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Super Life

  • Super Life - Milkwish
    "Do what you like! Do what you Do what you Do what you Do what you Do what you Do what you like!"
  • Super Love - Johnny Gill
    "Super love We go together like a hand in glove Me and you, yes, we do, girl Super love Youre like an angel from up above Who came down to see me through, yeah Super love The things you do and the way"
  • Super Breakdown - Sprung Monkey
    "Waking to an early morning Caffine to ignite the brain It seems that life is going nowhere, growing colder everyday Well I've almost reached the point of saturation Just soak it up All those tears of yesterday"
  • It's A Super (dupa) Life - Cat Stevens
    "See the funny little people running 'round in circles Throwing bombs as they do See the funny side of it They're heading straight for you See the funny little holes they're making Looking like craters"
  • Super Human - Chris Brown
    "Weak I have been crying and crying for weeks How'd i survive when i can barely speak Barely eat, On my knees But thats the moment u came to me I don't know what your love has done to me Think i'm invisable I"
  • Super Collider - Megadeth
    "When you feel, life is bringing you down And you see that you’re all alone When your friends, they have all run out That is when you will... On the high road (on the high road) I will take you higher"
  • Super Hoe - Boogie Down Productions
    "(Phone ringing) Scott: Yo, Kris. I really knocked the boots on those two big-butt females last night. Kris: Jeeez! Scott: Yeah, man. I'm on my way down to Latin Quarter to find two more freaks... Kris:"
  • It's a super dupa life - Cat Stevens
    "See the funny little people running 'round in circles sowing bombs as they do see the funny side of it they're heading straight for you see the funny little holes they're making looking like craters on"
  • Super Trouper - Superchic(k)
    "You were meant to live large Come on, take charge Let's go light the world up Let's not wait until the end To be the things we wish we'd been You were meant to live life Come on, let's fly You're a super"
  • Super Powered - Uncle Brian
    "Check to see whats on t.v., i learded to speak in Japanease, save the world though not today, the cheques in the mail I'm on my way, fighting fears, money and power, my phone always rings when I'm in"
  • Super freak - T.I.
    "But shes a freak though) shes got angel eyes with the baby face (but shes a freak though) i want my mama and daddy to meet her maybe have my baby man (but shes a freak though) they keep talking about you"
  • Super Fantasy - Princess Superstar
    "(C. Kirschner, C. Webster) Produced by Curtis Curtis for The Vertical Corporation (BMI). Additional Production by Concetta Kirschner for Concetta Music (BMI). Bass by Walter Sipser. Golden Keys, cash"
  • Super Trouper - Superchick
    "Chorus You were meant to live large C'mon take charge Let's go light the world up Let's not wait until the end To be the things we wish we'd been You were meant to live life C'mon let's fly You're a super"
  • Super model - Cappadonna
    "(Ghostface Killah) Uh-hoh (We back up in this piece, yo) (Yo, Donna) (Snatch these birds for a second) (They rabbits) GROUPIES! (Straight up nothing but rabbits) (Word up, birds are free) (Word, let go)"
  • Super Luv - Ultra
    "Time has come to give my life up to those hands Those hands that I've been praying to Step inside your mind and in time you will find We live, we die, we fade into the afterlife Welcome to the sand,"
  • Super Glider - Drugstore
    "There's a star for everyone But some get lost in darkness When your pretty smile is gone When I'm looking for a Superglider, Superglide Superglider ??Life all in my dream, lay your eyes?? ?? called"
  • Super Cool - Bang Sugar Bang
  • Super Hero - Miyavi
    "mataseta na honey soko noke Wanna be Im a japanese crazy 21st century Boy no kenzan nari tsuite oide yo misete yaruze zekkei wo V.I.P. na tokutouseki ni Sweet na KISS de koyoi mo kimi wo T.K.O sechigarai"
  • Super Steve - Machinae Supremacy
    "I only act and speak as I feel Their world so enigmatic and unreal We've got some freak potential but that's just great it makes us who we are, molding our mental state it feels so fragile our"
  • Super-Sonic - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "this song is about you and my life now without you and my reasons just for living and forgiving being known all alone if you do it well you better do it right if you're screwed up well you better screw"

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