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Swieta tigers

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Swieta tigers

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Swieta tigers
  • Rickie Lee Jones Tigers
    "The tigers come at four Shaped like the curtain and the floor Like the stars they once were wild and cold Your turn to see me I can't believe its really you Sharpening your teeth on my low womb Playing"
  • Vroom Tigers
    "Don't waste your innocence on tigers You know that I can be alone, baby doll Do you remember the times that we had? And the years rolled by And disappeared And now the boys of yesterday are haunting"
  • Jaci Velasquez Paper Tigers
    "Mark Heimermann, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Gorge Cocchini Heart pounds To the sound Comin' after me Step back What is that? It's a mystery Is it something? Probably nothing Still I find a way to scare myself Till"
  • The Chameleons UK Paper Tigers
    "Too much makes me lazy Not enough and it makes me crazy Too much makes me crazy Not enough and it makes me lazy Time stops just for a moment Then again it's only an instant Time stops just for an instant Then"
  • Animal Collective We tigers
    "early this and nearly this. only this and early this, only this, and early this, only this and early this , (tigers, we tigers, whoop!!) hey kids. (whoop) let's pick up sticks. (whoop, whoop) let's"
  • Chameleons Paper Tigers
    "Chameleons Script Of The Bridge Paper Tigers Too much of it makes me crazy Not enough of it makes me lazy Too much makes me lazy Not enough of it makes me crazy Time stops just for a moment And then again"
  • Thrice Paper Tigers
    "They preach to the choir, always in the permanent daylight They toss paper tigers from their perfect porcelain skylines Listen for the sound (for the sound, for the sound), as it all comes crashing down"
  • Caesars Paper tigers
    "It's in the atmosphere we breathe tonight It's in the people that we meet And in your eyes Just like every other fool out there We dont think were so unique Such special freeks It's in every single one"
  • ThanatoSchizO Tigers Doom
    "(lyrics by Guilhermino) The Tiger roars a silent scream Reflecting the lamb in his own skin Tiger's Doom: Bleed for our path! Tiger's Doom: Bring us your... thirst! I was walking in thy kingdom Dipping"
  • Slapp Happy/Henry Cow Riding Tigers
    "We're not well, dear. Toll the bell, dear. As our lives dissolve we revolve Lonely & uninvolved. Pencil thin, we're near done in, we're masticating maize. An empty gaze, sitting like that for days. Try"
  • Guided By Voices Spring Tigers
    "In the morning She calls for time But not too quick A factory moment But not to climb the six ??? oh oh... In the evening She crosses lines With smacking lips Round each cosy corner Tiger rhymes between"
  • Neko Case Tigers Are Noble
    "This is a sad song, about tigers. Let's champion the tigers. Let's champion the tiger 'cause. You know, I think that maybe I wrote this song for many reasons But I was telling them earlier, I was"
  • Dua Lipa Lions & Tigers & Bears
    "I look in the mirror All I see is nothing I look out the window for some peace But all I find is nothing Then you take my hand, and suddenly I feel something Side by side, lying next to you I feel something All"
  • Stone Temple Pilots Seven caged tigers
    "Pass the time kickin' as time rips by Neither goose nor the gander fly Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin' Take a peak as the model earns it, earns it Walk a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin'"
  • Sleater-Kinney Lions And Tigers
    "26 letters from A to Z L-A-U-G-H, E and there's S put them in an order and they become words words become a sentence when you add nouns and verbs i'd like to show you a million things i'd like to make"
  • Jazmine Sullivan Lions, Tigers & Bears
    "I'm not scared Of lions And tigers and bears (No I'm not) But I'm scared Of loving you I'm not scared To perform At a sold out affair (That's right) But I'm scared Of loving you Am I the only one Who thinks It's"
  • Digital Underground Cyber Teeth Tigers
    "(feat. KRS-One) Yeah.. aiyyo Kris, tell em whassup though Yo.. yo, yo! One two! Coming atcha live and direct! (That's right) Digital Underground kid, you know whassup, hah Aiyyo Kris is chillin,"
  • Ever We Fall Youth Like Tigers
    "Look what we've done Years have past, but this is all still fun And all of it just feels right So don't tell me I'm wrong The place we go where no one knew With half open eyes and resting hearts Series"
  • Asobi Seksu Lions And Tigers
    "Send the kids to the garden the cypresses burdened down to make a perfect pair spread on a blanket the angels wasting their tears when your wet face turns to cheer Tiny little voices won't take"
  • You me at six Tigers And Sharks
    "All those dirty words that you said, Did you mean them? Did you now? You're biting at the hand that feeds you, Like a stray for some scraps. And everybody you once knew has turned their backs. And everyone"

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