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Superstar mandee

  • Superstar (ft. Maria Mathea) - Mandee
    "People always talk about All the things they’re all about Write it on a piece of paper Got a feeling I’ll see you later There’s something about this Let’s keep it moving And if it’s good just het something"
  • Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar
    "(Voice of Judas) Ev'ry time I look at you I don't understand Why you let the things you did Get so out of hand You'd have managed better If you'd had it planned Now why'd you choose such a backward time And"
  • Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar (2000)
    "God! Every time I look at you I don't understand Why you let the things you did, Get so out of hand You'd have managed better If you'd had it planned Why d'you choose such a backward time And such"
  • Lose It All (x Mandee) - Naomi Prie
    "I'm staying in the corner Had to overcome my fear of the dark Jumped into the water And i knew i had to swim with the sharks Been scared to fall too deep Been losing so much sleep But now the feeling's"
  • Superstar - Darin
    "Spend Saturday with no money Lay on the grass, we don't cut it Somehow you're keeping me oh, high, oh I'm down for even more loving But I'm done with keeping it covered Just harmony, you and me Kinda wanna"
  • Superstar - Marina (Marina And The Diamonds)
    "When I’m afraid When the worlds gone dark Come and save my day You’re my superstar Premiera singla "Superstar" 1 marca 2019 roku."
  • Superstar - Sons Of Thunder
    "No Hollywood glitter No Hollywood fame Everybody needs the truth And the truth is Christ That's right! Light becomes a shadow In the brightness of God The spotlight's on the Star And the Star is God Shine"
  • Superstar - Ja Rule
    "Here's a toast to living my life like a superstar Party over the night like a rock star And when we make love it's like a porn star And whenever I ball bitch I'm an all star I'm a superstar, Superstar,"
  • Superstar - Jamie Madrox
    ""Whassup, man?" "What up?" "Can you believe I went in this mothafucking place and this, this arrogant son of a bitch behind the counter had the nerve to call me a fucking superstar" "Rock star" "No, I,"
  • Superstar - Room 94
    "Looking in the magazines or video Here we go Girls, but not for me Hiding behind make up With that fake brown glow I'm smiling! Cause you're next to me Yeah, they may be hot But there's nothing up top You"
  • Superstar - Belinda
    "Lentes escuros, viajes, ropas, muchas casasQuiero una vida como de superstarChoffer,vallet y hasta un par de guarda espaldasYo soy la nueva estrella que todo esperanAutografos por cientos yo tendr que"
  • Superstar - Nina Nastasia
    "All the seasons go the same Outside the arcade, no change Rows and rows of cars a-fleeing Down the freeway come a-skidding To a halt To sit and cool While we watch Inside the booth I know, i know I know"
  • Superstar - NLT
    "She's on the phone Asking me things like Who else is home I said it might be just me She might be coming over She beeps the crib And takes a deep breath This thing is big I said yeah definitely I shouldn't"
  • Superstar - Keyshia Cole
    "(.man.) whoahh (keyshia cole) yeahh superstar, whoa superstar, talk to me baby (one two three four) rollin wit my windows dropped wind blowin out my six o clock then this feelin came over me had to"
  • Superstar - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "Hey my superstar, my flying shooting star Somewhere in the night, my crashing meteorite I got a rear view mirror That I use to check my makeup Drivin' down the super highway Hopin' I don't wake up She"
  • Superstar - Stellar Kart
    "Before I leave. I have something to say. I can't go on one more day. That feeling of this world. I can't get close to. Remembering me won't be so hard to do. Where are you superstar. Where everything is"
  • Superstar - Strangelove
    "Watch another day go drifting over It really doesn't matter anymore 'Long as I keep slipping down my medicine Gonna be a superstar for sure You are superstar You are star You are superstar The world's"
  • Superstar - Cherish
    "I dont have to take my hair out of my ponytail Dont have to change my style up or come out the clothes I wear Because of you Im able to get through the stormy weather You know the words to say just to"
  • Superstar - Tegan & Sara
    "Dignified in what she does when she sings The smile that she brings to all of you Unaware of what's to come I said "Tell me, ... What's to come ?" Green is the colour of my envy It's the colour of fame So"
  • Superstar - For Squirrels
    "Here I come with a little bit of help Here I come with a little bit of help Here I come with a little bit of help Here I come with a little bit of' Over you with a little bit of help Over you with a little"

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