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THROUGH THE YEARS kenny rogers

  • Kenny Rogers - Pharoache Monch Dub Plate - Wyclef Jean
    "F/ kenny rogers, pharoahe monch (wyclef jean) Yo I'm happy to be in the south To set off my tour in the countryside But who better to set it off for me than this man right here (kenny rogers) Yo this"
  • Kenny Rogers - Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Kenny Rogers, Pharoahe Monch) Yo I'm happy to be in the South to set off my tour in the countryside But who better to set it off for me than this man right here Yo this Kenny Rogers chillin"
  • If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Duet with Kenny Rogers) - Anne Murray (duet with Kenny Rogers)
    "You, I know you're everything That I've been looking for And I, I look into your eyes And could not ask for more So it's only fair to lay it on the line Hold on, I'm gonna need a little time But if I ever"
  • Through the Years - Kenny Rogers
    "I cant remember when you werent there When I didnt care for anyone but you I swear weve been through everything there is Cant imagine anything weve missed Cant imagine anything the two of us cant do Through"
  • A Stranger In My Place (3:07) (Kenny Rogers - Kin - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Come From The Shadows A Stranger In My Place (3:07) (Kenny Rogers - Kin I see the town Where we were born, I see the place We were raised, I see all the things you wanted That I never gave. I"
  • The Kenny Parker Show - Boogie Down Productions
    "Indeed truly we are the mighty mighty BDP posse This is our 4th album and we're STILL not takin no shorts Yeah.. ha hah! On the wheels of steel, is Kenny Parker As we say he can't get no darker All about"
  • Twenty Years Ago - Kenny Rogers
    "It's been a long time since I walked Through this old town But oh how the memories start to flow And there's the old movie house They finally closed it down You could find me there every Friday night Twenty"
  • Kenny - Sicko
    "Kenny you almost made it, I'd say you were halfway there Kenny your hands are frozen, and this is so unfair What would you do, given a chance to meet God? Where did you go, why did you die, I was a doctor,"
  • Kenny Parker Show 2001 - Xzibit
    "(feat. KRS-One) You are now tuned in to the ultimate sounds.. of Dr. Dre You know what time it is! Xzibit steps up to the mic layin down the hard-core, real raw, underground My name is KRS-One, and"
  • Kenny Smokes Cloves - Mr. T Experience
    "Kenny smokes cloves, and everybody knows a great big cloud of smoke, oh my god, there it goes Kenny smokes cloves Kenny smokes cloves Things that smell so bad, it makes me really sad Get another stick"
  • Me And Kenny - Afroman
    "dad i wanna be a rapper can i make a song with you? not right now man dad kinda busy well e40 let his son rap and master p let lil romeo rap how come you dont let me rap ok...i'll let you rap man..uhh"
  • Ballad Of Will Rogers - Chris LeDoux
    "He was born and raised in Oklahoma his blood lines were white and Cherokee His daddy owned a ranch outside of Clairmore Where he learned to ride before the age of three Now young Will Rogers was a cowboy And"
  • Through The Years - Tim Finn
    "I met a girl who wasn't quite right, She wandered all alone in the night. She understand the past, present and the future. She takes me back to where I was then, She leads me on again and again, I'm happy"
  • Through The Years - Charley Pride
    "Seems like only yesterday we fell in love just barely old enough to be sincere Back then I thought I loved you all I could But I've grown to love you more through the years Through the years I've had you"
  • Roy Rogers - Elton John
    "Sometimes you dream Sometimes it seems There's nothing there at all You just seem older than yesterday And you're waiting for tomorrow to call You draw to the curtains And one things for certain You're"
  • The Night That Kenny Died - John Hiatt
    "He was the kind of kid you did not want to sit by He kept his boogers in his desk he wore a neck tie And he never washed his hair You wished he wasn't there But everybody cried The night that Kenny"
  • 45 Years - Stan Rogers
    "Where the earth shows its bones of wind-broken stone And the sea and the sky are one I'm caught out of time, my blood sings with wine And I'm running naked in the sun There's God in the trees, I'm weak"
  • Harmony (With Kenny Loggins) - Clint Black
    "With the rivers running to the sky To rain across the land Our children's children's sands of time Are slipping through our hands Take heed in what's become of Eden You and me, from seed to seed Just how"
  • All Through The Years - Erasure
    "Longing to sail on Through the night to the stars On until sunrise Where the moon hides her tears All through the years If I could see the world through someone else's eyes If I could see through you"
  • Stronger Through The Years - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry) Through the undercover hour Bad and bleak To be brief - too much sorrow And flesh is weak No more feelings No more tears The river's wide enough Flowing stronger through the years Silver lips"

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