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Tak may horse

  • May The Horse Be With You - Relient K
    "Bored in a stable with nothing to do. We make a game of throwing our shoes. Lead me to water, but not to the track. Show me a saddle and I'll say, "Hey get off my back." All in favor (all in favor) say"
  • Silver Horse - Yoko Ono
    "When I come in my dream to a house Ive never seen before, I have a tendency to look for the exit door. cause I never know it may be that house again, I never know, I never know. When I come in my mind"
  • Horse - The Jesus Lizard
    "They got him drunk as hell They caught him way off balance He could not walk or stand So they thought they could take him They had a plan to trip him As he stumbled by and kick him Their tiny brains were"
  • May - Alpha
    "Looking at you talking to me You're sitting right across the table You may take my hand in your hands You may take me home tonight Drinking with you, sinking in you I'm swaying through the conversation You"
  • May - Autonomadic
    "When the muezzin call, they sing for freedom And when the muezzin call, they sing for justice But when the people come, they come for vengeance And when the people come, they put down women Can you take"
  • Mother May I? - Northern State
    "Mother May I? Allow myself to introduce myself I'm Hesta Prynn Let me begin I like my coffee With lots of gin And you could always tell what kind of mood I'm in Cause I let it out, yo Spero turn it out Okay"
  • Dark Horse - Amanda Marshall
    "Indian summer Abilene You were new in town I was nineteen And sparks flew They called us crazy Behind our backs "Romantic fools" We just let them laugh Because we knew It may be a long shot We may be lonely"
  • Dead Horse - Guns N' Roses
    "Sick of this life Not that you'd care I'm not the only one with whom these feelings I share Nobody understands, quite why we're here We're searchin' for answers That never appear But maybe if I looked"
  • Wooden horse - Suzanne Vega
    "I came out of the darkness Holding one thing A small white wooden horse I'd been holding inside And when I'm dead If you could tell them this That what was wood became alive What was wood became alive"
  • Hollow horse - Icicle Works
    "Be Careful What You Dream of It May Come Up and Surprise You I Can't Confess My Life's a Mess I've Come to Idolise You You Liken It to Walking On Hot Coals I'll Keep My Boots On Wisen Up and Fly Straight"
  • My Kingdom For A Horse - Spiritual Front
    "Give me the sharpest blade So I can gratify my heart and my flesh I forced you to love me I forced you to believe me A certain lover you hide a silver knot among my rags And an endless road for this"
  • Rocking Horse - The Doobie Brothers
    "Take me back to an easy life, Robin Hood and Marian, A lone ranger on a silver horse. Make believe in a box of sand, Bang, bang, we all fall down. Just about dinner time I'm eatin' bullets. Come"
  • Rocking horse - Doobie Brothers
    "Take me back to an easy life,Robin Hood and Marian,A lone ranger on a silver horse.Make believe in a box of sand,Bang, bang, we all fall down.Just about dinner timeI'm eatin' bullets. Come on Fury - take"
  • Wild Horse - Deb Talan
    "I keep thinking about your eyes And the shape of your lips I keep tasting your kiss and the touch of your hand is still on my hip It's a wild horse and I can't break it alone Tosses it's head like it"
  • Rockin' Horse - Bad English
    "Desert highway to a memory I said that I'd come back for you By the jukebox at the starlight grill kickin' out an Elvis tune Are you waitin' little sister? Killin' time and dreamin' too You need a fraction"
  • Fast Horse - Trick Pony
    "(Ira Dean/Kim Tribble/David Lee Murphy) Just a dot on a road map Nowhere is where we're at My daddy worked nearly all his life Just to get here, imagine that I love you baby and I always will But please"
  • Horse Pills - The Dandy Warhols
    "So your ex got a mansion where you kick it on the hill Your boy comes to see you, he's your Hollywood thrill He's a Spanish fly, bucks like a stallion In the suits that you got him, he looks more Italian You"
  • Rocking Horse - Sara Evans
    "(Sara Evans/Matt Evans/Marcus S. Hummon) The rocking horse came From an old oak tree Just missed the house When it was hit by lightning My daddy painted that horse A midnight blue Shooting stars and silver"
  • Rockin' Horse - Sara Evans
    "The rocking horse came From an old oak tree Just missed the house When it was hit by lightning My daddy painted that horse A midnight blue Shooting stars and silver horseshoes And it was something magic"
  • Stolen Horse - James
    "Falling, falling into you, Falling, no parachute, You lost all self-control, We don't know, Which way you might go, I found a map you left, No use, Can't tell east from west. Heading out on this mercy"

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