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Supertramp - Babaji

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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Babaji - Supertramp
    "All of my life I felt that you were listening Watching for ways to help me stay in tune Lord of my dreams, although confusion Keeps trying to decieve What is it that makes me believe in you? Babaji, oh"
  • Supertramp - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "sung by Jim Reload and do it again now I'm a real believer Go ahead and push it again yeah I'm a real believer Liberate my mind It's penetration time Open up and tell me you know that I'm a real believer Couldn't"
  • Supertramp - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "Reload and do it again now I'm a real believer Go ahead and push it again yeah I'm a real believer Liberate my mind It's penetration time Open up and tell me you know that I'm a real believer Couldn't"
  • Alexander Supertramp - Real Friends
    "Growing up is giving up I'll sleep sideways on the bed in my moms basement It's where I feel at home You'll sleep with regret and no heart left in your chest I don't want to end up like you Your eyes are"
  • Goodbye Stranger (Supertramp) - Aimee Mann
    "It was an early morning yesterday I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay But I must be moving on Like a King without a castle Like a Queen without a throne I'm an early morning lover And"
  • Asylum - Supertramp
    "Jimmy Cream was keen, his brain was always winnin', I can't keep tabs on mine, it's really quite a joke I see him down the road, I ask if he'd be willing To lend me 15p - I'm dying for a smoke Don't arrange"
  • Fool's Overture - Supertramp
    "History recalls how great the fall can be While everybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea Borne on the wings of time It seemed the answers were so easy to find "Too late," the prophets cry The island's"
  • Two Of Us - Supertramp
    "Look at me I'm a speck of sand, And I'm building ,dreams in a strangers land Tell me why do I care Tell me why do I care. Every time that I'm feeling down, oh they, pick me up and they spin me round. Tell"
  • Gone Hollywood - Supertramp
    "It's just heartbreaking I should have known that it would let me down It's just a mind aching I used to dream about this town It was a sight to see The place to be, Where the living is easy And the kicks"
  • Oh Darling - Supertramp
    "Oh darling, will you ever change your mind I've been feeling left behind Like a shadow in your light Ah honey won't you say that I'm the one And if you think you're gonna run Well you know I'm gonna"
  • Lord Is It Mine - Supertramp
    "I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone I need to find a silent place that I can call my own Is it mine, Lord is it mine? When everything's dark and nothing seems right, there's nothing to"
  • Just Another Nervous Wreck - Supertramp
    "I'm feeling so alone now They cut the telephone uh huh Yeah my life is just a mess I threw it all away now I could have made a fortune I lost the craving for success And as the acrobats they tumble So"
  • Casual Conversations - Supertramp
    "It doesn't matter what I say You never listen anyway Just don't know what you're looking for Imagination's all I have But ever then you say it's bad Just can't see why we disagree Casual conversations"
  • Child Of Vision - Supertramp
    "Well, who do you think you're foolin'? You say you're havin' fun, But you're busy going nowhere, Just lying in the sun. You tried to be a hero, commit the perfect crime but the dollar got you dancing and"
  • Give A Little Bit - Supertramp
    "Give a little bit Give a little bit of your love to me Give a little bit I'll give a little bit of my love to you There's so much that we need to share Send a smile and show you care I'll give a little"
  • Lover Boy - Supertramp
    "I'll tell you from the start He's gonna break your heart You can't stop the lover boy You can't stop the lover boy He's gonna tell you lies But you won't realize Because you can't stop the lover boy You"
  • Even In The Quietest Moments - Supertramp
    "Even in the quietest moments I wish I knew what I had to do And even though the sun is shining Well I feel the rain --- here it comes again, dear And even when you showed me My heart was out of tune For"
  • It's A Hard World - Supertramp
    "I live in a vacumn, no air I'm stuck in back room, somewhere But it don't bother me amyway 'cos I know Goin' to get out soon, I got places to go There's a big world waiting for me I just need a break,"
  • You Win, I Lose - Supertramp
    "You win, I lose I beg, you choose You're so cool and I'm confused I'm me and you're you You're so loose and I'm uptight You're day, I'm night Like two ships in the night in foggy weather, Just a waitin'"
  • Listen To Me Please - Supertramp
    "Well if you want some advice You gotta listen to me Getta hold of your life And you can have a new dream Forget the ups and the downs There's a new game in town For every turn in the road There's a new"

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