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  • You Have Survived - Firewind
    "Times are tough, so you're heard Has it ever been easy at all Money rules, it's so absurd The lack thereof will speed your fall Work and slave, to the bone Where's the sense in living this way Greed and"
  • I survived you - Clay Aiken
    "If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today, Cause the flag still stands"
  • The War I Survived (Live) - Hawkwind
    "Death comes like a ???? in the midst of all wars Reason and logic, the generals cry "more" Bodies in gullies, contortionate poses Caught by the same time, as the guns and roses Take me back to the war"
  • How You Survived The War - The Weepies
    "You never change your mind once it's made up Unless it's to crawl back on your knees Is that the way you want it? You get back to the wall And put your hands up It's a holdup You give up like every time"
  • Truenorth - No-Man
    "you survived another winter. you survived where nothing grew. the days felt cold and never changing, so you just slept the whole way through. when you think about the future, it's like the past, but"
  • Insurgeria - Mob Rules
    "After mankind threw itself into filth and ashes And all life on earth went down Mighty storms and rain and thunderbolt that crashes Washed away all sins around Just the good survived Saved their naked"
  • Nowhere To Go - Mushroomhead
    "Morning's gone Echoes of dawn Shaking my soul All but done Delirium The rain with the cold With nowhere to go (Love destroyed this body figureheads and lies Have i survived) Nowhere to go (we've"
  • Bloodshed - Agressor
    "Rains of fire fall from the sky Warmachine spread death Under the siege the castle resist To waves of soldiers assaulting the town walls Noone survived on the battlefield The aggressors attack with no"
  • Elusive Treasures - Gorguts
    "Cursed by nature Hence sea confines...mystifies Haunting the mortal mind Since the mist of time As a myth, it had survived Praised, was, their knowledge Beyond it's shores... idolized Their kingdom's"
  • Survive (feat. Emeli Sandé & Gucci Mane) - Don Diablo
    "we survived the thunder and escape the hunger and sometimes I wonder how we got through who knows what they’ll ask us we don’t need no answers cause we stand and serve as living proof (lyric video)"
  • Year To The Day - Van Halen
    "I woke up to yet another day Grown to expect, expect more of the same Except for, for a subtle change And that is, I'm slowly fading away Harvest moon, soon will pass Crop is gone, left only chaff A bitter"
  • Command Respect - Houwitser
    "Aborted slaughter I escaped the lunacy Destructive incursion Ravaged army Not yet defeated Hundreds survived Craving for battle Onslaught of hate Skulls implode Innards flow Blood erupts Corpses piled Graves"
  • Alive - Sia
    "I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm alive I was born in a thunderstorm, I grew up overnight, I played alone, I'm playing on my own, I survived Hey I wanted"
  • Knockabout World - Morrissey
    "congratulations you have survived congratulations you’re still alive they kicked to kill you they tried to turn you into a public target welcome to this knockabout world this knockabout world this knockabout"
  • A Prisoner Of The Past - Prefab Sprout
    "I'm a ghost to you now, I'm someone you don't really wish to see I'm a ghost to you now, a shadow since you turned your back on me Maybe you'll learn why it was I shook Baby your turn to wear the haunted"
  • Faking The Books - Lali Puna
    "We've been done before and now we try to forge ourselves We've been done before and now we try to forge ourselves I'll be true again But until then I fake the books Cause everybody knows This ain't"
  • I'm Alive - Heather Nova
    "Your hands were covered in paint The pillow smothered my cry You were half charmer half snake I lived in dreamtime But I'm alive; I survived you And the bitter taste, the years I wasted All the hate is"
  • Battles - Virus
    "Choices that we make And paths that we choose Define just what we are The battles that we won And the battles we've fought so far These will remember Whether they are memories or scars Cause no matter"
  • Survivors Of The Plague - Flipper
    "We who survived the plague We have nothing We who survived the plague We have nothing We who survived the plague We have nothing We who survived the plague We have nothing Oh we have labored We have toiled Yes"
  • I'm bored - Ignite
    "I'm bored With all the lies you're telling me I'm bored With all this negativity You try To turn everything around on me I'm bored Time has passed I've paid my dues These wounds have finally healed But"

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