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Sun any

  • Any longer - Papermoon
    "Sitting here a cigaretteIs waisting my time nowMy hands are tired my head achesI drank too much drank too much wine nowPeople say just take your timeI wish they only knew more about meI'm not the one they"
  • Any Day - Over It
    "I lost you in my desert mind I dried up in the sun when you were water, my oasis, I could not kill the thirst in time catch me, if you think you can promise you wont look back If we rinse it away, all"
  • Any road - George Harrison
    "Oh I've been travelling on a boat and a plane In a car on a bike in a bus and a train Travelling there and travelling here Everywhere in every gear But oh Lord we pay the price with a Spin of a wheel -"
  • Any Emcee - Nine
    ""Any MC that disagree with me, wave your arms" -> Rakim * repeat 8X * (Nine) Rat-a-tat-tat, it's the nappy black cat with no hat Back to chat like Super Cat with my format black Attack a track like Ali"
  • Any Day Now - Bellefire
    "Shining light behind the clouds A distant voice that echoes loud A hope inside that never fades away A grain of sand fills up the beach A ripple spreads with ? A bluebird coming home at last to stay"
  • Through Any Window - Willie Wisely
    "Early in the morning when the sun comes through any window Break the promise that each day is a new early morning, through any window Blue is the memory of her bedroom eyes Green as the envy I cant hide Red"
  • Any Other Day - Bon Jovi
    "Alarm clock rings, 6:45, Must have hit that snooze button least 3 times, Wishing this morning was still last night, On any other day, just might wanna die. Traffics backed up 20 miles to the east, Must"
  • Any Day Now - Rubyhorse
    "The sun is down I'm coming 'round But I don't belong In this part of town So lead me high Don't leave me low And when I'm away Lead me home Any day now You can save me As I go up in flames Any day now Skies"
  • Any Little Lie - Emilio Navaira
    "What more can I do What else can I say As you take a love that's lasted years And throw it all away I know you can't stay To give it one more try But if you'll pretend for one more night I promise I won't"
  • In Any Tongue - David Gilmour
    "Home and done it's just begun His heart weighs more, more than it ever did before What has he done? God help my son Hey, stay a while, I'll stay up No sugar is enough to bring sweetness to his cup I know"
  • Any Time At All - The Beatles
    "Any time at all, any time at all, any time at all , all You've gotta do is call and I'll be there. If you need somebody to love, just look into my eyes, I'll Be there to make you feel right. If you're"
  • Any Time At All - Beatles
    "(Lennon/McCartney) Any time at all, any time at all Any time at all, all you've gotta do is call and I'll be there If you need somebody to love Just look into my eyes I'll be there to make you feel right If"
  • Any time at all - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night Any time at all Any time at all, any time at all, any time at all, All you've gotta do is call and I'll be there. If you need somebody to love, just look into my eyes,"
  • Any Way At All - Donna Summer
    "We never know where the winds of love will carry our hearts unfold into the hands of time nothing will ever change this love we share no matter what it takes I will be there When the sun goes high you"
  • Any One With Eyes - Star Five
    "If I tried May be I could stay alone here in my room I would like Find a corner in my mind that's free of you Everywhere I turn, I see your face You're even in my drinking glass The beating of my heart Is"
  • If There's Any Justice - Lee Greenwood
    "The very first moment that I wake each day Your ghost just dances straight across my memory I reach for the phone and I hear your voice And against my will, my feelings run away with me Cause I want you"
  • Any - The Connells
    "Be yourself Be yourself so you won't fade out Keep yourself Keep yourself so you won't change at all Anyone in a crowd sees you fail to leave a definte scar Don't you hold back now See yourself See yourself"
  • Any - Irish Celebration
    "Be yourselfBe yourself so you wont fade outKeep yourselfKeep yourself so you wont change at allAnyone in a crowdSees you fail to leave a definte scarDont you hold back nowSee yourselfSee yourself as one"
  • Will There Be Any Stars? - Alison Krauss
    "I am thinking today of that beautiful land I shall reach when the sun goeth down When through wonderful grace by my Saviour I stand Will there be any stars in my crown. Will there be any stars, any stars"
  • Are You Getting Any Sunshine - Lou Christie
    "It's love when you're Feeling like a child of light It makes beautiful people A sun tripper through the night What you need is love (baby love) When the under current gets you down With topaz illusions"

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