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Sweet i bitter

  • Bitter Sweet - Lisa Stansfield
    "Bitter sweet Bitter sweet I never thought I'd understand Never thought I could The way I feel about you And how much I need your love How much I need your love Bitter sweet If I analysed each feeling And"
  • Bitter sweet - King's X
    "Killing a bird with a knife Turning away from her life All that I do isn't right Losing my way in the night Ever reading... something's bleeding in my soul And I can't seem to fill up the hole And I love"
  • Bitter sweet - Camouflage
    "Bitter sweet, I need to know the way you feel, things have changed, but all the time I think of you, I'm longing for the things we did, with nowhere left to go, the distance's growing further still. When"
  • Bitter sweet - Roxy Music
    "Well this is such A sad affair I?ve opened up my heart So many times But now it?s closed Oh my dear Every salted tear It wrings Bitter-sweet applause But when the show?s in full swing Every once in a while"
  • Bitter Sweet - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    "You enchant me so my bittersweet flower Mystery of the sages come into my realm of imagination let me digest you You enchant me so my bittersweet flower Shall we make love feel the waves of the ocean come"
  • Bitter Sweet - Entwine
    "You drag me down into the unknown, within desire of love you made me sell my soul, now thats you gonna fall down with my reliefs, with or without your love I can't be free I fall into my dreams ... Courage"
  • Bitter Sweet - Luna Halo
    "Blood, sweat, and tears Hunger, thirst, and pain For you I'd go through everything You're the reason why I would walk through fire And everything behind my dark desire So I give and you take And"
  • Bitter Sweet - Marc Almond
    "Now you're kissing other guys And when you kiss you close your eyes Do you hold regrets or do you easily forget Can you be so quickly swayed Can tender words just fade away Can you blame me for feeling"
  • Bitter Sweet - Flyleaf
    "The depth of my soul in the depth of your voice With words I've tried to find since I have been alive This whole world stopped when you spoke Your grieving stabs me, I've lost you too Just hearing your"
  • Sweet Bitter Love - Terranova
    "Sweet Sweet bitter love Sweet Sweet bitter love The taste still lingers Going through my helpless fingers You slipped away Sweet bitter love Sweet Sweet bitter love Sweet Sweet bitter love What joy you"
  • Sweet Bitter Love - Aretha Franklin
    "I talked to you today, we've loved each other For so long in that special way And if circumstances should keep us apart I just want you to know That you will remain forever here in my heart Sweet, sweet"
  • The Bitter Sweet - Clan Of Xymox
    "I am not a saviour, I am not a saint I am not an angel who's coming in I don't believe in anything pure like you do So many times before, so many times and more I taste the bitter sweet So every now and"
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
    "Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony that's life Try to make ends meet, you're a slave to money then you die I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down You know the one that takes you to the"
  • Bitter. For. Sweet. - Blaqk Audio
    "Can you tell me what stopped the rain Where is salvation Science, saviors, tragedy May I lead way Into temptation Sirens screaming just for me And the void remains Would you save, would you save my life If"
  • Bitter For Sweet - Blaqk Audio
    "Can you tell me what stopped the rain? Where is salvation? Science, saviors, tragedy? May I lead the way into temptation? Sirens screaming just for me And the void remains... Would you save, would you"
  • Bitter With The Sweet - Carole King
    "Sometimes I'm tired and I wonder what's so all-fired important About being someplace at some time Oh, but I don't really mind 'Cause I could be on East Street, and I know that You've got to take the bitter"
  • Bitter side of sweet - Clint Black
    "She asked me how love gets along with me all by myself. Wonders how I keep from getting dust upon that shelf. She wanted to know how a man like me ends up alone, anyway. 'Was I breakin' all the rules of"
  • Take The Bitter Withthe Sweet - Diana Ross
    "You, heard somebody sayin' That I loved another (ooh ooh ooh) They don't know, it's not easy fakin' Lies about your lover (ooh ooh ooh) Nothing they could tell you Would change the way it feels But when"
  • Sweet & Bitter (ft. Marta Gałuszewska) - Kush Kush
    "yyou getting closer look into my eyes soldier your heart is everything I need you know I was waiting for you an d you know my body has choose you and I can’t stop crying yeah, you got me on my knees tell"
  • Sweet Dreams And Bitter Endings - A Beautiful Silence
    "This january rain, takes away my pain, the subtle things that tear my body will always be the same, this city it kills me, i've lost all hope and dignity and the only thing that keeps me going is dreaming"

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