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TRIPTYKON - In Shrouds Decayed

  • Decayed thoughts - Q Strange
    "(Some of you people listen to this music like this shit is funny Man this shit ain't funny I have a problem And I need help I mean goddamn look at me Just look at me) Godamn, look at me, I'm a mess I mean,"
  • Rite Of Shrouds - Necare
    "Consecrate the ceremony. Or bear the oblation. See you this maiden whore. With whom you wish to copulate. You see her beauty - I see the skull beneath the skin. I smell the fragrant dusk of graves and"
  • Decayed By False - Trauma
    "Don't waste this moment Don't run away from questions You know that moment must come But you have a lot of time You estimated life for tens of years Joy happiness without bad events Subtly created unreal"
  • Ecstasy For Decayed Chunks - Avulsed
    "Delightful Dishes Before My Eyes Every Time A I See A Corpse The Smell Of Blood Disturb My Mind I Can't Resist The Juicy Flesh Internal Fluids Running Down The Mortified And Rotting Meat A Gorgeous Mass"
  • Burning The Shrouds - Dreadful Shadows
    "A strange request followed this call For the darkening of every light, suffocation of every cry Bells of death started to play Depreciation of time, the explanation of lies Drowning words can't promise"
  • In the Sleep of Death - Triptykon
    "Emily, why don't you speak to me Can't you see, I'm not sleeping Emily, why don't you reveal yourself Can't you feel my yearning Emily, the rays of the golden sun Touch your tender skin, your frozen skin Emily,"
  • Waiting - Triptykon
    "Under stars enthroned, far above As the forest drowns in black snow Under stars enthroned, I shall serve And the ice consumes the world below There exists no life around me Though I sense I'm not alone I"
  • Black Snow - Triptykon
    "Under stars enthroned, far above As the forest drowns in black snow Under stars enthroned, I shall serve And the ice consumes the world below There exists no life around me Though I sense I'm not alone I"
  • Aurorae - Triptykon
    "This mind is tired of war Of misery and pain A spirit wasting away Like rivers to the sea A spirit wasting away In this agony Unable to breathe Calm rivals fear On this earth Beneath A spirit wasting away In"
  • Boleskine House - Triptykon
    "Your eyes that once Have gazed the waves Have long been closed Become enslaved Within these walls You lastly climbed With fear engraved The walls of time This is the ground You walked upon The soil beneath Your"
  • Altar of Deceit - Triptykon
    "Beseech in boundless greed From barren womb you wrenched my seed I shall never see my children smile You have blinded me I shall never see the truth you conceal I shall never see your altar of deceit Entwine,"
  • Tree of Suffocating Souls - Triptykon
    "Speak to me, my master Speak to me, come save me Redeemer, revive me This black void, through my heart I can't see your dark sky Almighty, above me By grace, save me Believe in me, I am your lie I am deceit"
  • Breathing - Triptykon
    "Every breath I take Leaves me parched for air Every hand I touch Causes skin to tear Every flame approached Blinds my eyes Every word I write Leaves me drained I shall feel Still the blood That fills my"
  • Screened In - Cannae
    "Split between choiced, you bleach your thoughts with stories of false prophecy. Unorthodox methods of self religion, decayed and edge-burned portraits of mythological entities, a made up story to present"
  • Damned In Fire - Fleshcrawl
    "Evil, mean and hellbent We're searching for the way No anticipation that our future has decayed The fires burnt for ages throughout the night When history was written, no one survived Damned in fire,"
  • Ceremony In Flames - Wurdulak
    "(Lyrics By Killjoy) Sacrificial offering drapped in holy shrouds 13 candles blazing conjuring fiendish terror Born into nothingness a parasite arrives capturing the pain of faith bound and gagged Through"
  • Pause In End - Acid Android
    "Indirected words said knew there were no end could of call out for you but you turned away tried to tried to but not one step wished for wished for I hoped to last but no more no more fading decayed no"
  • In Graven Image - Evoken
    "Through funeral mists, dissonant chant surrounds Aura of impurity obscured Cimmerian shadows cast by moonlit skies Seek solace amid the withered boughs Winter shrouds the land in twilight frost Alone"
  • Faith In Sin - Pulse Legion
    "Faith In Sin Its not the week who dies WHat is left to tear away life Its not the faith in sin Who is left decayed and wasted I lie awake in this fading hole Rest in pain Once more i know I take all"
  • Drowning In Viscera - Cannibal Corpse
    "Engulfed in the innards Of rotting cadavers a rancid gore sea Asphyxiation Tangled intestines become my reality Choking on guts Asphyxiation gasping for breath Drowning in Viscera Slowly to taper away"

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