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  • Vega-Tables - Brian Wilson
    "I'm gonna be round my vegetables I'm gonna chow down my vegetables I love you most of all My favorite vege-table If you brought a big brown bag of them home I'd jump up and down and hope you'd toss me"
  • Suzanne Vega - Murs & Slug
    "(Slug) I was sitting at the stoplight In my car rolled down the windows When this driver pulled on side of me And offered me some indo I told her that I didnt smoke But I thanked her for the offer I thought"
  • Do The Vega - Elvis Presley
    "Do the Vega take a chance and do the vega If you dance it you'll have fun The fever gets ya and then I'll bet ya You'll shake like the sun of a gun First you make the right connection Choose the one whose"
  • Retour A Vega - The Stills
    "ca y est c'est reparti je me divise en deux je suis tout a la fois l'acteur et le decor je ne sais ou je vais ou je vais, le saurais-je? je vais nulle part mais a toute vitesse l'haleine des camions le"
  • Luka - Suzanne Vega - Luka
    "My name is Luka I live on the second floor I live upstairs from you Yes, I think you've seen me before If you hear something late at night Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight Just don't ask me what"
  • Heart Drive (Bobby Edner & Alexa Vega) - Alexa Vega
    "Heart Drive (Bobby Edner & Alexa Vega) I'm trying to figure out the rules, I don't lose. I've tested I've already seen some bad news. Do what's in ya nature don't let it break ya. Plan to win if their"
  • Game Over By Alexa Vega And Others - Alexa Vega
    "The time has come Once and for all You met ur match You will fall This little game we play is gonna break us down Only one of us can wear the crown It's not as easy as you thought it be When it comes"
  • Hideaway (Little Louie Vega Mix) - Erasure
    "One day the boy decided To let them know the way he felt inside He could not stand to hide it His mother she broke down and cried Oh my father Why don't you talk to me now? Oh my mother Do you"
  • Time Of Our Lives (Feat. Vega 4) - Paul Van Dyk
    "There's a time for us to let go There's a time for holding on A time to speak, a time to listen There's a time for us to grow There's a time for living low down There's a time for getting high A time"
  • Victim Of Love (Little Louie Vega Mix) - Erasure
    "I don't wanna look Like some kind of fool I don't wanna break My heart over you I'm building a wall Everyday it's getting higher This time I won't end up Another victim of love You say that I"
  • A Mesenek Vege - Moby Dick
    "--------------------- Hazudik a kiraly, hulyul a nep Csipkerozsika felrelep Kocsmaba jar a het torpe Fenyes a nemzet jovoje A mesenek vege, legy resen Talald meg helyedet a terkepen Hofeherke pornosztar Miss"
  • Honderd Keer - Suzan & Freek
    "Ik heb al honderd keer gedacht Ik bel je vanavond Ik ga je zeggen dat ik nog aan je denk Honderd keer gewacht Maar ik bel je vanavond Gisteravond was je hier, hoe had je niet in de gaten Dat ik met"
  • Book And A Cover - Suzanne Vega
    "Music & lyrics by suzanne vega What's that they told you About a book & a cover? Don't judge so quickly, Is it too much too remember? 'cause pictures lie, You know. I'll show It's so. Just give it one"
  • Goodbye girl - Tarsha Vega
    "See me as I'm sailin' down the stream When I was walkin' down ya street ya didn't notice me My heart would skip a beat Diggin' u like I was diggin' soul music Diggin' u but baby u abused it See I was different"
  • Leroy - Tarsha Vega
    "Who's that on my answering machine Leaving me a message freak my dreams - Got my number from a friend at a magazine X-Friend now all my calls they get screened Yo I'm over minor leagues Now I'm up in the"
  • What it beez like - Tarsha Vega
    "Everybody knows we got the buzz like beez 'N this the dopest shit you don't believe ask Jeeves Words we be flippin' like pumpkin seeds Yo it's real real hot 97 degrees in the shade I got it made like a"
  • Coney island high - Tarsha Vega
    "I raise the roof like Luke and smack u wit my tactics Impact u like the tooth u call the wisdom Shirley Chisolm from the boogie down to b.k. in my pumas and kappas Tarsha Vega's a dapper rapper I expand"
  • Time - Tarsha Vega
    "This is for the class of 2001 New York to London be like under the gun U learn the dic-tion Respect ta Big Pun But ya teachers leave ya up the creek like u was Dawson Now I remember four Septembers in"
  • Da one - Tarsha Vega
    "I'm the one that does the rockin' over here here I paid my dues and now I'm makin' moves this year year Turn up the radio I kicks it very crystal clear Where beats combine with rhyme to blow your mind"
  • ADHD - Michael Vega
    "Co dziś robisz Michael Tak mówił do mnie głos Tu będzie nudno Tu będzie nudno choć Takiej dziewczyny nie ma nikt Przecież nie możesz bez niej żyć I znowu jest sama Zostawiasz ja samą znów Tak co noc,"

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