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TOken patty cake'

  • Token - Dreadlock Pussy
    "You've been warned by the media, warned by your friends That the new shit's gonna be reeling it in So you step in, hair face image into place All that's left to do is make some crazy waves Get the raves,"
  • Pani Patty - Patty
    "(Patrycja Patty Dłutkiewicz powraca z nowym singlem. Artystka zapowiedziała, że przerywa milczenie i nie zamierza się już nikomu podporządkowywać. Piosenka "Pani Patty" będzie opowiadać o polskim showbiznesie."
  • Pani Patty - Patty
    "Znawcy muzyki robią muzyczne badania Patty nie jest artystką godną zaufania W radiu grają wciąż to samo Grzywka i Sosnowski Wolę w Radiu Maryja słuchać o Matce Boskiej Nie musze lizać tyłków aby czasem"
  • Cake - Mojo Stuck
    "Never liked Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose. Listen to the old school to get loose. Don't write simple riddles to make you giggle, came to throw down make your ass wiggle. As Sir Nose, he said he'll never swim, but"
  • Cake - The B-52's
    "Take a little, take a little nip, take a little sip, take a little more. Spread icing nice and thick between the layers. Ooh let it drip down the sides. Who cares. Done with the batter. I am watching"
  • Cake - The B-52s
    "Take a little, take a little nip, take a little sip, take a little more. Spread icing nice and thick between the layers. Ooh let it drip down the sides. Who cares. Done with the batter. I am watching"
  • Cake - Lloyd Banks
    "(R&B Sample) (Money, money, money, money, Cake!) I need the cake nigga! Verse 1: Lloyd Banks] (*R&B Sample) The unit don't play (Uh Uh!) we rap but we strapped (Yep!) Buck got the shotgun 50 got the"
  • Cake - Pete Rock
    "I'm all about makin it happen can it steady yappin cheddas stack cap I get it crackin bringin the action center of attraction late night on the creep trashin mashin on the party crashin rap with a passion not"
  • Cake - B 52s
    "Take a little, take a little nip,take a little sip, take a little more.Spread icing nice and thick between the layers.Ooh let it drip down the sides. Who cares.Done with the batter.I am watching it drip"
  • Cake - Finger Eleven
    "I know you won't forget the days. I know you'll never let them live down the days, When they, they make you feel their pain. And you will never, never forgive it. It must have been so hard for you, Why"
  • Patty Hearst - Stereo Total
    "Patty Hearst Princess and terrorist Patty Hearst Lover and killer Patty Hearst College girl and guerilla Patty Hearst Romantic terrorist Patty please free me! 'Cause they have the CIA the CIA and the"
  • Patty Melts - Candypants
    "The nicest boy in town says Patty hello And she turns and walks away She has some better thing to do But when another boy comes strolling along And he's bitter and forlorn Like an April snow she's through In"
  • Patty Lee - Les Savy Fav
    ""Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please, There's something I don't understand. Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please, This party's gotten out of hand." Those were the last words her suitor spoke before"
  • Oh, Patty - Alphaville
    "Patty can't take it she got to give it back the world is a big place and she's frightened and if you kiss her she got to kiss you back she couldn't stand a kiss for free on her own and while she's playing"
  • Patty Boo - Lor
    "In a small, dark city lived Patty Boo She'd got her own ghosts, they always told the truth Her daddy was a driver, mummy worked with law Her bros were good at math and she was below All she'd got were"
  • Love Token - Brian May
    "(Brian May) Yeah - oh let me tell you now Mama's in love, Papa's in love It's such a shame they don't love each other - oh no Oh Papa's in a jam,Mama's throwin' pans The game's up - it's time to run for"
  • Token Gesture - December
    "In this image you're standing so flawless so utterly perfect Yet something is wrong that cannot be placed A weapon are your words preaching to convert The very ones that you claim to be trying to save Passing"
  • Token Idiot - Good Riddance
    "what should i say i guess things didn't go my way but you insist on shining light on my greatest failures fallible is me but you can see this isn't my reality it's just the way things go for us someone"
  • Break Your Token - Mellow Candle
    "Shall we follow shall we follow shall we find another day blind old explorers pretending to stay gales and galleons are drawing them away lies unspoken the day is broken anyway. Shall we bury shall we"
  • Token of Time - Ensiferum
    "Harvest the field of time with the old man's scythe The narrow path of the chosen one reaches beyond life I set sails for the ageless winds No fear of dying or a thought of surrender I threaten every"

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