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  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • The Place - Inc.
    "At first hold me by her side I know I have to try You’ll be my best because I saw you I know it’s something new Way I feel might as look That is why I’m at my best It’s here like you already know It’s"
  • Place Disclaimer - The Left Rights
    "When you're feeling down Or feeling blue I'm gonna let you know just What you should do Kill all your friends at school That's just what you should do And then the bodies on the ground Then some girls"
  • Wondrous Place - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "I found a place full of charm A magic world in my babys arms The soft embrace like satin lace A wondrous place Want a spot in a star To cuddle up and stay nice and warm Away from harm in my babys"
  • One Place - Everything But The Girl
    "A summer evening; I walk past the window, Baby's crying; Someone's cooking dinner; There's laughter on the TV Someone's learning the violin. How at home, it heals At times like this, I feel that... I"
  • Paradise Place - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Look to the hills -- now look at my face Do you notice my eyes -- are they in the right place? There's a Mantovani backdrop -- to pucker-up a tummy tuck A voice soft as lint -- mashed up with shades of"
  • Meeting Place - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "The colder the night gets, The further she strays. And he doesn't like it, Being this way. And she tried so hard to steer away from the meeting place, But her heart had led her there. She clings to his"
  • The Steak Place - The Fall
    "Head down Head down Head, head, head down. Fool of the Commonwealth drove down there, Down turnpike; Desperate for food desperate for respite. The steak place. The steak place Cheap carpet lines"
  • The Desert Place - The Twins
    "I'm sitting here in this desert place And there's no sign of life on face There's no way back to my home I have to stay here - here on my own. They really left me here to stay And now my world is so far"
  • Perfect Place - Voice Of The Beehive
    "We are all together alone, and these are just wishes and I am just dreaming. If I ever grow up I will take care of the old and all the babies that have no one. You might think I give myself too much"
  • Happy Place - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "I'm going back to a happy place All my life I've lived to taste Someone else's flavours on my tongue Cherry take me back to the start of it all Where everyone's up then everyone falls Almost could destroy"
  • Park's Place - Royal Crown Revue
    "(Mando Dorame/Eddie Nichols) Arranged by Mando Dorame There's a place I know The wise guys go that's Park's Place Showgirls swing when the chairman sings At Park's Place-Park's Place Yes my friends It's"
  • Delicate Place - Spoon
    "I got nothing You got something I feel out of place Looking through your window Into the delicate place Reflections stating obvious mating holds I'll own up to you if you own up to me I'll picture for"
  • Hidden Place - Bjork
    "Through the warmthest Cord of care Your love was sent to me I'm not sure What to do with it Or where to put it I'm so close to tears And so close to Simply calling you up I'm simply suggesting We go"
  • This Place - Kem
    "There's a fountain of hope Living water for each of us There are rivers of dreams Flowin' through the heartache of this place There are children that flower the trees There are voices of people who need This"
  • Hiding Place - Jars Of Clay
    "Amidst the sorrows of the way Lord Jesus, teach my soul to pray Let me taste Thy special grace And run to Christ, my hiding place You know the vileness of my heart So prone to act the rebel's part And"
  • Sam's Place - Buck Owens
    "There's a place down the street we call Sam's Place. It starts a-jumpin' every evening when the sun goes down. You can always find me down at Sam's Place, For that's where the gang all hangs around. There's"
  • My Place - Bobby Brown
    "MY PLACE (Written by Bobby Brown, Tim Kelley, and Bob Robinson) Tell me, would it be, baby Tell me, baby (Would it be outta place for you and I to get together) (At my place, just you and me) (Would"
  • Better place - Michelle Williams
    "Let me tell you I appreciate All the the love and strength you've shown I know it's hard to keep a smile on your face And nobody could ever take their place Every mother, every sister and brother Every"
  • Sam's Place - Del Reeves
    "There's a place down the street we call Sam's Place It starts a jumpin' every evenin' when the sun goes down You can always find me here down at Sam's Place For that's where the gang all hangs around There's"

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