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Swedish House Mafia Greyhound

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Swedish House Mafia Greyhound

  • Leave The World Behind (ft. Swedish House Mafia) - Lune
    "Leave the world behind you And leave this world behind Leave the world behind you You got to leave this world behind People can you hear me? Here's a message that i'm sending out I got the answer to all"
  • Mafia - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ Paul-Talking) Yeah muthafuckaz! The Platinum plaque bringers of the mothafuckin' "M" back in this bitch, nigga. H-C muthafuckin' P. Hypnotyze camp muthafuckin posse. And it's goin' down, like we always"
  • MAFIA - Travis Scott
    "Custom the things, custom the wings I had to custom the vibe, custom the link up Cover the back of the lab, front cover magazine Cover your eyes, cuddle up back of the V (Yeah) Our chemistry, just like"
  • Greyhound - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "As I was walking by the muddy river I was touched by a hand I was laid over in a strange land As I looked to take myself a silver Beneath the moonlight still lay a-bare Barely unnoticed, bury my head"
  • Greyhound - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Heads And Tails Greyhound It's midnight at the depot And I drag my bags in line. Travelling late, I got to go But the bus won't be on time. Everybody's looking half alive. Later"
  • Greyhound - Harry Chapin
    "It's midnight at the depot And I drag my bags in line. Travellin' light, I got to go But the bus won't be on time. Everybody's looking half alive. Later on the bus arrives. They punch my ticket I"
  • Greyhound - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I don't wanna got to the beach or the movies or hang around with you I wanna go where I'll win lots of money I'll do what I have to do Always on my back telling me you need expensive stuff Well this should"
  • Mafia - Azrael
    "Es verde el color. Todos sabemos bien; musica venden haciendo del arte su papel. Controlando las mentes, contando billetes en el sillon de tu despacho estas muy bien. Alli te cogeria, rajaria tu cara te"
  • Mafia - Kelis
    "(feat. Markita) Somebody made me an offer and I accepted Forever in debted to weapon Love, honor, and respected But his image was different than what his character reflected Word is he's seven-thirty"
  • Mafia - Jeden (w
    "Trzeba to zrobić tylko jeden raz zapomnieć szczyt i zejść na samo dno to nie jest łatwiej, jesteś całkiem sam nie powie nikt, że popełniłeś błąd Jeden skok i spadam stąd jeden strzał i lecę w dal jeden"
  • Black And White - Greyhound
    "The ink is black the page is white together we learn to read and write to read and write. And now a child can understand this is the law of all the land all the land ! The ink is black the page is white together"
  • Moth to a flame - The Weeknd x Swedish House Mafia
    "Like a Moth to a Flame I will pull you in I will pull you back to What you need initially It’s just opnce call away And you will leave him You’re loyal to me But thi time i will let you be Cause he"
  • Greyhound Girl - Pete Townshend
    "Each time we come here I see we'll never come here again Each time we make love I say we'll never make love again But, my little greyhound girl You got me running, down the flat But, my little greyhound"
  • Greyhound Bus - Warren Brothers
    "The rumble of the engines in the station almost put me to sleep and the wino covered up with yesterday's news is lying next to me I see a red-haired girl with ponytails Reminding me of you I don't know"
  • Mafia Niggaz - Three 6 Mafia
    "Chorus: Lord Infamous (repeat 2X) We gotta come like we get doen and dirty for our figures We gotta come like we be quick to pull back on some triggers We gotta come you know dat Devil shit is still up"
  • Greyhound Bound - Joshua Kadison
    "Please don't be mad at me for callin' I saw this phone and I had to dial We left so many things unspoken I thought we could talk for just a while Now I'm not sayin' you owe me anything My memories are"
  • Greyhound Bus - The Moldy Peaches
    "I ride the Greyhound bus, I ride it everywhere. Oh how I count the ways. The answer lies within me. I love my rollerskates, I ride them everywhere. Circle, frozey, turtle knee. How can I find the saviour? Got"
  • The Greyhound - Heather Dale
    "The Greyhound's sinking in the waves, as fast the sea receives her. Curse the Reaper, bend your back and cheat your sorry grave! And Captain Bryce is on her deck, so we, her hands, may leave her. Curse"
  • Lonely Swedish - Tom Green
    "My bum is on the rail bum is on the rail Look at Me!! My bum is on the rail My bum is on a man Bum is on a man It's a lot of fun to put your bum on a man My bum is on the step Bum is on the step Don't"
  • Waterloo (Swedish) - Abba
    "Swedish version. Recording began 17th December 1973 at Metronome Studio. Jo, jo, vid Waterloo Napoleon fick ge sig Men, men, sitt de kan man mta p s mnga skilda stt Sjlv knner jag sen jag mtt dig Historien"

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