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  • Walker's Ridge - City Sleeps
    "On walkers ridge love is not enough And time keeps ticking on without us Hand in hand the gods will ignore Confused the rain here comes your face A strange one with familiar traces Silver tears you"
  • Ridge Road - T-Pain
    "Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Growing up wasn't easy for me, for my mama, for my daddy, life just wasn't happy at all. Started out when I was 8yrs, and it blew up right behind, god just couldn't find me"
  • Oak - Æther Realm
    "The color drained from life A crushing hopeless mist I'm standing at the edge of the abyss Possessor of ancient might Knower of the ancient light You've given but not received A rope and a branch"
  • Blue Ridge Mountains - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt My home is in the Blue Ridge mountains My home is in the Blue Ridge mountains My home is in the Blue Ridge mountains and I ain't comin' back here anymore I had me a mother that could"
  • Sunset Ridge - Boilermaker
    "I met you at the end of the earth at the edge of the sunset ridge We nearly fell from the edge of the sunset ridge Take these shotgun shells that you left behind When you walked through the door I'd follow"
  • Blue Ridge - Annuals
    "The sun's coming up, here I am again Carving both of our names in the bark The sun's coming up, as it's always been Pulling song from the lungs of the lark Now I don't mind this thirst all the time To"
  • Blue Ridge - Avail
    "yes i, yes i'm worried they they're lies yes i, yes i'm sorry that i tried but i lay it down too deep sometimes for too long up for a moment than that moment's gone and i pray that you know i'd bleed for"
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Blues - John Fogerty
    "(Traditional) When I was young and in my prime (in my prime!), I left my home in Caroline. Now all I do is sit and pine, for all those folks I left behind. I got the Blue Ridge mountain blues, and I"
  • 1330 Oak 1995 - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "Look out into the freeway eyes of the party. Look out into the dark spring sky at the party. You'd rather be anywhere than with this guy at the party. And now I'm taking it way too hard, I'm so fucking"
  • The Oak - Opera IX
    "In the whirls of time, turning their eyes toward the shadowy monumental symbols of the past, following the lines up to the places, where power and mystery reign some people raised many stones to the sun in"
  • Boys - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The Please Please Me Boys I been told when a boy kiss a girl Take a trip around the world Hey, hey (bop shuop, m'bop bop shuop) Hey, hey (bop shuop, m'bop bop shuop) Hey, hey (bop shuop) yeah,"
  • Boys - The Beatles
    "I been told when a boy kiss a girlTake a trip around the worldHey, hey (Bop shuop, m'bop bop shuop)Hey, hey (Bop shuop, m'bop bop shuop)Hey, hey, (Bop shuop) yeah, she say ya do (Bop shuop)My girl says"
  • I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes - Oak Ridge Boys
    "Sometimes I feel a wave Of a past break in my mind And I know it's gone for good And it makes me want to cry Is this all we get to keep As the years go rollin' by Just a memory For all the days"
  • Donar's Oak - Falkenbach
    "Branches as high as a vigilant eye could see, Magic runes, once scratched into this tree. An old man sat down at this mighty oak, Every morning, day by day... And he closed his eyes While a gasp blew through"
  • Poison Oak - Bright Eyes
    "Poison oak, some boyhood bravery When a telephone was a tin can on a string And I fell asleep with you still talking to me You said you weren't afraid to die In polaroids you were dressed in women's clothes Were"
  • Oak park - Oblivion
    "Youre such a moron, Youve got a ball and chain inside you head. To keep it hidden, The things I do are better left unsaid. It's so revolting To have to see you turning out this way You're so unhappy Shut"
  • Boys Boys Boys - Lady GaGa
    "Hey there sugar baby Saw you twice at the pop show You taste just like glitter Mixed with rock and roll I like you a lot lot Think you're really hot hot I know you think you're special When we"
  • I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone) - Oak Ridge Boys
    "(And Left My Heart Alone) I wish you could have turned my head and left my heart alone Ever since I met you, baby, you have done me wrong. You walk by and you shake that thing and you know I'm not that"
  • Boys - Ringo Starr
    "By Luther Dixon and Wes Farrell Recorded live at the Jazz Festival, Montreux Okay, I like to do a number now I recorded quite a while ago with those other chaps and it's er.... When we're ready it's"
  • Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight - Oak Ridge Boys
    "Mary took to running with a travelin' man Left her momma crying with her head in her hands Such a sad case, so broken hearted She say, momma, I got to go, gotta get outta here I gotta get out of town,"

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