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Sun comes up- reudi mental

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Sun comes up- reudi mental

  • Sun Comes Up - Amy Correia
    "Amy Correia Miscellaneous Sun Comes Up I'm leaving Manhattan I'm leaving today I can't help but want to dance all night I felt a little lonely Not a star up in the sky I wonder why The"
  • Sun Comes Up - The Used
    "And it all falls down at once And I try to get some sleep And the comforts of this bed Have all been shattered to pieces I have a knack for feeling lost All those times I couldn't eat Like I couldn't"
  • Sun comes up - John Legend
    "I know you think Im like the other manYou let him in and then he breaks your heart againBut this thing is more than physicalI free your mind and I bless your soulTonight were gonna lose track of timeBody"
  • The Sun Comes Up - Hank Williams Sr.
    "The sun comes up, but I won't go down I been real high up and I've hit the ground Memories of the past race through my mind Just like that train on that old track of life The sun comes up, but I won't"
  • The sun comes up - Discount
    "The sun comes up, over your house, over your head.Today, simplicity makes you wish you were dead.I heard you cut and ran.This time I don't care.How can you deem me responsible after I explained it all?I"
  • Mental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "The beat is getting stronger I can't take it any longer Every time I try to sleep I wake up to This beat inside of me You can't ignore this beat You have to get up on your dancing feet You will have no"
  • Mental Chains - Sizzla
    "Blessed Emperor Seassie I surely have done ey About the welfare and prosperity of I and I people But know yourself black people Judgement Don't do on pretending to be someone you can not yea yea"
  • Mental Warp - Insane Clown Posse
    "Staring at the ceiling, the roof has a face It's telling me I don't belong with the human race He's askin me to join him, in eternal sleep I give him my soul, my body he can keep Reaching just above me"
  • Mental warp - ICP
    "Staring at the ceiling, the roof has a faceIts telling me I dont belong with the human raceHes askin me to join him, in eternal sleepI give him my soul, my body he can keepReaching just above me , I see"
  • When The Sun Comes Up - John Entwistle
    "I've sat and waited for years Looking for signs to appear-to me But all I'd see Was clouded in mystery And now that I've turned the page I've broken out of my cage-of fear That kept me here A prisoner"
  • Mental - eels
    "It's like I'm dressed up in my mamma's clothing It's like I'm talking to a voice that doesn't exist It's like I got a wire crossed upstairs But all I want is just a little truth and that's it They say"
  • Mental - Courtney Jaye
    "On this lonely stretch of solitude I'm thinking 'bout the things that I never do All the promises that I made to you Well they're just words They're only words It took so long for me to recognize All this"
  • Every Time the Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten
    "Pace mine for for you Hold my horses, patient Hey man, tricks can't wait to hear my emotions Every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble Every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble People say I'm a one-hit"
  • Till the sun comes up again - America
    "Think Ill write a different songGot a feeling it might take a long timeSingin it over again, I cant recall just how it used to beVoices across the seaMm, mm, mm.Will she come to me, to keep me companyWont"
  • The Sun Never Comes Up Again - Gene Watson
    "Tonight you're saying you love me And this is where it all begins But if you don't mean it I'm hoping The sun never comes up again We finally shared all our feelings Feelings we felt for so long If this"
  • Sun Comes Up (feat. James Arthur) - Rudimental
    "I wondered maybe they’d find I’ve been such a long /3x time 2 feel it swallowed by the waters around me no I took so many wrong /3x turns to see it but I dance through the blisters at night and laughed till"
  • Sun Comes Up (feat. Booty Luv) - David Vendetta
    "I,I'll be workin' on the day hurry up i just can't wait for the sunlight to fade away cause the dancefloor's callin' me & I ,im a bad girl in these skies with the fire deep inside i can't deny wherever"
  • Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning - Cowboy Junkies
    "Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning Hits me straight in the eye Guess you forgot to close the blind last night Oh, that's right, I forgot, it was me I sure do miss the smell of black coffee in the morning, The"
  • Here Comes The Sun - Jay Delano
    "Here comes the sun And the day has just begun So come on and let's have some fun If you really think that you're the one Just come on and let's have some fun Here comes the Here comes the Here comes the"
  • Here Comes The Sun - Linda Eder
    "Just when I'm sure that I've got it all down Somethin' jumps up and spins me around Sometimes it's the light from my little boy's eyes Takin' me by surprise I've been to the city and I've been to the zoo Learned"

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