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TI Look What I Got

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TI Look What I Got

  • Look What I Got - T.I.
    "Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay You think them niggaz is hot Well shawty look what I got (nigga look what I got) You think I'm lying nigga Look what I got Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Shawty look what I got Ay, pimpin look what"
  • Look What I've Got - Jean Shepard
    "They said the boy that loved me would win the world some day But I was young and foolish and I just couldn't wait A rich man offered me the moon and all the stars above Now I've got all a girl could want"
  • Look What We've Got - The Hollies
    "(Hicks / Lynch) Sipping at the wine I'm drinking all the time I'm drinking kinda slow And I'm hoping it won't go See when I get dry I just sit and cry over my baby Seems that in the past It was gonna"
  • What I Got - 311
    "Early in the mornin' rising to the street light me up that cigarette and I'll strap shoes on my feet got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong got to find a reason why my money's all gone I got"
  • Look! - The Awarians
    "A fear goes right through, through my bones Am I alone? Yes, I am alone Chart my progress through the year Things aquired and drunken beer Experiences lived through, many still to come Some radical changes"
  • Look - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Look, Look, Look, Look You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look) In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look) Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stretcher nigga (look) Gotta"
  • Look - Bounty Killer
    "People A Dead That's What I Said The Crime Must Be Led The Hungry Must Be Fed Hey Yo Galore I'm Looking Through All This Fear Over The Years Hey Yo Nobody Cares Take A Look In My House Would You Live"
  • What I Got - Samantha Jade
    "Tell me boy what you want How you want we could do this Anything that you want We could do how you like it When you gonna get with me You for get all the rest cuz Aint no girl out like me That's"
  • Look What I Found - Chris Cagle
    "For so long I searched in desperation For one love that would always be true And I came close but there were always complications I finally decided there was nothing I could do So I gave up and I let go"
  • What I Look Like - Sporty Thievz
    "Uh oh Yo WHen is u birds gonna learn dat lemmey is not hot Can i have locked up bitch and gimmey got shot Man dey got me on that bullshit Dey buy me dis I need dat bitch bullshit and still fuck Bet"
  • Look What I Found - Pepper
    "Look what I found in Kona Town, While the sky gets weary and the sun goes down, It's summer living, oh, it's the season To get your body naked and then start screaming, Around the clock 'cause we don't"
  • Look inside - I Against I
    "Why don't you take a look at yourself? stop acting like you don'tNeed help. 'cause you have got your failures too. so look insideOf you. a lot of people dont' know themselves. because theyNever have been"
  • I Use What I Got - Jason Aldean
    "Nobody ever thought I'd make it in this town They all said i should leave my truck, pack, and turn right back around They said I didn't have what it takes I needed money and a pretty face But I just look"
  • (He's Got) The Look - Vanessa Williams
    "Oh gotta know him better He's got the look baby I want to know He's got the look baby Just got to know One sleepless night, no air inside Went out to have some fun, rock to morning light To my surprise"
  • What Have I Got - Rollins Band
    "I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I"
  • What Have I Got - Henry Rollins
    "I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I"
  • You've got to look up - Vanilla Ice
    "To the people in the frontAnd all the people in the back rowNice to see y'all jammin left toRight toe to toeNo more introductions you knowWho I amIf you don't I couldn't reallyGive a damm!So just slide"
  • I Got What You Want - Nicole Ray
    "Intro:But uh anyway You can catch me any day Sippin' Hennesy and my peeps get plenty play oh many ways to see that I hold this though Cats fake it, I made it I told u so You know girl i take it You"
  • I Got What It Takes - Young Jeezy
    "It's hard out here for a pimp but u already rap a lil trap a lil so i hustle and flow everyday i'm hustlin tryna meet ma quota nextel chirpin said hey need dat quota 42 hundred look i got that fo ya nigga"
  • You Got What I Want - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(feat. Ludacris, Goldie Loc & Uncle Charlie Wilson) Yeah, this pimping stay open all night Check this out Jellyroll... We do break hoes We don't fuck with fake hoes Yeah, we make hoes Strip down to"

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