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Swans Empathy

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Swans Empathy

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Swans Empathy
  • Swans Empathy
    "if you wanna be the star just get the big guitar a pair of leather jeans lends credibility make all the critics cream just get down on your knees learn how to scream and seize every "opportunity" you'll"
  • Pyogenesis Empathy
    "Life is over, oh can't you see, now all these angles come down to me and they all hug me, kiss me, heal me, treat me, give back my life. I feel gratefull, gratefull for my life Empathy, endlessly, empathy"
  • Sneaker Pimps Empathy
    "her innocence above me today is dead she's around my head between my history between my headphones this is her home forever her home but i can't be her brother to empower her to become her trawl through"
  • Shelter Empathy
    "In my world where I'm the king I can't tolerate anything And because of this I'm suffering all along In my universe I can't be wrong All those opposed just move along Cross my path and you'll be gone C'mon Empathy,"
  • Prefab Sprout Swans
    "Swans and their partners they stay Faithful forever or die on the water Foxes are only good for Ruffling feathers, leading lambs to the slaughter Swans - effortlessly beautiful take care ! You ought to"
  • Howard Jones Empathy
    "Your feeling like a stranger...X8 Your feeling like a stranger in your own world Your feeling like a stranger in your own world Listen to the collective heartbeat Listen to the collective heartbeat "
  • Pigface Empathy
    "can i steal your mind? can i crawl down inside? and when i am your child can i feed in your eye? can i drink the air in your lungs? and can i breath your sweet thick blood? my love is everywhere my love"
  • Mortal Love Empathy
    "For how long can I keep you spinning In this downward spiral? I know it's much too late but still Still I keep using you And how far will I let you slip In this bottomless pit? I cannot rest my thoughts"
  • Negative Swans
    "Thrill of fear Flash of cruelty Was what I sensed Of the signs you were sending Lives as one But separated Who'll draw the lines? Who tells when it's too late? And as the swans prepare for their leaving Can't"
  • Unkle Bob Swans
    "By my side, You'll never be By my side, You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams, I'm lost in my dreams I want you to know, That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again By my side, You'll"
  • Uncle Bob Swans
    "By my side You'll never be By my side You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams I'm lost in my dreams and And I want you to know That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again And you're"
  • Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans
    "We didn't sleep too late. There was a fire in the yard. All of the tress were in light. They had no faces to show. I saw a sign in the sky: Seven swans, seven swans, seven swans. I heard a voice"
  • Discount Rooftop empathy
    "You ask whats on my mind. what does that look on my face mean. why don't i ever tak about it.Inside i crack and wind.Sometimes its difficult to think about i know its way to obvious in my eyes.Got a letter"
  • Forest Stream Black Swans
    "Take me in the temple of the evening sun Coming from there where's no life's remained Only the glow reflecting in the eyes of phrentics By the name of LEGION In the imperishable area of heaths, woods"
  • Loreena McKennitt The Bonny Swans
    "A farmer there lived in the north country a hey ho bonny o And he had daughters one, two, three The swans swim so bonny o These daughters they walked by the river's brim a hey ho bonny o The eldest pushed"
  • Pain Confessor Erased Of Empathy
    "Fates are twisting and turning Erased of empathy Forcefed with suffering Diseased by apathy Torn again to feed more flesh to the machines of hate Torn again to feed more flesh to the machines of hate Words"
  • Beheaded Void Of Empathy
    "Striving amongst walls of horrid thoughts Pensive corridors ramify and deplete solemnly Opposing currents in the blend of life flow by Incessant left hand path will never cease to sigh Unearthly presences"
  • Mandalay Empathy this life
    "You couldn't even bring yourself to stay oh no, you had to go spoil it all I know you had to go now I find these endlessly colourblind days to fill you never will take this life take it all in your hands"
  • Kataklysm Blood On The Swans
    "Chaos breeds the sky, inhabits all our lives War mongers deny, but order the first strike Until the last man dies, corrupt the system blind This is blood on the swans. Hell spawn This is blood on the"
  • John Denver Swans Against The Sun
    "Wild grace Has its own place Has its own face Prone to flight Sky grown Wind blown wing flown Over air blown Back to night Flashing Freely clashing Love of chaos Love of one Bright storms"

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