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Sunrise Avenue - Hollywood Hills

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Sunrise Avenue - Hollywood Hills

  • Hollywood Hills - Sunrise Avenue
    "No, this is not the time or the place for broken hearted Cause this is the end of the rainbow Where no one can be too sad No, I don't wanna leave but I must keep moving ahead Cause my life belongs to the"
  • Hills of Hollywood - Drake Bell
    "Say hello to the hills of Hollywood Send my love to Sunset Strip Tell them I'm, I'm coming back again To renew and earn my membership Looking over the streets in the movies Just like the pictures that"
  • Sunrise over Bishops Avenue - Cotton Cat
    "Packing all their dreams, locking up their fears They're like restless soldiers, summoned for a drill. Then they say goodbye; each of them will fly Searching for the gold spilled on the rosy sky. "
  • Dark Hollywood - The Dingees
    "Dark deep in the trenches Along in the alley jumpin fences Hard rain fall bangs a beat on tin roof Black brick from wall to wall Wet reflection makes the streetlights fall Cast comfort on a sprawlin spook Dark"
  • I Help You Hate Me - Sunrise Avenue
    "Sunrise Avenue - formacja znana z hitów „Fairytale Gone Bad” i „Hollywood Hills” - zapowiedziała nowy album! Wiadomo, że pilotujacy go singel będzie nosił tytuł „I Help You Hate Me” i ujrzy światło dzienne"
  • Hollywood - Prince
    "Performed by george clinton Composed by tracey lewis and dallas austin San diego freeway northbound around Culver city westwood into beverly hills U've gone hollywood I'm gonna look, I won't touch Oh it's"
  • Hollywood - Flight 409
    "So, this is my goodbye to you I cant believe we let it come to this And honestly, I fell for it And now I've got to compromise Inside this anxious room All the eyes are fixed on you, what's left of you Let's"
  • Hollywood - Alabama
    "Atlanta, Georgia made her the Ctoon Queen L.A. bound, she had visions of the silver screen But Hollywood ain't nothin' but glamor and lights To a blue-eyed blond with stars in her eyes Her days are long,"
  • Hollywood - The Veronicas
    "Things are so different hereAll truths seem to dissapearAnd who you were doesn't matterMy point is a better viewMake me look beatifulAnd every face same old story(Chorus)In Hollywood , HollywoodEvery sunrise"
  • Hollywood - Orange
    "Credit cards, expensive cars Beggars in the street Glitter sprinkled with some pain From your plastic surgery Dreams are made to set us free Dreams are born and we believe And ill tell you why And ill"
  • Hollywood Jem - Jem And The Holograms
    "Hey look it's Jem Hollywood Jem Totally awesome, stylish and hip Stopping traffic on Sunset Strip Hey look it's Jem Hollywood Jem Doing the talk shows Posing for films Going to parties in Beverly Hills There"
  • Hollywood Girl - Donnie Klang
    "She moved out to Hollywood Because she wanted to be a big star And party on the floor with the rockstars gettin it on Five star resturaunts couldn't burn a bone She prayed for livin the life of a million"
  • Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger
    "She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast He was a midwestern boy on his own She looked at him with those soft eyes, so innocent and blue He knew right then he was too far from home He"
  • Hollywood Kids - Bruce Springsteen
    "They're the Hollywood kids each and every one With a high class smile and a little baby's tongue Lonely hard head losers dressed in the tinsel of the times And learn all the latest lines and the order"
  • Leaving Hollywood - Diorama
    "Emptiness dead-smooth and choking the air Im, leaving Hollywood if you dont care lost in the twilight of self-consciousness trying to picture the smile you might wear Where are the plastic doves ready"
  • Van Story Hills - Rookie Of The Year
    "You mean so much to me girl. But the time is gone. Where are you. Where did you go. What did I do. And all I want to be is like the movies. A perfect Hollywood dream. You and me together forever."
  • Avenue Of Stars - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "Yo Yo Yo! Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody got a dream. Standin' on the star of Marilyn Monroe, I've got a dream and a map of some stars homes. Down on the boulavard all the kids look"
  • Honeymoon At Weston Hills - Cinematic Sunrise
    "The rise and the fall. Dialect and different skill. Gripping my hand With every intention of breaking free. The roar of the crowd haults to the simple Echo of a beating heart. As we all attempted to exhale Our"
  • Bandits Of Baverly Hills - Kris Kristofferson
    "[ Kris Kristofferson ] She knew the moment their eyes came together they'd never need to explain He was a bandit behind his behavior she was precisely the same Laughing and dancing those gay cabralleros"
  • Our Honeymoon At Weston Hills - Cinematic Sunrise
    "The rise and the fall Dialect and different skill Gripping my hand With every intention of breaking free The roar of the crowd halts to the simple Echo of a beating heart As we all attempted to exhale Our"

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