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Surfer Blood - Weird Shapes

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Surfer Blood - Weird Shapes

  • Shapes - We Came As Romans
    "i am just everyone i've ever met and the reason why wars are fought. i am why blood is shed. the cause of soldier's deaths. i've sent my envy over seas. to dark alleys and abandoned streets. to seep through"
  • Weird science - Oingo Boingo
    "(Weird science) Plastic tubes and pots and pans Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We're makin' (Weird science) Things I've never seen before Behind bolted doors Talent and imagination (Weird science)"
  • Weird World - Death SS
    "Cyber-hackers, spaced-out freaks Metal junkies, goths'n'geeks Mutant bikers, lesbian whores Twisted tyrants and all the impures Paranoia in on the wall It's a war, we're 'bout to fall See no evil, feel"
  • Weird Places - Without Face
    "The Night surrounds and closes inside... The woods' silence cries in my mind And a little light appears on the long dark road... Black trees around-standing like heroes Old witnesses of untold thoughts As"
  • Shapes at Dawn - LostAlone
    "This is doomed love synthesised trust A seminal rush this is blue blood This is new love this is crucial this is our time This is forgone in conclusion run for your life Silence crawling at my mind again I"
  • surfer - be vis
    "gdzie mój red bull? wyrwane skrzydła nas sen a przez to 1 z 7 reszta jest w pokoju obok i pali ten Mary Jane nie odnajduje się w ... jak chcemy mężów każdy miksuje jak DJ a miewam też te szmery w sercu damy"
  • Surfer - Fenix
    "Jestem ostatnim z młodych Który tu co noc tonął Pieprzony uparciuch Zawsze to było tu ma bronią Typy mówią o nas ciszej Bo jest o nas głośniej Nie jesteś w lesie Ale se zobacz jaki tu kozak rośnie Można"
  • Shapes - Flip
    "Open your eyes and tell me How long will you keep this life? Running behind the latest fashion Won't find salvation or be someone You worth more than we see You worth for what you've got inside If no one"
  • Tales Of The Weird - Paradox
    "From the darkest hole, the eye of the storm Creatures creeping out, hungry and reborn Anguish in their faith, their believe Conquest and disease Fear takes over, reason should not, but it fails Thrill"
  • Theo And Weird Henry - John Mellencamp
    "Henry worked at Sears or somehwhere, Theo did, too. They both got themselves a van together; Nineteen seventy-two, Ford. Drove around all night long playing music very, very loud. Big noise, all the time; Little"
  • Weird - Hilary Duff
    "I like the way you never sleep And the promises you never keep I like the way you say hello And make it sound like time to go I like the scar above your lip The way you let your feelings slip But they're"
  • Weird - Hanson
    "Isn't it weird. Isn't it strange. Even though we're just two strangers on this runaway train We're both trying to find a place in the sun We've lived in the shadows, doesn't everyone Isn't it strange how"
  • Weird! - YUNGBLUD
    "i can;t sleep at this time I got Jesus on my mmind and everybody seem sto like him I can’t think I can’t lie I feel anxious all the time and if I smiled I would be lying only those who are asleep don’t"
  • Weird - Reef
    "In my arms and my legs and my hips and my shoulders And my neck to my feet in my brain lets Must I shout to be heard Heard by you and your kind In your offices all around listen up for a It's"
  • Weird - Butterfingers
    "Show the way from down below Welcome home, I'd feel above Putting those who never Shower with my advice And I tried a little weird Feelin' lost inside myself No one knows how better it gets Sometimes"
  • Weird - Sebadoh
    "I've been thinking all day, but I've got nothing good to say There's a war on my mind, let me leave it all behind Things we'll never share are hangin' heavy in the air With all the weird on the way, let"
  • Weird - Jasmine Guy
    "am i little freak have i got habbits i can't get out oh so yes it's so diffecult what's going on inside my mind i play games with people i try to get notice i try to be the best i think i'm so good this"
  • Weird - Menomena
    "Say it again! Say it again! I know you love to Hear yourself speak words that you think. I can't follow And maybe that's the way you and I will always relate. You always had The quickest wit, The quickest"
  • Surfer Girl - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Beach Surfer Girl Little surfer little one Made my heart come all undone Do you love me, do you surfer girl Surfer girl my little surfer girl I have watched you on the shore Standing by the"
  • Surfer Girl - Brian Wilson
    "Little surfer little one Made my heart come all undone Do you love me, do you surfer girl Surfer girl my little surfer girl I have watched you on the shore Standing by the ocean's roar Do you love me"

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