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Summertine sadness

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Summertine sadness

  • Sadness - Donovan
    "SADNESS Sadness is in your eye Who could have made you cry? My lullaby Roll along the sleepy dream, deep Roll along the sleepy dream, deep Salty tear down your cheek Drowning the words you speak. My"
  • Sadness - Bloodflowerz
    "my voice inside calling you in the night with an aching cry the light of the moon whispers secrets and soon a heart will die i am inside from me you can't hide, i'm mother and child a shadow of love, a"
  • Sadness - Dial
    "How could I ever think that this would last forever? You never saw, you never saw the real me It was all a lie! All you wished, all you hoped for Never thought it was all you lived for Now I'm lost in"
  • Sadness - Anvil
    "The story's been told a million fold Of an artist's search for fame As the years go by His soul cries out in vain All in fun when all's been done Can you bear the weight The tears you cry Will never change"
  • Sadness - Ryan Adams
    "The stars they sink In the oceans of ink Long black ribbons of cars And in the taxi You ask me how I'm doing But you already know Beyond, beyond is not through Its only a reflection of you And something"
  • Sadness - Greg Brown
    "Sadness come to my housewith a stinking bouquet,smiled with her thin gray lipsand said, "Honey, I'm home to stay."ref:And I said,"Go away and leave me alone.Go away and leave me."She handed me rotgut whiskeyand"
  • Sadness - PORNO FOR PYROS
    "Here I lay waiting for the bubbles to settle I'm going down low where your sleep meets your mental Two tries at killing me they couldn't do it I ran down the road with no shoes and no jacket Here I go"
  • Sadness - Malice Mizer
    "Tsukiyo no ban ni yomigaeru kono kurushimi o karada no naka e tojikomete itsumademo hanasanaide itai afureru hikari sono mama hadaka no mama de karada ni uketome subete no kurushimi mo uketomete shimau Pray"
  • Goodbye Sadness - Yoko Ono
    "Goodbye, sadness, goodbye, goodbye, I don't need you anymore. I wet my pillow ev'ry night, But now i saw the light. Goodbye, goodbye, sadness, I don't need you anymore. Goodbye, goodbye, sadness, I can't"
  • Beauty & Sadness - The Smithereens
    "Maybe I've seen your face A long long time ago Maybe I've kissed your lips Maybe I just don't know The minute I start my day The moment I open my eyes The second I think of your face The time when I start"
  • Sadness Soot - Grant Lee Phillips
    "I'm movin' with the strength of a spear I'm cruisin' with the past in my mirror Done leveling my city of ghosts Cool ashes like it's all that she wrote Shake off the sadness soot It's doin' me good Embrace"
  • Summer Sadness - Faerghail
    "Living nighttime, a girl in the dark Child in misery a child with a sorrowheart Like whispering words Summer sadness called her blood Where all cold and dark unite She was there, cold gave her life All"
  • Dear Sadness - Maja Koman
    "Dear Sadness Dear Sadness Why do you come so often to me? Dear Sadness Dear Sadness Why do you so close to me? I know you’re inspiring But you so bad I know you want me to be … I know you show me… But"
  • Sadness Grows - Spirit Of The West
    "Hello love it's London calling Wave the white hanky, a breath for the belly Keep on hoping for blood in the morning Nothing's right, everything's hurting Everything's hurting Goodbye love my lids are"
  • Sadness Rains - Novembers Doom
    "Mournful overcast, sorrowful state. Gray distant sky, pensive turmoil. In heavy spirits, wretched, forlorn. Joyless and dismal, stricken with grief. Lightning evades a world overhead. Angels in tears,"
  • Sleeping Sadness - WinterMoon
    "The moon was crying over them Waiting for the night to come Watch the ancient world dying And they will rest Hidding from the past Make this pain turn to death Welcome to a new world Welcome to"
  • Sadness Comes - Ibridoma
    "I'll drown my mind into this sea While the dark side takes control. Nowhere to hide because I am the problem, My star is black and burned . My mind is divided in two parts, I cry while I smile who can"
  • Morning Sadness - Madina Lake
    "Cut my eyes on visions of you Memories aren't clear I lost touch with the boy I knew While you were still here Have you met your god? Does he know I'm in pain? Does he even have any plans For me to see"
  • Sister Sadness - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "walk on by sister sadness I'm through with you I'm telling you that I'm not listening anymore cause I'm sick of you I'm telling you don't tell me you don't understand if I'd only give you my finger I"
  • Hello Sadness - Lucero
    "I knew it was bound to catch me again Well hello sadness, my old friend Well it's been a while, but now I see You're back in style Sit down and rest, I ain't goin' nowhere I feel the pain, like a shot"

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