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Swans Our Love Lies

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Swans Our Love Lies

  • Our Love Lies - Swans
    "Oh Jesus, oh jesus: you're my only girl. You're my only god. Oh jesus, oh jesus: I follow you now, forgive me now. I'll follow you down, to a dirty black room, where the air is gone. I'll lie down on the"
  • Swans - Unkle Bob
    "By my side, You'll never be By my side, You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams, I'm lost in my dreams I want you to know, That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again By my side, You'll"
  • Swans - Uncle Bob
    "By my side You'll never be By my side You'll never be 'Cause I'm fake at the seams I'm lost in my dreams and And I want you to know That I can't let you go And you're never coming home again And you're"
  • Lies - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Lies, lies, don't tell me lies Before you talk to me, you better think twice Lies, lies, don't tell me lies I lost my heart but you are cold as ice Rap 1: Lies - nothing bad for you Just another"
  • Lies - Stabbing Westward
    "our soul a pit of stone, the depths I wish I could have known Dangerous, black and full of spite, thoughts of you fill my night But now we lay naked on the floor I'm lost, I'm drowning in your soul I was"
  • Lies - Anette Olzon
    "housand lights passing by Stories floating around Silence is long gone by now All the wishes we had Dreams that we shared I remember the time Closing down open doors Making fences grow strong Burning"
  • Lies - Marianne Faithfull
    "How come you don't realise the shape you're in Sweatin' over lies to justify the naked sin within A spineless irritation from some time before When more than life was cursin' through my veins. You made"
  • Love Lies - Khalid & Normani
    "sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe I need a lover to rest tell me you’re on my side and you down or the ride? it’s not easy for someone to catch my eye but I;ve been waiting for you for my whole damn"
  • Here Lies Our Holiday - A Day at the Fair
    "We signed both our names and the cards were done, by acting so old we felt so young, and you licked the stamps and I lit the tree, you faked a nap and watched me open your presents without your permission,"
  • The Bonny Swans - Loreena McKennitt
    "A farmer there lived in the north country a hey ho bonny o And he had daughters one, two, three The swans swim so bonny o These daughters they walked by the river's brim a hey ho bonny o The eldest pushed"
  • Our Love - Krokus
    "I can tell by the way you hold your head Tell by the way you smile You're tellin' me lies But I don't need to know It's your life When we're together babe it's love all the time Livin' in this heart"
  • Our Love - Robbie Williams
    "Just Like We Told Ya Our Love Is Better Then Their Love We Can Make You Famous Why Don't You Come And Join Us You Don't Need Anyone To Know That You Exist You Don't Want Anyone To Know You Can't Resist All"
  • Love Lies Bleeding - Babylon Zoo
    "Your silhouette only remains on the day you left me, Alone in my sleep, Sanity, is fighting off the demons Just to keep two souls in one dream, Maybe your hearts like a satellite Homing on thoughts in"
  • Love Never Lies - Blue Rodeo
    "Well I take my time Never notice changes anyway But lately I've been waking up to All that we've done, change that has come There's just no escaping the damage we do But we get along Going through our"
  • There Goes Our Love Again - White Lies
    "There goes our love again Forgive my heart Forgive my heart There goes our love again Elate my heart and take the time That's burning at the back of my mind Cause I'm broken and blind And holding up"
  • Blood On The Swans - Kataklysm
    "Chaos breeds the sky, inhabits all our lives War mongers deny, but order the first strike Until the last man dies, corrupt the system blind This is blood on the swans. Hell spawn This is blood on the"
  • Night Lies - Bang Camaro
    "Load in, she's there "I am a big deal, baby" Tune up, prepare "I make a lot of money" Tell her I care "You're my one and only, baby" Rock stars, small bars "I wanna love you, honey" We can be all you"
  • Swans Against The Sun - John Denver
    "Wild grace Has its own place Has its own face Prone to flight Sky grown Wind blown wing flown Over air blown Back to night Flashing Freely clashing Love of chaos Love of one Bright storms"
  • Your Lies - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne and Bill Botrell) Your lies won't leave me alone you used to say you loved me did ya why'd you do me this way it didn't have to be that way I got your message on the phone I"
  • Swans - Prefab Sprout
    "Swans and their partners they stay Faithful forever or die on the water Foxes are only good for Ruffling feathers, leading lambs to the slaughter Swans - effortlessly beautiful take care ! You ought to"

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