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Summerfly maura o'connell

  • Maura - Vagabanda
    "Quando vejo as estrela l foraComeo a pensa em vocNo teu lindo sorriso e no brilho do teu olharTodo dia eu me levantoPensando em voc e num jeito de falarEu te amo e falar que eu no quero te perderEu quero"
  • O'connell street revisited - Ian Matthews
    "Will you meet me in the city tonight Oh now you've got me hoping Say you'll meet me in the city tonight We'll have some fun, go dancing on O'Connel! Street Will you meet me in the city tonight Oh look"
  • Morena (Part. Maur - Katinguel?
    "O sol anuncia que vi trazer Um novo amanhecer Minha morena vem c, vem me acordar Prepare a mesa, pra eu sentar Bote um caf, que eu vou j Abra a janela e deixe o sol entrar Pegue o vestido que eu te dei Pra"
  • Tenth Hunger Striker - Summerfly
    "I hail from the city of Derry, Brought up, in poverty streets, No work, no pay, just long misery, Oppressed by a bigoted state. I joined the march of my people, To change, the gerrymander ties, More homes,"
  • Waiting For The Garda - Clifford T. Ward
    "A face that haunts me smilin' down A broken doll with eyes so wild O'Connell Bridge you're fallin' down And hangin' on a ragged child Amid the to and fro Watchin' as we come an' go Footsteps an the"
  • Poor Paddy - The Pogues
    "(Traditional) In eighteen hundred and forty-one Me corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work upon the railway, the railway I'm weary of the railway Poor Paddy works on the railway In"
  • Poor Paddy - Pogues
    "(The Pogues' Version) ----------------------------------------- In eighteen hundred and forty-one The corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work upon the railway, the railway I'm"
  • Hawk And Sparrow - Noa
    "hawk and sparrow hope and fear rainbow and arrow laughter and tear i should run for my life, but i stay still i should scream till im sore, but i dont i should lay down my life, and i will but for"
  • Soshin - Luka Bloom
    "The snow begins across the mountains Covers the rice fields Down below a woman awakens Her breath is frozen in the early morning Out on the freezing streets With bell and bowl she goes People come to see"
  • An Honest Gamble - Spirit Of The West
    "O'Connell was a steel worker, bluecollar man he was labelled Been 21 years on the Yarrows Dock slining welding cable He married a good Catholic girl at the age of 21 By the time, he reached 28, she'd borne"
  • The Magdalene Laundries - Joni Mitchell
    "I was an unmarried girl I'd just turned twenty-seven When they sent me to the sisters For the way men looked at me Branded as a jezebel I knew I was not bound for Heaven I'd be cast in shame Into the Magdalene"
  • Non E' Peccato - Syria
    "Cadono vecchi tab come frutta oramai maura, tempi duri davvero per chi vuole dare scandalo, nessuno si stupisce se un uomo ama un altro uomo, se le ragazze cattoliche non sono pi vergini. Rit: Non mi"
  • Lazy Afternoon - The Roots
    "It's a lazy afternoon (Summertime, as I recline, lay back and relax, let the sun shine) Consider this a message to my mellow in the front seat of the Jeep pumpin' beats for your rump In the summertime"
  • K - Nilsson Lisa
    "(Duett Lisa Nilsson & Maura Scocco) Sg r det bara jag som drmmer det hr eller nsketnker igen Vgar vi sga att vi ntligen har lrt oss ngonting se mig i gonen Jag har inga illusioner kvar, jag behver ett"
  • Pink water - Indochine
    "Je pars, je ne reviendrai jamais Bientt le monde maura oubli tu sais Que jaille Tu vois Je recherche un endroit pour me cacher et pour me faner en paix Ne jamais les croire Quand ils ten parleront Si tu"
  • My Dublin Girl - Kevin Moroney
    "My Dublin Girl Walking down O'Connell Street. Just Looking at my own two feet. 'Cause they always seemed to know where they were going. I make it to Ha' Penny brigde. I had to stop 'cause the lights"
  • Pearl's Eye View (The Life Of Dickey Chapelle) - Nanci Griffith
    "(Nanci Griffith - Maura Kennedy) Oh she was high up there in the air Caught still by a soldier's stare Whenever it was men amongst men Down upon the land And she followed those mothers' sons She felt"
  • Yo Quiero Ser Una Chica Almod - Joaquin Sabina
    "Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar como la Maura, como Victoria Abril un poco lista, un poquitn boba, ir con Madonna en una limousine. Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar como Bib, como Miguel Bos pasar"
  • Sudbury Saturday Night - Kim Mitchell
    "Oh the girls are out to bingo and the boys are gettin stinko We think no more of Inco on a Sudbury Saturday Night. The glasses they will tinkle while our eyes begin to twinkle And we think no more of Inco"
  • James Connolly - Black 47
    "Marchin' down O'Connell Street with the Starry Plough on high There goes the Citizen Army with their fists raised in the sky Leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his eye "My name is James"

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