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Swet psucho

  • My Eyes - Bush
    "were where you wen i needed to hold your hand i was slipping deeper and deeper through the quicksand Now im alone in the middle of no were looking for a place to go its pitch black and im trying to see"
  • What Katie did - Babyshambles
    "Oh what you're gonna do Katie?you're a swet sweet girlits a cruel cruel worldand my pins are none too strong Katiehurry up Ms BrownI can feel it coming downI wont take none too longAnd they said you said"
  • Our Dance - Wax Tailor
    "Lets begin... The turn of the day When all music fools come out to play Until the drunk turn of night So many stories to hear So many cheeks to greed And beautiful faces unseen So many stories to hear So"
  • Aprodites Thorns - Sadness
    "Erotic fantasies: aphrodite of cnide and aries As mystic as a glimmer at the bottom of a lake Sensuality of your figure, of your white body White dove or dark crow? The temptations of these acts change"
  • Then I'll Come Home Again - Dave Dudley
    "When I see the water come and clear beside a shore When all the guns are silent and the sky is clear once more When the bugles fill the air with victory's swet song That's when I'll come back home where"
  • Murder For The Money - morphine
    "Murder for the money Yeah murder everyday Murder every inch of the goddamm way Murder in the morning yeah murder in the night Murder every single moment of your god forsaken live Yeah it's murder for the"
  • What Katie did - Libertines
    "Shoop shoop, shoop delang-e-lang shoop shoop, shoop delang-e-lang Oh what you're gonna do Katie? You're a swet sweet girl It's a cruel cruel world And my pins are none too strong, Katie Hurry up Mrs Brown"
  • Sad stephen song - Duncan Sheik
    "And there were mermaids --weren't there?--Sweet silver mermaidsAll through that grey Trafalgar SquareSuch silver mermaidsThey were young, and they were fairThey brushed their bronze and dusky hairAnd whispered,"
  • Style - UB40
    "Now here comes a musical shack attack Really on truly design to make you rock Whether you white or black In a pants or frock Round a front or back Down an bottom or on top Is Pablo Ranks round the microphone"
  • Let it be me - Alsou
    "Everybody needs someone to lean on, Everybody needs someone to care for, Everybody needs someone to hold on to, Let me be the one, Everybody needs a lover to rely on, Everybody needs a shoulder to cry"

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