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TRAX Oh! My Goddess

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TRAX Oh! My Goddess

  • Goddess - Avril Lavigne
    "Dark times, hard times I didn't know who I was for a minute I didn't know where I was, I was in it I was lost 'til you found me Days passed, weeks flashed I didn't know anyone who would get it I thought"
  • Goddess Bound - Protest The Hero
    "Take everything your parents taught you, throw it to the dogs It's the forgotten flesh of something dead, its blood drips from your jaws. Take everything your school has taught you, throw it to the dogs. It's"
  • Goddess - Amorphis
    "Astonishment when I bend over you creep Put a noose around my neck Which side I deside it's my time to reap It's your side wicked and deaf Take me to the place I can sleep Wipe away all misery Turn my"
  • Goddess - An Pierl
    "I squeeze my eyes Pale blue and highlight I wonder I squeeze my eyes Restrain Mr. Sandman For I must love you, anyway I squeeze my eyes I speak in tongues I could never be the woman you want me to be But"
  • Goddess - OAG
    "I wanna go inside my bedroom wish to sleep tight tonight cause I don't wanna have any trouble with anyone especially God I wish you could be here now. Well explain to me why you always have to go away"
  • Goddess of love - Bryan Ferry
    "Marilyn says I got nothing to wear tonite Only a pair of diamond earrings that catch the light Platinum blonde - is it true that you have more fun Siberia - now I?m sad and all alone Goddess of love I"
  • Goddess In Black - Atrocity
    "All that night This feeling, that pleasure Stealing my soul All I found was lust Deification A bizarre romance of caressing Deleterious love You are Denturing into a world of frustration Living on the"
  • Ancient Winter Goddess - Moonspell
    "A pure veil of darkness. A mysterious fog. The Moon is full. And the Wolves you call. Red as my blood it is the sky above us. As I witness the arrival of the Winter Solstice. And I cry from the abyss"
  • My Goddess - The Exies
    "I was knee deep in a sick love I was cross eyed under your drug Schizo savior Mad messiah Fatal worship You inspire Gone, I don't believe in you now I've seen too much I don't believe in you now My goddess You"
  • Daddy She's A Goddess - Jewel
    "Refrain: Daddy she's a goddess Can we keep her tonight? Daddy she's a goddess Watch her move Her hair so clean when she skin's so smooth Her nose don't drip like me Daddy can we keep her please please"
  • The Black Goddess Rises - Cradle of Filth
    "Thee I invoke, bornless one all woman, pure predator wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell like a seething fall from grace Thee I worship... Thou art darkest Gabrielle no church shall bar our path seductive"
  • Daddy she's a goddess - Quindon Tarver
    "Daddy She's a GoddessCan We Keep Her Tonight?Daddy She's a GoddessWatch Her MoveHer Hair So Clean When She Skin's So SmoothHer Nose Don't Drip Like MeDaddy Can We Keep Her Please Please PleaseOh Yeah YeahSaw"
  • Goddess And The Geek - Huntingtons
    "i don't know much about anything but i know that i like you i see you walking down the hall but i don't know what to do cause i wanna talk to you but i don't know what to say i just don't know what you'll"
  • Venus The Goddess Of Love - Dee D.Jackson
    "I'm venus the goddess of love... I know it's my mind But What Do I see The woman's reflection standing Right in front of me I Know who she is but Oh I know it's true But what can I do I know she is"
  • Rhythm Trax - House Party Style - Will Smith
    "In the beginning there were many As time went on there became few Now there is only one.. One man one DJ standing alone on Mount Olympus Ladies and gentlemen, DJ, Jazzy Jeff Alright, alright I reckon Back"
  • Rhythm Trax -- House Party Style - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "In the beginning there were many As time went on there became few Now there is only one.. One man one DJ standing alone on Mount Olympus Ladies and gentlemen, DJ, Jazzy Jeff Alright, alright I reckon Back"
  • The Goddess - Her Personal Pain
    "I love the beautiful goddess who lives on the other side of the sea I often wave to her in her arms life is good she told me herself No I'm on the other side of the sea but without my goddess next to me I"
  • Silent Goddess - Kamelot
    "I rest my eyes on the open field a silver line to heavens gate my mind is blank it's a state I know a sacred place where all I see is hate I raise my head to retain my wrath the savage force that lives"
  • The Goddess - Spiritual Beggars
    "Said she's from another world I said, "I know what you mean" I gave her a little more red wine Our dreams came up for air Messengers from beyond Future plans and history I caught a little cloud My"
  • Goddess Gagged - Protest The Hero
    "Oh God! The sound they must have heard in the distance A wilderness of sound and movement repeating itself across the narrows of the mountainsides, the cries of creatures crashing against cold rock,"

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