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Supertramp Waiting So Long

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Supertramp Waiting So Long

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Supertramp Waiting So Long
  • Supertramp Waiting So Long
    "Did you get all you want? Did you see the whole show? So where's all the fun That we used to know? As the memories fade Way out of view I'd love those old days To come back to you I've been waiting so"
  • Cirque du Soleil We've Been Waiting So Long
    "Where in this world do we belong? Tell me when will the light shine on us? Why did we come this far tonight And will anyone be here for us? Where is the truth? Why must she hide? Is there only one way"
  • Squirtgun Long So Long
    "I'm tired of waiting for your sunburn I want more coffee Read sonnets to Chris, an old, old woman on the sly Your fossil-fuled up with camel-lights and ginger snapping ponging dishes washing when you sign"
  • Dashboard Confessional So Long, So Long
    "(feat. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows) Hand out the window Floatin' on air Just a flip of the wrist I'd be wavin' you goodbye Drive past the lifeguard stand Where I sit around waiting for you to remember As"
  • Mutton Birds So long
    "Let's cut out the crap and get down to the facts Sharpen your teeth and grind your axe, I may be thick skinned but my bones show thorough And I've got a bone I want to pick with you. Haven't you seen ive"
  • Die Trying So Long
    "Wake me up 'cause I can't sleep Call me any time you need, you need I put my pain into you I hurt myself through you So, call me anytime you need, you need me As I lie here waiting I try to forget everything"
  • Killing Heidi So Long
    "I came when you called it Oh I ran to every corner Looked hard just to find you Oh do I need to remind you? But you always let me down All you did was mess around I won't be that girl you're kissing I"
  • Rilo Kiley So Long
    "Watch me fly away Through the night sky yeah Now that all you touched Has finally turned gray And roads can't hold us down Winds will move us around With no need to return to this gray town Wanna bet I"
  • Rooster So Long
    "So Long Our bags are waiting by the door I took the phot off the wall We won't meet here anymore Like so many times before This time tomorrow we'll be gone Can't find no peace, we're on the run Take"
  • Guster So Long
    "Yes I heard all that you had to say That's when it all fell apart Might be hated, but I can't pretend I liked you better before So long, so long, front foot leads the back one Go on and it won't be"
  • Dr. Feelgood So Long
    "I'm not the man you're looking for Honey, let go of my hand and show me the door So long, you got me wrong You ain't got me going, baby You got me gone Somewhere there's a fellow that's waiting for you Somewhere"
  • Jay Sean Waiting
    "You got me waiting Waiting Waiting Baby baby you're so damn fly I woulda given you a billion chances And everything that you'd like You coulda had my undivided attention With the keys to my crib and to"
  • Spinfire Waiting
    "Today you leave I hope you come back to me Please don't forget to say goodbye Chorus: I'll be there for you forever don't be gone to long Cuz you're going away but I'll still be here waiting for"
  • Ne-Yo Waiting
    "six o'clock seconds feel like hours as i sit here and watch them tick away and just the thought of seeing you again i wanna dance i've longed for this day so i'll be waiting cuz i can't smile until i see"
  • Taxi Doll Waiting
    "Remember when i looked at you with a frown And then you showed me your crown and made me smile I insane for all the courage and tears and how Forgotton how fierce it felt to fly And now the road that gently"
  • Buddhuza Waiting
    "She said she was coming by the end of goddamn year, And I was waiting for this moment, I waited for this moment to arrive. Said she was staying for another bloody year, Still I was waiting for this moment, I"
  • Shakespear's Sister Waiting
    "And when you go away Don't let the red glow burn my eyes And if you make me pay to keep you Name your price And I'm just waiting I'm waiting And I'm just waiting You think you miss me I always made you"
  • Lunik Waiting
    "Trembling movements of his body Smoking all day, all day long Civilisation he doesn't like it But the strength to fight has gone Then he's talking of the future Of a better nicer world And his eyes begin"
  • Edyta Górniak Waiting
    "All my life I am waiting For something I can't find Every morning I wake up Tomorrow on your mind In decemver you ponder What april has in store Always waiting and waiting And wondering what for Thinking"
  • Over It Waiting
    "Can we count on these days to fill in our blanks? Can we turn daydreams into our reality? Can we count on these days to fill in our blanks? In so deep, it's tough to stay, but you just have to have a"

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