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Take my hand, in your eyes ,movie movie

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Take my hand, in your eyes ,movie movie

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Take my hand, in your eyes ,movie movie
  • Paddy Kelly Movie
    "I was in a public toilet trying to take a quick pee this man standing next to me said "I've seen you on TV, can you please sign this paper for my daughter Rosie and smile while I take a picture?" a paparazzi"
  • The Gathering Movie
    "I was in a public toilet trying to take a quick pee this man standing next to me said "I've seen you on TV, can you please sign this paper for my daughter Rosie and smile while I take a picture?" a paparazzi"
  • Chris Brown Movie
    "(*Prod. by Jevon Hill) Use your imagination, I'll do, just close your eyes Puedo ser tu corazon y talvez tu profesor I can be your doctor, cause that'll make it better Me & you take one, cut cut Me"
  • Spongecola Movie
    "The movie is done once more The mood sets in with lights Let's wait for them to leave I was never one for crowds I look down on the floor Everything's undone Yet we've been so much more Than a full-length"
  • The Birthday Massacre Movie
    "Face them The time will erase them Stop trying to chase them. I've taken my place. And it's not worth the tears. I waited so long for this love as another was slipping away I waited so long for this moment As"
  • Killah Priest Movie
    "To the listeners, here's a movie I write in black and white, or color It goes deeper than Warner Bros., or Steven Spielsberg You can feel the words, I write rhymes you can see It's not just punch lines,"
  • Guns N' Roses Sentimental Movie
    "You better change your attitude Cause you know you want it to You bring me all your pride But I know you hold it too I can feed your bounty, yeah If you feed my head as well And I won't give you empty"
  • Natasha Bedingfield Silent Movie
    "We're in a picture black and white Who took the light out of my life When you, gave in We're playing out of different roles We should be wanting the same goals Listening, forgiving Oh, why can't we communicate When"
  • Danger Radio Movie Scene
    "Your eyes, they talk to mine. Our cries, they scream, so silently. Let's take this train tonight, Hold hands and think of what we could be. Our dreams, they cast us off, And let us become who we want to"
  • Eminem Scary Movie
    "What's your favorite scary movie?" Yo, Slim Shady! Yo, Royce 5-9 Y'all wanna make a movie? What.. We got the film right here What? Yeah I'm one of them pretty rappers Buck if I really hafta,"
  • Paul McCartney Movie Magg
    "(Perkins) Now, let me take you to the movies, Magg, so I can hold your hand. Oh, it ain't that I don't like your house, it's just that doggone man and that double barrel behind the door that waits for"
  • Suzanne Vega In my movie
    "If you were in my movie I'd have you as the doctor Small black bag And a big black coat I'd have you make a house call To the woman You could lay your Diagnostic hand Upon her belly and her throat If you"
  • Rascalz Movie star
    "Well she looks like a movie star well she looks like a movie star like a chocolate candy bar hey full blown genetics body athletic your body look good so I gotta give credit yo nough man sweat it cause"
  • Three 6 Mafia Porno Movie
    "*Chorus* Insert it insert it in her mouth the dick is in your mouth long and hard (oh my god) insert it insert in her mouth..... (Lord Infamous) To all the tricks and them bitches who suck on the dick"
  • Tom Waits The Movie
    "KN: I was talking to Tom about this movie that nobody wants me to make. It's a musical called 'M', starring Siamese twins connected by the lips. TW: Connected by the lips? That's... KN: I figured out how"
  • David Crosby Cowboy Movie
    "(David Crosby) Me and my good partners We were riding back to our camp We were feeling very fine The air was clear and slightly damp We were riding back to have ourselves a party To celebrate the"
  • Kid Courageous Life's A Movie
    "It feels like rain just ran down my face As you closed your eyes for the last time Why can't we travel back in time I wrote this song tonight for you So you'll hear it every day And know you're on my mind I"
  • McKinley Movie
    "(McKinley) Maybe you should drive up here and get me, though I'm not sure I'll make much sense. Everything I've built is leaning and they just raised the rent. We could drive out to the desert. You always"
  • Natalie Imbruglia My Own Movie
    "Dreaming again Of the summer time When the world was mine Drifting again Everything you do Makes me fall for you Trying to keep it together without you around You got me up here and now I can't seem to"
  • Westlife My Private Movie
    "Pretty girls are all around I'm looking up and down 'Till my view finder fins you in the sands Zoom in 'til you fill the frame You're driving me insane And the way you're acting's telling me You feel the"

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