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TPain My Place

  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • My Place - Next
    "Damn I had alot planned for us this evenin' (Ready, set) It don't have to be ruined, why don't we just go back to my place? Lord have mercy Alright, alright Well, well, well Let's go back to my place Come"
  • My Place - Bobby Brown
    "MY PLACE (Written by Bobby Brown, Tim Kelley, and Bob Robinson) Tell me, would it be, baby Tell me, baby (Would it be outta place for you and I to get together) (At my place, just you and me) (Would"
  • My Place - Diana Ross
    "(Mel Larson/Jerry Marcellino/Hal Davis) This is my place And I wanna share it with you I got myself a place to dream I touch the wind Caress the sea And I want you there To hold me To love me there is"
  • My Place - T-Pain
    "Yeah How many times have I told you love you? Don't seem to change a thing Girl you're not the same There was a time when you want me to hug you And treat you like the lady that you wanna be But girl I"
  • My Place - Recess Monkeyz
    "Sit with me and watch the world go by, Could feel anything, But it's distempered by your eyes, Your words, That feeling, The way my heart is reeling, That scent, The air, And nobody cares When I realise"
  • My Place - Stephen Covell
    "Late last night, I decided to take a swim Took off all my clothes, turned around, and dove in Suddenly, I realized I was naked for the world to see And the way to float had never been taught to me And"
  • My Place - Eurythmics
    "my place some people say it's bad taste one thing that I can see they take themselves too seriously my shoes they once were worn by Howard Hugues but I know I'm never gonna walk that way that's why I"
  • My Place - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "I use to pride myself on bein' the other man But now it's flipped and I don't want you with no other man Why can't you understand that anything I'm offerin' I gave you the world, but you just wanted arguin' From"
  • My Place - Tweet
    "I heat up and I I can't come down I swear I'm spinnin' I'm on a mary-go-round and I picked up a drug to my face my heart beats faster than the regular pace and I'm not sure just what it is I ask my mother to"
  • My Place - Nelly
    "(feat. Jaheim) I used to pride myself on being the other man But now it's flipped and I don't want u with no other man Why can't u understand anything I'm offering I gave you the world but you just"
  • My Place - Tank
    "C'mon WHOOOO Ay u kno wat This track obviously dont need no talkin on it, but I gotta do it Big Tank. let yall know u kno wat I'm all about When I take it to the flo' Is everybody ready Now"
  • Found My Place - Augustana
    "Watch my back, no one will Water falls, fire kills And all my life, all my life I've been waiting to find my place Find my place Found my place Found my place Sink or swim, take me in hold my hand, running"
  • Find My Place - Pinhead Gunpowder
    "Gotta find my place in this world Gotta find my place in this world I want to be more than just a face in the crowd I want to be proud of my time in this world Feel like someone's taken my place in this"
  • My Secret Place - Joni Mitchell
    "(Joni Mitchell) I'm going to take you to My special place It's a place that you Like no one else I know Might appreciate I don't go there with anyone-but You're a special case For my special place For"
  • Find My Place - Samantha Boscarino
    "Oh... How did I end up here? One of the cool kids this year What a suprise now, Cause all that I am feeling is... kinda weird Everyone's lookin' to me Thinking how cool it must be to be popular Oh-oh-oh-oh But"
  • Take My Place - Lily Allen
    "As I lay down on the bed Try'na come to terms with what has just been said I don't know where I should look or what to say Is this happening to us today? If I could then I would scream I'd wipe the tears"
  • Take My Place - Weezer
    "Decorate, celebrate, pave the way, and be on time Anyone can say time will unbrake If you wanna take away the pain Then Take My Place And change you're name for I can't wait I can't wait Don't hesitate"
  • In My Place - Erin Boheme
    "In my place , in my place Were lines that I couldn't say I was lost , oh I was lost , I was lost Cross lines I shouldn't have crossed I was lost , oh How long must I wait for her? How long must I wait"
  • In My Place - Coldplay
    "In my place, in my place, Were lines that I couldn't change, I was lost, oh yeah. I was lost, I was lost, Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed, I was lost, oh yeah. And yeah, how long must you wait for"

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