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  • Champion - Grinspoon
    "So you wanna be a champion! Let's not beat around the bush I got my hands in the air With my head down look Disease please pay phone the back of my car Automatic teller Man your gonna go far Man"
  • Champion - Amy Diamond
    "Put a pep in your step When you're moving too slow You gotta hit that high When the odds are low Now here's how to get To the next plateau Be the first one in And the last to go, oiiiih Ain't"
  • Champion - Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins
    "They got you down You’re crying out So close to giving up. Feeling weak, trying to breathe They pushed you hard enough. Don’t have to take it anymore Girl, you were raised too tough So show them you’re"
  • Champion - Fall Out Boy
    "I’m calling you from the future To let you know we’ve made a mistake There’s a fog from the past that’s giving me such a headache And I’m back with the madness I’m a champion Of the people that don’t believe"
  • Champion - Adam Sandler
    "The Champion Donald: Welcome back on this glorious sunday afternoon for the final round of the Enbuary classic. The legendary Champion is now approaching the 18'th tee off with an insomauntible 8th stroke"
  • Champion - Buju Banton
    "Me wanna walk like a champion Talk like a champion What a piece of body gal Tell me where you get it from Knock 'pon your entrance Ram pa pa pam pam Gal let me in Me have a thing that you are waiting"
  • Champion - Corbin Bleu
    "Little Jenny with the big brown eyes, Had a smile that could light the skies. She had dreams of being a star, Big dreams of going so far. But you can't can't choose the life you got. And you can't choose"
  • Champion - Bonfire
    "I gotta tell you a story about a man who split the night now he's comin' back to win the fight - alright Some people hate him but a winner never quits when he's rollin' he's a one man blitz - look out High"
  • Champion - Agnes Carlsson
    "Mmmmm... You say it's impossible But you didn't even try at all Why am I the only one Who gives the most all the time You never can admit the truth Trying to laugh it off You say I'm a silly girl But you"
  • Champion - Kanye West
    "''Did you realize That you were a champion in their eyes?'' Yes I did, so I packed it up and brought it back to the crib Just a little somethin', show you how we live Everybody want it but it ain't that"
  • Champion - Oleander
    "Thanks For everything you are For everything you were For always taking care For always making sure For never giving up For never giving in You are the champion Thanks For everything you are For everything"
  • Champion - Bishop Briggs
    "alone in my car i am in a parking lot darkest spot in my mind my tongue is dry what do I crumble stumble swiftly cursing myself I burned the furniture a million times in my head I’m feeling low got"
  • Champion - Ace Hood
    "People said I wouldn't make it, that I'd never get to the top There was nothing they could say that would make me stop So I had to keep pushing through the pain and the tears All the things I've been through"
  • Champion - Ms. Jade
    "chorus(repeat 2x) champion watch the people call my name jade the champ champion watch the people call my name jade the champ big dreams and hurt feelings call me jade the champ i put the weight on"
  • Champion - Jefferson Starship
    "Unused lyrics from lyric sheets: And suddenly all and everything we know Had burst into flames Erupted in fire In the heat of the river In the heat of the morning sun I saw Rose Out on the river"
  • Champion! - Pastor Troy
    "(pastor troy) Come on D.s.g.b y'all know what time it is Ga y'all know what time it is, Pastor troy for president for 2000, I'm ready I'm ready Verse 1: I made up my mind to hit the grind and get paid That"
  • Champion - Pastor Troy
    "Come on D.S.G.B ya'll know what time it is Ga ya'll know what time it is, Pastor Troy for President for 2000, I'm ready I'm ready I made up my mind to hit the grind and get paid That glock 45 I go to"
  • Creep (DARP Remix) - TLC
    "Yes, it's me again And I'm back Creep Oh I, oh I, oh I baby Creep Oh I, oh I, oh I yeah Creep Oh I, oh I, oh I baby Creep Oh I, oh I, oh I yeah The 22nd of loneliness and we've Been through so many things I"
  • Stardog Champion - Stardog Champion
    "San Francisco, where the flowers bloom in spring I said, fade to winter - and see what disease brings Augustino, with his eyes once a shining sea I said he's half a shadow - God don't let that be me"
  • Champion Sound - Cypress Hill
    "So whatever he decided to do He was going to do it well He always wanted to do better Then wnyone else Always Who’s the champion? We the champion I the chapmpion With the champion sound Who’s the champion? We"

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