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THE CUTS - Making of teledysku

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THE CUTS - Making of teledysku

  • Cuts - Jann Arden
    "There will be ice on the moon There will be glass in my eyes There will be thorns in my heart There will be broken bits inside There won't be sun on my face And not one smile to be seen There will be salty"
  • Face Cuts - Electric Six
    "Where you gonna be when your cells divide? They're coming and you've got no place to hide You better listen to the beautiful girl inside who wants her face cuts Face cuts Just enough to survive Will you"
  • Paper Cuts - 3ohblack
    "Renegade, renegade, renegade I make it rain in this bitch, drippers mad cause I'm giving 'em paper cuts, hey We put a bag on your head, get him knocked off, I told him don't play with us, hey Only the"
  • Paper Cuts - Nirvana
    "When my feeding time She push food through the door I crawl towards the cracks of light Sometimes I can't find my way Newspapers spread around Soaking all that they can A cleaning is due again A good"
  • Short Cuts - Run Level Zero
    "Hands trembling / rusting veins Feverish dreams / I see myself from above Bitter cold / frozen tears All love / brings fear We had nothing / we had nothing to fear The world was silent / a whisper, load"
  • Nuff Cuts - Lightyear
    "(These eyes are burning through the walls) My wings are like a, my wings are like a shield of steel (Deflecting any death rays from a girl) Purple Y-fronts without the hole What do I do? What do I do when"
  • Cuts - Guano Apes
    "It's a tied rope Life flips Someone else have found the mood Break to another world I got to tell them I was the one before and it's not my fault I'm what you adore Take my flesh I am real What you gonna"
  • Up The Cuts - Against Me!
    "I cant sleep Dry red eyes wide open Stare at the white stucco ceiling Turn on the TV Watch music on television Have I heard this song before? Did this already happen? Derived influence, in style of dress Similar"
  • Cuts Both Ways - Gloria Estefan
    "It cuts both ways Our love is like knife That cuts both ways It's driven deep into my heart each time That I realize How it cuts both ways Can't be together Cannot live apart We're heading straight into"
  • Cuts Both Ways - Xandee
    "It cuts both ways Our love is like knife That cuts both ways It's driven deep into my heart each time That I realize How it cuts both ways Can't be together Cannot live apart We're heading straight into"
  • Cuts Too Deep - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O`Connor Daylight, slowly creeping through the crack in the curtains and it suddenly reminded me I didn't sleep allnight. It's just the thought of you I'll swear, Lyin' in the fatal position, How"
  • Like Paper Cuts - Mew
    "I came for you Just to feel you Finally Break in two I would that you Spoke with no words Like paper cuts they hurt Cicada Sing like it was afternoon already Call for your Love It is bulit"
  • Cuts And Scrapes - Hanover Saints
    "Break it wide open This is what I hoping For our cities Too much violence Can you hear the silence Too many are afraid I will find my way Tomorrow You know cuts and scrapes will follow Sick of"
  • Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
    "I find you in the morning After dreams of distant signs You pour yourself over me Like the sun through the blinds You lift me up And get me out Keep me walking But never shout Hold the secret close I hear"
  • Deep Cuts The Night - Bon Jovi
    "I've been waitin' for this scene to end I don't need somebody baby, I need a friend I work all day just like doin' time I've stood tall through the fires of hell And I've walked through enemy lines. So"
  • Making Evenings - Lake Of Tears
    "Where is the color of my evening deep red Lost in the middle of the morning rays, he said Heading for the heart of a different sun Hopeful and high and set to get one, now she's gone Dark park moon balloon,"
  • Making Waves - The Swellers
    "I still think it's amazing how much baggage I take in. I used to let things slide. Now I'm sick, it's contagious. Write that shit then erase it. I'm on the other side of enemy lines. So thanks a lot."
  • Making Christmas - The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)
    "CLOWN This time, this time GROUP Making Christmas CLOWN Making Christmas MAYOR Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine GROUP It's ours this time And won't the cildren be surprised It's ours this"
  • Cuts Like a Diamond - Rick Wright & Dave Harris
    "Awake in the night, with head on your pillow Touching your hair, clutching your soul A shape in the light, a glow in the mirror No goodbye, leaving you cold She takes a life, a flip knife She cuts"
  • Cuts Like A Knife - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Cuts Like A Knife Cuts Like A Knife Drivin' home this evening I coulda sworn we had it all worked out You had this boy believin' Way beyond the shadow of a doubt Then I heard it on the"

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