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TORI KELLY 'Should've Been Us

  • Should've Been Us - Tori Kelly
    "Walk around with my head down, but I can't hide with these high heels on downtown in the thick crowd, but it’s just you that my mind is on dressed up, got my heart messed up, you got yours and I got mine its"
  • Lullaby (feat. Tori Kelly) - Professor Green
    "All the times I have layed in your life When your love kept me safe through the night All the time, I was sure you were mine And before time demands our goodbye Can you sing me a last lullaby? It's been"
  • Should've Been You - The Dream
    "Verse 1: You been looking at me funny every since the n***a came up (came up, came up, came up) Thinking I was with you all the time and then I up and changed up (changed up, changed up yeah) You know"
  • Should've Been - Abbey Lincoln
    "There's a sound comes from livin' Somewhere in the past When the grass was greener And we found true love at last It's the sound of sorry Lookin' yonder with regret Sorry 'cause of what you got And what"
  • Should've - Maria Haukaas Storeng
    "I know what I' talkin' aboutI know what I' talkin' about I've been there done that whenever in doubt Listen to the voice inside Live the dream enjoy the ride I never would have let you go I didn't"
  • Should've Been There - Earshot
    "I hope I'm not too late I hope that you're ok I left in a hurry As soon as they told me So I prayed for you Hang on 'till tomorrow Just dont leave me here today I'm coming home to you... (Should've been"
  • I Should've Known - Aimee Mann
    "I should thank you almost No one could kill it off until you bled it But I got rid of that ghost Though certain habits still remain embedded With this shadow of doubt Baby it was you who fed it Well, I"
  • Should've Been Could've Been - Moloko
    "Some of you will already know there's no place to go This is the modern man, as good as I am Here in the heart of the sun my memory melts Swellegant, elephant pain, he never forgets Should've been a beautiful"
  • Should've known betta - Monica
    "I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico,I really didn't need the shopping sprees in L A or Melrose,boy if you didn't know it , now you knowI didn't need the furs or the jewelry,because material things they"
  • U Should've Known - Monica
    "I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico. I really didn't need the shoppin spees in L.A, on Melrose,boy if you didn't know it well know you know. I didn't need the furs, or the jewelry because material things"
  • Anytime- Kelly Clarkson - American Idol
    "Anytime you feel Like you just can't hold on Just hold on to my love I'll help you be strong But you're so afraid to lose And baby I can't reach your heart I can't face this world it's keeping us apart And"
  • Should've Been In Love - Wilco
    "You been dealing with all of these feelings Like they got you believing they have no meaning, But they do Your life's been stinking, your heart's been sinking, And you're too busy thinking to stop You"
  • Should've Been The One - 911
    "Writers: McLaughlin/James My baby, should've been the one Last night I was so scared I couldn't close my eyes You still live in me Some how I made it through the night Rescued by the break of day, once"
  • It Should've Been Me - Ray Charles
    "As I passed by A real fine hotel A chick walked out She sure looked swell I gave her the eye And started to carry on When a Cadillac cruised up And 'swish' she was gone It should've been me With that real"
  • It Should've Been You - Teddy Pendergrass
    "Song: It Should've Been You ~~ 1990 ~~ 6:17 Artist: Teddy Pendergrass LP/CD: Truly Blessed ~~ Elektra ~~ 1990 Composers: Teddy Pendergrass~Terry Price -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mmm I"
  • Should've Been A Cowboy - Toby Keith
    "I bet you've never heard ole Marshall Dillion say Miss Kitty have you ever thought of running away Settling down will you marry me If I asked you twice and begged you pretty please She'd of said Yes in"
  • Should've Been A Model - Pretty Ricky
    "Yeah! Pretty Rick-Rick-Rick-Rick Bluestar Entertainment I Should've Been A Model Cause I Stay Fresh! My Flow (On Point) My Dro (On Point) Basically (I'm Hott) Homeboy You Not Damn! I Should've Been"
  • U Should've Known Better - Monica
    "Oh, oh Lalalalala I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico I really didn't need the shopping spree In LA or Melrose Boy, if you didn't know it, well now you know I didn't need the furs or the jewelry Because"
  • Should've Loved Me Right - Jackie Boyz
    "You know baby... Some people just don't realise what they have til' it's gone... I'm gone. You and me can never be, we already tried. And I'm still in love with you, and I could've lied. You never should've"
  • Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy (ft. Tori Kelly) - Pentatonix
    "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening In the lane, snow is glistening The beautiful sight, we're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland Gone away is the bluebird Here to stay is the new bird He sings"

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