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Swiss Lips - Carolyn

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Swiss Lips - Carolyn

  • Carolyn - Swiss Lips
    "Hey Hey, Carolyn Get into my car Kick your feet up on the dashboard Hey hey Carolyn We can take her far, Feel the heat up on the asphalt Follow me down to where the darkness divides Come and teach me"
  • Carolyn - Merle Haggard
    "Carolyn let me tell you what I heard about a man today He didn't come home from work and he went away 'Til he came to a city, bright in the nightime like day There they say he met with some women dressed"
  • Carolyn - Nat Stuckey
    "Carolyn let me tell you what I've heard about a man today He didn't come home from work and he went away Till he came to a city bright in the nighttime like day There they say he met up with some women"
  • Carolyn - Zox
    "The summer swept Chicago Left us with a little bit of rain. We are trembling, glistening, Listening to the rumble of the elevated train. And I have never been afraid Of opening myself up to a dream. And"
  • Carolyn - Wedding Present
    "Just before you go today There's something that I've got to say Well you asked me what was wrong And I didn't want to tell you You believed me when I said I tried But oh, Carolyn, I lied And it's gone"
  • Swiss Boy - Lou Sern
    "Time is ticking and there's nothing I can do My heart is aching and my love is all for you Fighting time isn't the right situation Bite your mind now my heart is broken I can't find my way Now I'm kicking"
  • Swiss Crumb - King Cobb Steelie
    "Poisoned hearts beat anguished paths along the filthy streets Not much left to give but hatred even grace stirs quietly All the others so pacific world must have its misery Suffer mother there's"
  • Swiss Maid - Roger Miller
    "One time a long time ago on a mountain in Switzerland yo lo lo lo lo There lived a fair young maiden lovely but lonely oh oh Day after day she'd find her heart away yo lo lo lo lo hey cause no love came"
  • Swiss intro - Lisa Maffia
    "There she goes the first lady so solids earth baby the mother so Chelseas gotta be the first baby Lisa Maffia the leader no divas are catching ya rise from the darkness and shine like a sapphire 100 carat"
  • Swiss Cheese - Retard-O-Bot
    "Move that shit, just move that shit Just do that shit, just do that shit Shake it, shake it You heard me, that's right. A B C D E You lookin' up at me. Jewel's are shining, platinum smilin' Rims are spinin'"
  • Lips - Andre Nickatina
    "* {verse} We can be just like a sandwich, like ham on rye We eye to eye, we thigh to thigh, girl when I'm inside I'm trying to work it and jerk it girl with all my might And you know you're my favorite"
  • Lips - Dre Dog
    "{verse} We can be just like a sandwich, like ham on rye We eye to eye, we thigh to thigh, girl when I'm inside I'm trying to work it and jerk it girl with all my might And you know you're my favorite cuz"
  • Lips - Megamasso
    "matsuge furuwasu kimi no hyoujou, setsunai yomenai. matsu no, soredemo sude ni chidimiyuku okubyoumono. shokuondo ga hikuku naru jikantai, machi awasete. oshidamaru daidai, kuro ni nigoru made otagai toritsukurotte. "sameta"
  • Lips - The Flaming
    "Who knows maybe there isn't a vein of stars callin' out my name they'll glow from above our heads nothin' there to see you down on your knees 25, 26, 27 back from the future maybe there aint no heaven there's"
  • Lips - KAT-TUN
    "denwa nari tsuzuketa ie wo nukedashite tara doko de kimi ni aeru tsutaetai koto bakari naze aeba auhodo ni kokoro wa chigiresou ni naru Everytime sono akaku somaru kuchibiru chikazukete kowashitai hageshiku sonomama"
  • Swiss Mountain Rock'n'roll - Wilhelm Toll
    "Swiss Mountain Rock'n'Roll let the farmers have a ball dancing wild in brown woodshoes even the cow in the stable moohs the band is rocking around the clock shake, rattle and roll and rock. Swiss Mountain"
  • Swiss Army Girl - Scatterbrain
    "My girl's all a man could want There ain't no doubt about her I got a girl and yes indeed- She's got everything I need. You know I tried the rest And then I built the best. I built myself a fine machine- She"
  • Swiss Army Girlfriend - Mr. T Experience
    "She's the slickest chick I've ever known. I take her with me wherever I go to rope in all my fears and open all my beers and to never ever leave me alone. She's tiny, shiny and bright, almost too sharp"
  • Swiss Cottage Place - Roger Miller
    "I turned down the covers on a bed where two lovers Found reasons to face each new day In a room full of mem'ries in a house built for love On a street down in Swiss Cottage Place And my mind just surrenders"
  • Swiss cottage maneuvers - Al Stewart
    "On a Christmas cake day one Friday in AugustIn a book shop in Charing Cross RoadI first set eyes on a girl and at once I didn't knowShe had eyes like a poet and hair like a rainbowReflecting the lights"

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