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  • Wine And Chocolates - Theophilus London
    "It's time to live it up, oh You get sent the fine wine deliverables and chocolate candles It's time to live it up, oh Horse and carrots, ride round the riddler and rock chinchillas Girl I ain't going nowhere,"
  • She Said Ok. (Feat. Theophilus London & Tre Luce) - Big Boi
    "Let me see your titties let me see your titties she said okay, okay now let me see your p**sy, lately now let me see your p**sy she said okay, okay We’re acting free nigga fan throw your money in the"
  • London Town - Bellowhead
    "Up London City I made my way, up Cheapside I chose to stray, where a fair pretty maid I there did meet, and I greeted her with kisses sweet. ''(x2) I was up to the rigs, down to the jigs, up to the rigs"
  • Dead London - Wayne Jeff
    "Dead London Journalist: There were a dozen dead bodies in the Euston road, their bodies softened by the black dust. All was still, houses locked and empty, shops closed but looters had helped themselves"
  • Swinging London Town - Girls Aloud
    "Do you know the me that wakes and sees the livewire in my eyes? The it girl with a twist girl and no one realises That I'm living on a tightrope, I can't, I won't look down I pussyfoot from drink to drink"
  • London - Barry Manilow
    "New York winter Traffic squeals The city feels.... so old Late December Taxi ride Then run inside It's cold Got your letter Monday I think Or Tuesday I lose track Since then I've been thinking of you... And"
  • London - Queensryche
    "(Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Geoff Tate) It was November 4th I last held your hand It seemed our time would last forever You said don't ever leave I thought you'd never go I wish I could just remember"
  • London - Alessi
    "With a city old as you We just can't mistake your grace It's a pitty that's old is new As they slowly change your face Chorus: Ooh London, don't give it away Cause we can't replace the charm That you've"
  • London - Pet Shop Boys
    "We came from the far North summered in Crimea deserted the armed forces had to disappear made it to the free West on a chartered flight so we could see what we trained to fight We were in London "Let's"
  • London - Third Eye Blind
    "Through the satellites, I fight with you That local brew is spillin' I know just how you spend your time I want to get my hands on him Somebody's party in a London flat You're where it's at and I"
  • London - Mr. T Experience
    "You have to hate the world its required by your clothes consistancy is everything as everybody knows its so cold, baby youre losing your hold baby your gonna fold baby before too long dont tell my your"
  • London - Alanis Morissette
    "Boganvilia fall into the pool The hard shelled bugs bite my forearm My right index fingernail chewed to the quick My cervix is a long scalene My sprinklers go off at 6pm each day And sometimes they"
  • London - Benjamin Clementine
    "As he sits on the back of this grey caravan Tomorrow he will probably be jumping barriers With a bottle in his hand Sparkling, Sparkling water mixed with peaches and ram Honestly i don't drink but if i"
  • London - Bowling For Soup
    "I hate you The things you do I love you The things you do And we've got things so confused I feel neglected and abused Man, you've got me so confused Cause I'm so caught up in you So I I've got London"
  • London - AJ McLean
    "When I wake up in the sunlight And look into your eyes And I hold you for a little while And I see behind your smile I remember how beautiful I used to think you are Now the only love that meant something"
  • London - Roger Hodgson
    "I wish I was in London Walkin' in the rain I wish I was in London I really miss the rain Oh just take me home again I wish I was in England I really miss the Queen I wish I was in England I really miss"
  • London - Lena Philipsson
    "Jag knner gatorna i London Kvarterscafer dit jag gr Jag r en zombie p tomgng* Det r varmt nu i London Jag kommer hem igen Tar frsta planet hem Nu fr det kosta vad det vill Jag mste hem till dig Fr varje"
  • London - Porcupine Tree
    "A light snow is falling in London All sign of the living has gone The last train pulls into the station And no one gets off, and no one gets on (chorus) I search inside my head Helps me remember the day That"
  • London - Rie Fu
    "The air was dry in London, I was on the bus to holborn The orange light upon the eye was getting in my way Everybody's saying What are you going to do afterwards? What are you going to do after you graduate? The"
  • London - Elefant
    "She came in my life without warning And gave me the night She woke up the next morning And started to cry I said to her you are my girl She covers up her face I said to her you are my one She walks"

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