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Susi and me

  • Susi - Verlorene Jungs
    "Die Susi ist nicht gut in der Schule,obwohl sie sich so Mhe gibt.Doch leider kommt es nichts elten vor,dass die Susi wieder etwas versiebt.Dann neulich auf dem Zeugnis die Fnfund die vielen vielen schlechteren"
  • Susi Sorglos - Otto Waalkes
    "Susi Sorglos sitz zuhause und fhnt ihr Haar. Schabadu und schabada. Und ihr Mann arbeitet bei VW in Wolfsburg am Fliesband. Und er ist so recht glcklich darber das er bei VW am Fliesband arbeiten darf."
  • Susi K. - Nena
    "Zwei Uhr dreizehn, Susi K. verlt die Party Und sie steigt in ihren grauen BMW Sie fhrt zgig aber khl Denn sie hat Klasse Klappe aus, die Szene steht Es fllt Schnee Zwei Uhr zwanzig, Susi K. hrt eine Stimme"
  • Susi Baby Twist - Puhdys
    "Ja so wie meine Susi tanzen kann doch keine Frau Am Abend an der Bar, das wei ich ganz genau Das kann nur Susi, meine Susi ganz allein Wir tanzen Susi Baby Twist Susi Baby Twist Susi Baby Twist Wir tanzen"
  • Oh Susi (Der Zensierte Song) - Frank Zander
    "Dies ist die tragische Geschichte eines verkorksten Liedes ich ging damals frohen Mutes ins Studio und nahm mein selbst verfates Lied auf ein Lied so recht fr junge Menschen von heute doch dann kam ein"
  • You and Me - You+Me (Pink & City And Colour)
    "(Lyric wideo)"
  • You And Me - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Swallow the stones that I see in your eyes Tell me that fable for bleeding surprise When you're old you're full of desire Come to my dream but do not take me higher Maybe I can't give you all that you"
  • Die traurige Ballade der Susi Spakowski - Die Arzte
    "Susi war frn Mdchen wirklich nicht schn darum haben auch alle immer weggesehn und jetzt ist es zu spt, jetzt kann man nichts mehr fr Susi tun und jetzt ist es zu spt, jetzt kann man nichts mehr fr sie"
  • Die traurige ballade von Susi Spakowski - Die Aerzte
    "Susi war frn Mdchen wirklich nicht schndarum haben auch alle immer weggesehnund jetzt ist es zu spt, jetzt kann man nichts mehr fr Susi tunund jetzt ist es zu spt, jetzt kann man nichts mehr fr sie tun.Fr"
  • You And Me - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
    "Take a look At what I got I can't promise You a lot But you and me And the road ahead I can't change You from yourself You gotta want it All that's left Is you and me And the road ahead Wherever that"
  • Me And Mia - Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
    "As I was walking through a life one morning the sun was out, the air was warm, but Oh, I was cold And though I must have looked half a person, to tell the tale, in my own version, It was only then that"
  • Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "Mamma pajama rolled out of bed And she ran to the police station When the pappa found out he began to shout And the started the investigation It's against the law It was against the law What the mamma"
  • Me And The Major - Belle And Sebastian
    "Me and the Major could become close friends cause we Get on the same train and he wants to talk to me Me and the Major could become close friends cause we Get on the same train and he wants to talk But"
  • You And I - Me & My
    "To see you happy, makes me smile. I finally found what I was looking for. When we're together I'm alive, and now I'm begi'n you don't walk out that door. No one but you knows me like you do and I don't"
  • Piss And Vinegar - Against Me!
    "I've heard the hype about your band, Ive seen your video playing on the TV. Publicity photos in magazines, no none of it makes me feel anything. I would be lying to you if I did not say something. That"
  • Rice And Bread - Against Me!
    "Can not find everything you need in all of this? potatoes, rice, and bread, we'll burn it as we take it in. You're sing your heart out, sing it like you mean it, you're gonna sing everything you're thinking, and"
  • Ambient And Grey - Permanent Me
    "These kids, they have nowhere else to go so they come to us but soon we will be leaving on our own it's a desperate route tell the neighbors on me whispers in the room be careful not to find me I'll"
  • Between Me And You - Jem And The Holograms
    "Don't care if you're rich or poor None of that means a thing You have a place in my heart Whether you're a peasant or king What we feel is what we feel All the rest is no big deal What we have is good"
  • Old Man And Me - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Well an old man said to me In a voice filled with pain Where you going young man Said I'm going to fight a war Gonna fight for my country In some foreign land He said "The sun will never hurt you Never"
  • Take Me Back - Me And My
    "Tell me is it wrong, loving you so strong? I know we said goodbye but baby How can I go on, now that tou are hone? My nights are long, it feels so wrong to be apart and all alone Chorus: Take me back"

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