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  • Yeti - Radiorama
    "I love your world Where the winners might be sweet all around Tell me your life. Tell me what you'll be afraid of this night If you wanna take a look around Please don't hit a man who understands"
  • Yeti - Caribou
    "His greasy fingers strung together and stretching 'cross the sky A skunk that scratches and is leather a sign from up on high And shivering we cling together and watch it pass us by For falling like a"
  • Yeti kotleti - Dealer&Doknes
    "Spójrz tu Damian, wszystko teraz zależy tylko od nas bo... opuszczamy już te zimmnee ziemiee.. Yeah! Koniec głodu, wiecznej zimy, wszystko to sprawiło że mam wstręt. Lecz nie zapo-mne jedneego ziooma.... Ref."
  • Ja YETI - Szpaku
    "tu gdzie bóg nie odwiedza ludzi moje marzenia były wielkie jak góry jak ten yeti ktoś tam wierzył lecz nie widział nikt paluch znalazł ślady w śniegu dzisiaj słyszysz krzyk świat nie widział ale poznał"
  • The Yeti - High On Fire
    "Beyond the mountains of ice Exists a creature of frost His secret lies in the skies Eternal legend survives His powers unknown by man To catch a glimpse if he can Wandering deep polar caps Communication"
  • The Yeti - Clutch
    "Standing waist high in snow, what brought me here I do not know. Sky is filled with starry scenes of heroes and their greatest deeds. Satellites move across the sky, and every year they multiply. Father"
  • Y'a Un Yeti - Alain Bashung
    "Marcel dpche-toi Branche-moi la sirne Je vois un type qui gaule Une cassette d'Eric Charden Heureusement qu'on est l Pour faire respecter la loi Il a des plumes partout Et le teint basan Je te parie ma"
  • Working For The Industry - Yeti
    "It's hard to get up in the morning And get to sleep at night But I know it wouldnt be so hard if I Could turn the darkness into light I got low people that surround me Don't wanna let 'em in And"
  • Flesh And Bone - Yeti
    "There's nothing left for me, except faded memories A faded photograph of the way life used to be Summer days we're still climbing up the puzzle tree Now's the time to take a taxi down to the place we"
  • In Like With You - Yeti
    "She keeps looking at me With those eyes Searching for answers I can't supply She keeps thinking of me As her man But you know, that is a concept That I really can't understand True baby, true"
  • Keep Pushin' On - Yeti
    "Been down, inner London town I kick around, there's no money to be found Sometimes I think I'll never find no piece of mind sometimes I think I'm gonna leave you all behind Keep pushin' on Keep pushin'"
  • Merry-Go-Round - Yeti
    "I will tell Mike Rivers (?) Out into the sun That I'm not going home I've been away too long I find sometimes The road just blows my mind It's up to you, child, you On a middle of a merry-go-round"
  • Midnight Flight - Yeti
    "There's too many voices living in my head When I go to sleep at night they stay awake instead They make me take a walk in the middle of the night And I slice people, dice people on my midnight flight"
  • Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder - Yeti
    "As a child my mind was open wide Seeing many wonders all the time I had to close it just to survive At school they tried to break my soul Doing all the things that I was told And trying to push me"
  • Hosen Song - Yeti Girls
    "Es gibt nicht viel auf dieser Welt Woran man sich halten kann. Manche sagen Punk Rock, Vielleicht ist da was dran. Und es bleibt ja immer noch ROD, Wenn man sonst niemand hat. And're glauben an gar nichts, Das"
  • 911 - Yeti Girls
    "Woke up early in the morning got my coffe half past ten crossed the road near by the station while I got snapped by a van Woke up later in a hospital where I didn't like to stay they discharged me"
  • Acryl - Yeti Girls
    "Wenn du dich bewegst, dann kannst du bleiben suchst du es dann wirst du es nicht sehn. Da steht ein Haus abseits von weg, da lebt ein Mdchen das versteht das Mdchen mit dem Pulli aus Acryl Wenn du"
  • Elif Dedim - Zara
    "Elif dedim be dedim aman Yar ben sana ne dedim? Ku kanedi kalem olsa aman Ah yazlmaz benim derdim Ku kanedi kalem olsa aman Ah yazlmaz benim derdim Elifim noktaland aman Az derdim okland Yeti anam yeti"
  • Character zero - Phish
    "I was taught a month agoTo bide my time and take it slowBut then i learned just yesterdayTo rush and never waste the dayWell im convinced the whole day longThat all i learn is always wrongAnd things are"
  • I'm not ready yet - Hall Tom T
    "I said I'd leave you anytime I'm readySome April when all the land is wetSome summer, some fall, or maybe winterI'll go someday, but I'm not ready yetI should've left the day your love was dyin'I passed"

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