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System Of A Down - Physo (Live At Holland)

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System Of A Down - Physo (Live At Holland)

  • Physo (Live At Holland) - System Of A Down
    "(serj)This next songs about psycho groupie cocaine crazy whores (daron) this isn't very professinal is it? I fucking hate eqipment...I hate things that are not human.So if everybody wants to flip me off, give"
  • Psycho (Live At Lowlands, Holland) - System Of A Down
    "This song goes out to all the boys amen. It's about bein' on the road for a long time, give it up for amen. Now, clap your hands. You people are beautiful alright. Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy, Psycho,"
  • Holland Town - Frank Black
    "I used to see you at the Ratskellar Sarcasm of a young feller Tall and mean between the pillars Before you drowned in a Holland town You were still the muscle man When I saw you in a nether land Alcohol"
  • System - Little Brother
    "(feat. Tone Trezure) All I can say isssss... We all got our demons (Ohh, ohhh, OHH, OHH-ohh, ohh) Forgive me... uh! Let's go! I can't get you out of my system - Nooo, nooo, noooo (Turn it up!) Wait"
  • I've Been To Holland - Joe Purdy
    "I walk this brick road ignoring the busload the sleepers are down for the count I'll never forget on the day that we met last night when we painted the town we screamed and we ran, streets of old amsterdam looking"
  • The Holland Handkerchief - Connie Dover
    "A wealthy squire lived in our town; he was a man of very high renown. He had a daughter, a beauty bright, and the name he called her was his Heart's Delight. And many is the young man to court her came, but"
  • Holland Road - Mumford & Sons
    "So I was lost, go count the cost, Before you go to the Holland road, With your heart like a stone you spared no time in lashing out And I knew your pain and the effect of my shame But you cut me down,"
  • System - Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park
    "Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System You fell away, what more can I say? The feelings evolved, I won't let it out I can't replace"
  • Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "2, 1, 2, 3, 4 The only girl I've ever loved Was born with roses in her eyes But then they buried her alive One evening 1945 With just her sister at her side And only weeks before the guns All came and"
  • System - Crass
    "You can swear by who the fuck you like, But you're still on the roof. I'm not gonna change the system, They're not gonna change the system, We're not gonna change the system, Where does that leave you? Where"
  • System - Seal
    "Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Son, you'd better go for it Harmony, dissatisfaction And a palanquin full of lies Cause I guess that's what they want Son, your father's"
  • System - In Flames
    "I cannot frame, that's why I lose control I aim, I stumble and I fall Our adaptation can't be faithful Your world does not attract me This is the end you see There is no more truth in me As if you would"
  • Lowlands Of Holland - Sandy Denny
    "On the night that I was married and in my marriage bed There came a bold sea captain and he stood at my bed head Saying ''arise, arise young wedded man this night for to go with me To the low lowlands"
  • Lowlands Of Holland - Natalie Merchant
    "On the night that I was married And upon my marriage bed There came a bold sea captain And stood at my bedhead Saying, "arise, arise, young wedded man And come along with me To the lowlands of Holland To"
  • I'm Not Backing Down - Holland
    "Take another shot at me and See what I'll turn out to be Cause I'm not giving up There's no such luck I don't need a getaway, An easy out, another day You've not got the best of me Just wait and see The"
  • System Of A Down - Charlie Peacock
    "Life is a waterfall, we're on the river, and one again after the fall, swimming through the void We hear the word, we lost ourselves, but we find it all... Cause we are the ones that want to play,"
  • Love System - The Twins
    "Hey boy in the corner there You're keeping people at bay The others dance, you sit and stare It doesn't really have to stay that way Take a chance and free yourself Don't get left on the shelf Hey girl"
  • A Crack In The System - Blaze Bayley
    "We don't belong we have no home and see no boundaries in this delighted world When we have no certainty they question our existence Our right to live and breathe The questions without answers The answers"
  • My System - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Kurupt) Gangsta (Yeah), Gangsta (Yeah) I Know y'all like The cars dat go boom (...boom ...boom..) so everybody out there just turn yo shit up (boom...boom..) ha Beitch, it's the Gangstaz! What"
  • Support System - LIZ PHAIR
    "I don't need a support system Lifting me into prop position What I need is a man of action I need my attraction to you Driving me down all those dangerous avenues Lions and tigers tearing at their food I"

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