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  • Wings - The Fall
    "Day by day. The moon gains on me. Day by day. The moon gains on me. Purchased pair of flabby wings. I took to doing some HOVERING. Here is a list of incorrect things. HOVERED mid-air outside a study. An"
  • Super - Say Hi To Your Mom
    "you're super, you really are. just like your tee-ball trophy says, you've come so far. it was just a matter of a little time before you've got the dog, the tots, the pretty wife. the post man waves,"
  • Super-Connected - Belly
    "On your third broken window Your hair full of glass Throw your clothes in the hallway Just a sheet on your back So you're super-connected now All the freaks gather 'round And the crowd in your bedroom"
  • Super Boo - Kid Cudi
    "Look at her she could be ma super boo In a room crazy, sexy, cool Intellectually sexy, her body is sick, her face is dope Somethin like a eye candy photo Hope the guy that the broad and a hoe though The"
  • Super - Cordae
    "Last year I made seven million didn't have to do a single fucking show Shout out to my niggas up at Coca-Cola for the check they cut me at the Super Bowl All my life moments is a super woah, my nigga Dr."
  • Super* - Self
    "cement hands - she comes alive on my poster cement band - and i'm in love i know the things you must think and feel you've been left out in the cold she's a superstar she'll never see me in the crowd no"
  • Super - Carolina Marquez
    "1, 2, 1, 2, 3 Ladies and gentelmen are you to party?"
  • Super - Gigi Dagostino
    "(Albertino Voice) BassLine! Give me the drums! Tarari and Tarara and Tarara and Tarari in the place to be! Ladies and Gentleman, you are ready to party with Alba and GgDag? Ok...you are ready to party?"
  • Super - Gigi D'Agostino
    "(Albertino Voice) BassLine! Give me the drums! Tarari and Tarara and Tarara and Tarari in the place to be! Ladies and Gentleman, you are ready to party with Alba and GgDag? Ok...you are ready"
  • Super Star - Heartsdales
    "(R) Step to the step in the name of love, I take 1 little step at a time! Step to the step in the name of love, I take 2 little steps at a time! Oh no! You say "ha ha" but I'm lookin' at you Cause you"
  • Super Shooter - Gantz
    "Now listen, yo! People put your guns up Mazu ore ga run dat Hashiri mawatte yatsura wo gun shot!! Brand new sound sou still survival Here come sound boy kono sekai ni ikirou Chiryoku tairyoku to un ga"
  • Solar Wings - Iron Savior
    "Do you believe in the god with a twisted eye Do you believe in hell and what's below Facing the man with the blade and an evil smile The innocence of madness seems to grow And now you stand and stare"
  • Super-Spr?de - Freezepop
    "to our crazy fans we wrote this song especially for you it's for everything you do you are the best now get undressed you are the cutest fans by far you took a risk and bought our disc you play it loudly"
  • Wings - Hurts
    "When you find me free falling out of the sky And I'm spiraling out of control When I drop like a cannonball from Cloud 9 Just promise you won't let me go Say you'll catch me when I fall Wrap your wings"
  • Wings - Live
    "The way I'm on your mind, like a ball and chain Like a destiny to run from Division in your soul (in your soul), keepin' you from whole I can bare to see you crying The wing that lays on your shoulders"
  • Wings - Ricky Nelson
    "Seen it written and I've heard it told That a man does things for gold Drives him crazy and it makes him old Before his time Sittin' 'round waitin' for the rainbow's end Wastin' time and loosin' friends Never"
  • Wings - Soulfly
    "Wings all over us Watching us from above Protecting us from this world Protecting us with your sword Wings all over us Calming us when we're sore Guiding us when we're lost Even against all odds Wings"
  • Wings - Norton
    "Damn these old wheels Rollin' too slow I stare down this white line With so far to go Headlights keep comin' Loneliness humming along Who poured this rain Who made these clouds I stare through this windshield"
  • Wings - Bonnie Tyler
    "(Paul D. Fitzgerald - Bonnie Tyler/Paul D. Fitzgerald - O. Renoir - John Stage) You came from nowhere And pushed back the sky I didn't want to go there I preferred to deny I thought - love was for dreamers Angels"
  • Wings - Little Mix
    "Mamma told me not to waste my life She said spread your wings my little butterfly Don’t let what they say keep you up at night And if they give you shhhh Then they can walk on by My feet, feet can’t"

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