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Swans Failure

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Swans Failure

Teksty piosenek (1938)

Swans Failure
  • Swans Failure
    "I'll cut up my time into two seperate pieces. In one place, I'm someone I don't know. In the second place I don't remember my name. I'll maintain control: I'll imitate you perfectly. Now nothing's there:"
  • Prefab Sprout Swans
    "Swans and their partners they stay Faithful forever or die on the water Foxes are only good for Ruffling feathers, leading lambs to the slaughter Swans - effortlessly beautiful take care ! You ought to"
  • Negative Swans
    "Thrill of fear Flash of cruelty Was what I sensed Of the signs you were sending Lives as one But separated Who'll draw the lines? Who tells when it's too late? And as the swans prepare for their leaving Can't"
  • Unkle Bob Swans
    "By my side, You'll never be By my side, You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams, I'm lost in my dreams I want you to know, That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again By my side, You'll"
  • Uncle Bob Swans
    "By my side You'll never be By my side You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams I'm lost in my dreams and And I want you to know That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again And you're"
  • unloco Failure
    "Maybe I, I didn't seem to have a thing left to say I bottled it far away Maybe I, I tried too hard to find someone to blame Maybe it's me who changed And now, I'm left with nothing again So what if I"
  • Kings Of Convenience Failure
    "Using the Guardian as a shield To cover my thighs against the rain I do not mind about my hair Your jacket may be waterproof But I know the moment you get home You're gonna get your trousers changed Failure"
  • Withered Beauty Failure
    "(M. Bjrk, A. Bjrk, Bryntse) A piece of my mind wander away A sudden movement by a cloud Darkened the sky above Only a light shines through me And takes me far beyond my failure I vanish in my endless"
  • Hot Rod Circuit Failure
    "I feel like a failure does anybody care they say your a breakthrough and you're on your way there I have no feelings is that what you think this world has no meaning and this ship's about to sink And"
  • Laura Marling Failure
    "He used to be a singer in a rock and roll band. He would write the songs and I'd tremble at his hand. But oh, la la He lost poetic ethic and his songs were pathetic And he's a failure now. And he used"
  • Sevendust Failure
    "Focus on a new way A new day has begun for me I thought that yesterday was a bad day So I took my time to figure it out What's the right way to live by me (So I'll find a reason why) All my life I've been"
  • Orange 9mm Failure
    "You never knew 'cause I swear you never tried Declared your pain dug a hole for you to hide so So was it good for you? Now you sweat or is it tears Burn a hole in you for years Defend the lie can you look"
  • Unearth Failure
    "What have we done? Never thought that life would come to this Eternal sense of self hatred Blame not who, but ask us why we did This is an open book of failure Deceive ourselves all the we can, so we"
  • Oceans Of Sadness Failure
    "Every day in every way hypocrites reign Time to pay, make my day, fire away Now... Time has come to face the truth About this world today, yeah me and you Go away, disobey, pulling the chains Every day"
  • Champion Failure
    "I was never good enough I was the best at letting you down Failure my middle name The pain to be around you All I wanted was a good word from you, just one word Now I'm looking back and all of the days"
  • The Berzerker Failure
    "We are what's left behind I can feel It call my name These worlds that I have taken Will stay with me as lies No they won't leave their victim I know that we are on their list of deeds The decomposing"
  • Lupe Fiasco Failure
    "It's mean, soldier Now let me put the streets down like steamrollers With the CATS that push 40 oz. through the hood like King Cobras See me sling soda 'Cause the extra four in the split is mixed It's"
  • Summer Dying Failure
    "Verse 1: Deafened by silence I scream out loud No one hears me As my body falls to the ground I reach out for you, but you turn away Can't you see my love will never fade away? Chorus 1: I cry out to"
  • Lagwagon Failure
    "Pick up please The boys give you validity They give you what you want They can never give enough Only charity until you're sorry Victimized, One thing I can't criticize Given you struggle Could you ever"
  • Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans
    "We didn't sleep too late. There was a fire in the yard. All of the tress were in light. They had no faces to show. I saw a sign in the sky: Seven swans, seven swans, seven swans. I heard a voice"

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