look straight at the speaker, And listen with a sparkle in your eye, As though you might be thinking, "Gee, this is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard in all my life,") Back"
  • Bad Breaks - Cat Stevens
    "Bad brakes, whole car shakes Looks like I'm heading for a breakdown Black smoke, engine beginning to choke I must be heading for a breakdown I pulled up for a mouth of coca-cola Down at Samuels cafe Saw"
  • Billy Bad Breaks - Damned
    "Little by little I've begun to see Just why love don't come easily One step forward and two behind Waiting for the best chance just takes time And they call you Billy Billy bad bad bad bad breaks All"
  • That's The Breaks - George Strait
    "Well that's just great Just what I needed The icing on that cake You're leavin' But I give up Throw up my hands There's nothing I can say or do I've done all that I can That's the breaks The way the cookie"
  • Everything breaks sometime - Quindon Tarver
    "Under the Shadows, Forbidden and HotDesire Grows, More Often Than NotI'm Sorry's a Stupid Thing to SayEspecially Considering It's Not Like I Planned It This WayBut I'm Sorry Is All That There Is Left of"
  • When It Breaks - Inhaler
    "What’s it gonna take for this storm to break You don’t know What you’ve got until it’s taken away I am not too scared to turn and face it Well iam just waking up It’s true to chaneing I like this feeling I"
  • Everything Breaks Sometime - Jewel
    "Under the shadows, forbidden and hot Desire grows, more often than not I'm sorry's a stupid word, a stupid thing to say Especially considering it's not like I planned it this way But I'm sorry is all"

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