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  • Data Bank - The Time
    "Data bank #2 (5:25) Ohhhhhhh! (chorus) Data bank - I feel like I wanna put you in my data bank. Data bank - I feel like I wanna put you in my data bank. If you got the love, I've got the time. Just give"
  • DATA WORLD - Wild Nothing
    "Natural, take all you can from me As fashion oh, quit novelty! There's no love full of fire There's no love full of fire Oh, it's drawn! Say your' As you give in the face that they've won! Live in front"
  • Data - Onelinedrawing
    "Am I ready? I'm not ready Am I ready? Save me Wait I want you to Know that I don't want to be your whore I know that I'm supposed to Feel good But I don't want to wreck no more I wouldn't want to wreck"
  • The Sexy Data Tango - Voltaire
    "If, while you're out in space, love You're horny as a targ Take a tip from a security chief, love That phat slut Tasha Yar She discovered the pleasures of Data He became her sexual pet 'cause he's fully"
  • Czarna data - Moskwa
    "Zbliża się koniec całego świata Wszyscy już wiedzą Coraz bliżej czarna data Czarna data, czarna data Jesteśmy silni, zwarci, gotowi Przygotowani do ostatniej drogi Na śmierć, na śmierć Na śmierć"
  • Data Bank - Prince
    "So, look here mama, umm I'm feelin' like I, umm I, umm, kinda want them numbers So, umm, I don't know Could I ... could I call U sometime? Ooh, ooh! Data bank I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data"
  • Data Buzz - Blackmail
    "Can you fake it one more time Just one more to ad the line All my traded losses leave at last To the taste of a faking past Nothing seems worth saving You got me dissipating Stimulation makes me glad Im"
  • Data De Groove - Falco
    "Cyberspace has got to be anarchy A pirate concept In and out and over me Create a sequence file On map disk from - gotta call me ABBDSO1 Mega user high extension enter edit go AD DA Stop, stop, Roger,"
  • Post Data (Bonus Track) - Pedro Saurez Vertiz
    "Hoy recibi una seal un ave azul sobre mi y fue tan intenso yo recuerdo, tu me amabas asi Hoy por la calle senti que alguien mi nombre grito y fue tan intenso casi un sueo, tu me llamabas asi El frio que"
  • A fost o data - Morandi
    "Treceau atatea nopti in care Simtea ca nu o mai iubea Crestea in ea incet durerea Si lumea ei se prabusea Chipul care altadata de frumusete stralucea Era indurerat si parca De soarele cald se frerea Ii"
  • Who Dat? - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
    "(R. Sawyer/R. Haffkine) Who dat I see laughing all alone Who dat I see faraway from home I guess that's me, it must be me Who dat I see racing for the sun Who dat said ain't never gonna own no-one I guess"
  • Who dat - Dr. Hook
    "Who dat I see laughin' all alone ? Who dat I see far away from home ? I guess that's me - it must be me . Who dat I see racin' for the sun ? Who dat said "Never gonna owe no one ?" I guess that's me -"
  • Dat Bitch - Redman
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Yo.. (Fuck that nigga, look at her toes) Yo! (You know you like toes nigga) Bitches be talkin too much out here (God DAMN mami, you the one!) .. Dat bitch, dat bitch (Nigga that's"
  • Who Dat - Tank
    "Who dat? Oh um hum Who dat? Oh want to know right now oh How would you like it if I told you I had a new chick, and didn't need you no more cause she where sick with it? What if I was all in her crib"
  • Who Dat - Young Jeezy
    "shawty red: yall must have lost yall mind (shawty red on the track) they rapping like u.. makin beats like me (shawty red on the track) jeezy: jeezy trap all day trap all night money all day I count"
  • First date - Danko Jones
    "First Date, ElectricityWhen you walk in, You Suck My CircuitryBack It Up, With AttitudeWhen People Sweat it out, You Always PLay It CoolI Think I know You, I'm gonna Bet That You like superchunk, And Joan"
  • Blow Dat - Royce Da 5'9"
    "Nottz, let's take 'em back Yes.. yes.. yes. Yes.. the Smith 'n, the Wesson Extended clip in the vest of whoever testin Rollin to the party with the shottie with the body Made the lead put the slugs with"
  • Blow Dat - Royce Da 5'9
    "(Royce Da 5'9") Nottz, let's take 'em back Yes.. yes.. yes. Yes.. the Smith 'n, the Wesson Extended clip in the vest of whoever testin Rollin to the party with the shottie with the body Made the lead"
  • Stop Dat - Dizzee Rascal
    "Stop dat Start dat Get dat, wah?!? Been der done dat had dat, wah?!? He's got a Nokia, take dat, wah?!? Rude mouth, loud mouth watch dat, wah?!? Pretty girl, buff girl Doggy, dat, wah!?! Dizzee Rascal's"
  • Fuck Dat - Onyx
    "Yo! Turn that shit up, word up! Afficial Nasty Niggas...Fuck Dat! Ya niggas is dead-ass! Know what I'm sayin'? We're payin' my niggaz ' All City 'n shit! Word up! Yo Mega, Fuck Dat! Rip that Brooklyn"

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