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Sweet Talk

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Sweet Talk

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Sweet Talk
  • Samantha Jade Sweet Talk
    "Talking me all night Giving me love, love I want your sweet talk Keep it going, don’t stop Baby turn the lights back on Baby I want you to sweet talk to me"
  • Uriah Heep Sweet talk
    "I see your face inThe magazine standI wanna hold you in the palmOf my handsI love everything about youYou're such a long way awayYour sweet talkAin't enough for meI may be deaf, but you'reToo blind to"
  • Jessie Ware Sweet Talk
    "I thought you knew, I had to stay away from you I thought you heard, Yeah still you have the power You can’t be here How long do you disappear Don’t wanna be the best one here But you give me the sweet"
  • The Killers Sweet Talk
    "Lift me up on my honor Take me over this spell Get this weight off my shoulder I've carried it well Lose these shackles of pressure Shake me out of these chains Lead me not to temptation Hold my hand"
  • Dear And The Headlights Sweet Talk
    "Speak dumb like every other one Don't want to let you down You'd rather let me fall apart And so you back off A bit less obvious Oh you forgot I called Won't take it personal personal honey I know, you've"
  • Cute Is What We Aim For Sweet Talk 101
    "You have a jump in your step, but a rip in your, a rip in your rep, And everybody knows it, so be sure to be proud And don't forget you aren't allowed to brag I just gave myself the shivers, and that's"
  • Nicole Scherzinger Talk
    "(But You Just Can't Step) Talk to me boyLook I wanna have a word with you Why'd ya decide to cheat ya came sinking under ma feet and it ain't fair I thought you were there I thought you cared you wished"
  • Sweethearts Of The Rodeo You Never Talk Sweet
    "Ooh you never talk sweet the way you used to do Oh you never whisper in my ear I love you Oh it's been so long could it be that the feeling's gone Oh you never talk sweet ooh you never talk sweet Yeah"
  • Heather Myles Sweet Talk & Good Lies
    "I fall for sweet talk, good lies, Up-against-the-wall goodbyes. I'm a victim of a love I can't deny. I fall for sweet talk, good lies; Like a thief, you've robbed me blind. I'm a victim of a love I can't"
  • Talk Talk Talk Talk
    "Well did I tell you before When I was up Anxiety was bringing me down I'm tired of listening to you Talking in rhymes Twisting round to make me think You're straight down the line All you do to me is talk"
  • Dolly Parton Straight Talk
    "(Dolly Parton) Gimme some straight talk, straight talk - and hold the sugar please Straight talk, straight talk - sounds plenty sweet to me Don't talk to me in circles in some mumbo-jumbo jive Gimme just"
  • Sex Appeal Dirty Talk
    "Gimme some dirty talk Baby I wanna hear those words again and again - from you Listening to your sweet words is like makin love It gets me feeling really good so please Gimme some dirty talk Do it"
  • Don Gibson Sweet Sweet Girl
    "She was the sweet sweet girl to me no matter where I go no matter who I see Yeah yeah yeah yeah she was the sweet sweet girl to me She was the sweet sweet girl to me though she said goodbye and set me"
  • Richard Thompson Baby Talk
    "(Richard Thompson) Oh I care for you, honey, at my own expense But something's spoiling my sentiments You open your mouth and it makes no sense All you ever give me is baby talk You're a fine grown woman,"
  • Mobb Deep Never talk
    "Feat - Ty Nitty Word, word, word, permit, permit, permit Ay word, word, word, yea, permit, permit It's simply time to spank niggaz It's time to spank these niggaz Permit, permit, permit Ay word, word,"
  • Captain Beefheart Sweet Sweet Bulbs
    "Sweet sweet sweet sweet bulbs grow in m' latest garden Warm warm warm warm warm sun fingers wave In m' latest garden Flowers dance their faces brave Come talk freely in the garden of m' lady Her hominy"
  • MxPx Sweet sweet thing
    "I finally met her parents on a saturday nightThey gave me the eye wouldn't let me out of there sightThey didn't like the looks of me right awayThey told me to go so i decided to stayMy eyes were brown"
  • MxPx Sweet Sweet Thing (Acoustic)
    "I finally met her parents on a saturday night They gave me the eye wouldn't let me out of there sight They didn't like the looks of me right away They told me to go so I decided to stay My eyes were brown"
    "So talk to me, oh yeah So talk to me, oh yeah So talk to me, yeah So talk to me, oh yeah Faded but I still start When I saw you on my way out I rolled all my sleeves up You may be a situation Say you"
  • David Houston Sweet Lovin'
    "Sweet lovin' (sweet lovin' can't you hear my pleadin' You know that I'm needin' some sweet lovin' tonight) Flowers love sunshine violets love dew angels in heaven know I love you You are the flower of"

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